Presenter Xmas quiz and Dyson deals ahead!

Julia and I had fun getting dressed up in Christmas jumpers and Muk Luks hats and gloves this week for a recording of a Christmas quiz for QVC’s Facebook. Our new social media guy is asking all the presenters questions about Christmas. Julia and I did dismally I think – put on the spot, trying to remember favourite Christmas films, songs, ingredients, reindeer et cetera! Look out for the links on QVC’s social media over the next couple of months. But check out the lovely jumper Julia is wearing though – I ordered one myself. The Frank Usher slogan top – the Prosecco Ho Ho Ho black jumper with gold sequins 🙂 – just right for Christmas Day.

Or else I will be wearing the Kim & Co jumpsuit I ordered in Aubergine (see below) the offer ends this Sunday. Don’t miss it! I love this time of year, just as all the Christmas adverts, lights, trees, decorations and music reach the outside world. Of course, on QVC we began in October! Go here to see our full range of Christmas shop items and remember the clearance products are still 15% extra off, if you use the code sale15!

So go on, see if you can do what Julia and I did, or better. Set yourself a timer for 30 seconds, and within that time, see if you can name all of Santa’s reindeer, and no cheating! Leave me a comment below if you did it!

This weekend’s highlights

See below for details of the exciting Dyson offers coming up. But first…

Friday and Saturday – go here to see the stylish Moda in Pelle Tanci knee-high boot, before it ends tonight (15th) at midnight! And go here for the early bird order link for the super L’Occitane seven-piece Bath and Body Luxury Gifting collection, already on sale for Saturday!

SundayFitbit are back! Time to get to the new Versa 2 health and fitness smart watch, a slightly higher price ticket than the basic ones but it does so much. Believe it or not, this one has Alexa! Plus a fabric strap that will suit more people, I am sure. I hope it is still in stock for my 4pm show on Sunday!

Big deals old and new

Kim & Co Galaxy foil print Brazil jersey cross-over jumpsuit in Regular and Petite

Neom three-piece Luxury Home Layering set

Simple Human sensor 5 x magnifying vanity mirror with Tru Lux technology

Liz Earle four-piece Captivate Your Senses Fragrance Face and Body gift set

Go here to see and shop them all

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the value on the Big Deal currently available on the beauty channel (ends Sunday 17th at midnight! ) a super Liz Earle bumper set – the fragrance alone is worth about £54 and you also get the full sizes of Body Cream, Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and Body Wash! Lovely way to stock up and get some more presents sorted. Ends Sunday midnight, don’t forget!

Next week’s Big Deals

Michele Hope faux suede biker jacket

Cozee Home Baxter shaggy rug

Skechers Cosy Campfire Team Toasty slippers

Revitalash three-piece Essentials Collection

Don’t miss the massive Revitalash Big Deal for Revitabrow, Revitalash, and a double-ended mascara in the beauty channel offer. I was lucky enough to present this Big Deal recording, which will go out all next week from the 18th for one week. The price is ridiculous! Just check it out online and you will see. But my big advice is… Stock up. With a three year shelf life you should be able to see it lasting ages, as we are not sure when it will be on again.

Don’t forget to get the Kim & Co sparkly jumpsuit before Sunday, it’s a real bargain but ends Sunday at midnight, I got mine in the lovely aubergine shade in a large (I’m a 14/16 high street). Can’t wait to wear it!

Also see below for more sneaky peaks of the next week’s deals.


Flint family originals

What a lovely time we had with a reunion of my own cousins and aunts. One of the aunties was sadly very ill, lovely Jean; a special mention to her, and also Eileen, both are my dad‘s sisters. My dad and his two brothers died very early in their 50s, I think. It has been a long time since we had a family reunion like this. My dad used to do all of them, but he passed in 1992. So it was wonderful to see several dozen of our extended family, at my level, getting together for a reunion. Such fun. Hopefully it will not be a long time before we have another one.

Early advent

Got my first advent calendar! Not just this year, but for a long time actually. From my lovely niece Becky who finishes her stint on ‘Kinky Boots’ nationwide tour soon, and will be home for Christmas. She decided to buy me this for obvious reasons, she knows how much I love dogs! The last one I got was from my sister Linda a couple of years ago, actually – a luxury Harrods tea pyramid one, yum. Bek is starting a new job in February – there’s going to be a theatre production of ‘Pretty Woman’! I can guess what tickets I’m going to want for my birthday in May!

Nelly latte!

One of my friends got this in a coffee shop this week, it has to be the most elaborate, imaginative coffee topper decoration I have seen! What’s yours? I would not want to drink it, would you? Glad she got a photograph, thanks Claire!

I also had a wonderful cuppa with loose leaf tea, in my favourite happy place when I am in London. Just go here to see the latest vlog to find out where it is, and answer the Christmas question at the end!


How hot is this! We have started using QR codes, that funny square at the bottom of the screen. If you hover your camera on your iPhone or smart device over the code on your TV, then it will offer you a pop up at the top of the screen, which takes you straight to the website to order it! How genius is that! I remember when I was in QVC China for three weeks in 2015, and they used to use it back then, via their clever app called ‘We Chat’. It has worked well in Germany and Japan, so now we have it too! Very convenient.

Watch – The Aeronauts

Eddie Redmayne’s latest cinema outing is excellent. I was not sure whether to see that or The Good Liar starring Helen Mirren. Or Medway, a war film. So many choices at the moment. But I’m glad I went to see this one. I love things that are based on real life, as regulars may be aware. Set in the 1880’s when balloon flight was just taking to its heights, if you’ll excuse the pun. About a plucky meteorologist who changed weather science, using a high altitude balloon, but it’s really about his relationship with the pilot girl he took with him. Great tension but don’t see it if you don’t like heights! LOL. Wonderful period piece and superb acting. I loved it and would see it again. 8.5 out of 10.

Book of the week

Lee Child and Jack Reacher are back! Blue Moon is the latest adventure for this renegade maverick ex-military cop, and I’ve read every single one of his 20 or more stories. In a nameless city, two rival criminal gangs are competing for control. But they hadn’t counted on Jack Reacher arriving on their patch.

I can’t wait to get stuck in as soon as I have finished reading The Guardians by John Grisham. I have been a little more slow with this one because I have been listening to lots of political podcasts! I do love all that stuff, and I’m delighted that some of my favourites now have daily or twice weekly editions. It’s all go!

Next week on QVC

Monday – a new set of super Bionic Lights with motion sensor from Bell & Howell – always good value.

TuesdayDyson are back! As above, a fabulous AM09 hot and cool tower fan with timer. The most sensible fan ever, because it’s also a heater in the winter, and has the most precise thermostat I have ever known. I have one in my bedroom in Croydon and keep the radiator off, then it just toggles on and off when it dips low enough. The timer ones are amazing for us ladies to have our night-time hot flushes as well. You can use the remote from your bed, turn the fan on full to combat the flush, then use the timer so it goes off again once you’ve cooled down enough to go back to sleep and doesn’t wake you up freezing cold an hour later! Great value. Also… Watch out around now for the incredible deal we have on the new Dyson supersonic hairdryer, going on sale early next week. It’s going to be a big one! (See below)

Wednesday – Lovely guest Marie from the sales returns with Kipling bags, this time a premium large Aliz tote together with a small pouch.

Thursday – a Christmas favourite, Price’s Candles return, with a 66-piece candle collection. There is an Auto Delivery option as well. And such good value, a real staple to split up for people who adore their £5 to £10 presents.

Friday Shay and Blue bring us the latest offer – a delightful four-piece fragrance collection including a choice of top selling Atropa Belladonna!

Friday at 9pm – as mentioned, the best offer yet for a Supersonic Hairdryer from top brand Dyson. Okay I admit, originally I was not convinced, but having used it regularly at work, I actually succumbed and got one for myself eventually. It makes a massive difference I must say. The shine is so good, because you can use it to dry on a lower level. I love playing ‘because I’m worth it’ with my two-year-old (nearly) granddaughter Blake. Pointing the fan at our hair and saying because I’m worth it, you know what I’m referring to!  When I look after her and give her a bath and wash her hair, like I did on Monday this week after work, she does not mind having her baby fine blond hair dried with this. We make it fun. The safety element is superb – I know she will not get burnt because the temperature is consistent. Also nowhere for her to be sucked in and create problems.

I am looking forward to presenting the final airing of this at 10pm on Saturday night. It goes on sale from a few days earlier so be prepared to get yours quickly in case it sells out early, especially at the price we are going to do it for!

Also going on sale midweek – the next Gatineau five-piece set – it’s Age Benefit, top of the range skincare, for body as well as face. Plus a gift bag. Buy it early once the earlybird order link goes up. Do follow my social media to see when!

There is no better place to shop than on QVC. Make sure you look out for the Today’s Festive Find, they change regularly but are yet another reason why in my opinion, QVC is the best place to get your gifts!

Next week on my blog – going on the battlebus down in Devon! And more family fun.

Best wishes,


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