Pretty Woman! And sneaky peeks galore!

Firstly, apologies for technical problems – the size of my photos meant my blog could not be uploaded on Friday. This week all my personal pics will be on this Facebook post, plus more – do go look! And as a bonus I have added a few days extra onto this blog, so the sneaky peaks extend to Monday next week as a one off treat!

Loved my fabulous day out in London last week with my wonderful sister, courtesy of my niece Rebecca who works on the new Pretty Woman production and got us tickets. More details below.

Met up with theatre bod, pal & QVC guest Amy Anzell too! We were also spotting stars in the after-show party and saw a couple, but not many! I had a quick word with Nick Ferrari from LBC, and said hi to who I thought was the girl who played Emma from the latest movie. I said ‘you look like the woman off Emma’. She said ‘yes I do, I know, I’m an actress as well and she keeps getting my roles ha ha.’ Funny. Full review below, but the production was brilliant.

Also had some great times with my lovely son for his birthday this week, and enjoyed a few catch-ups with key guests. Plus I had big in-depth examination of what happened last year, and wrote a blog about it on my website. All this travelling and letting the train take the strain, is definitely working out for the better for me. Facemasks notwithstanding 🙂

And in my sneaky peeks below, find out about the next week’s big offers!


I had a lovely show with lively Ruth Langsford last week and was very impressed with her jeans. Especially for those who have more of a waist, no gaping at the back and lots of lovely stretch. Her jean jackets have high ratings and good reviews online, too – so many people make this collection their own. Go here to explore.

You know how much I love bees, well my daughter and son-in-law have taken the hive theme and applied it to the little cabin they have built for rental in Wales. They called it the Hiveaway, how clever is that! Given that I am hopefully going to be bringing my own little contribution to the QVC jewellery range, Fabulous Bee Jewellery, by early summer with a bit of luck, I was very pleased to see these photos. Well done them.

Body Worlds

Another outing in London with my mate Gill, one of my oldest friends. Last time we went on the open top bus, but this time it was pouring down with rain so we went indoors. Body Worlds in Piccadilly, was the venue, and we had a great time. One highlight was the virtual reality experience of going inside the cells in the body. Never done VR before and it’s fab! And of course the actual real bodies and body parts that have been donated, then plasticised and put on display, some in creative poses. Part artwork, part biology lesson, with some eye-opening real pathology exhibits, this was another great day out.

Ziggy & Oreo vlog

Ziggy, the new puppy at my brother’s, is learning how to play with the pussycat. And they make a very funny sight to behold! Go here to see the video, and also to find the other blogs I have done lately, including more letting the train take the strain.

Prince of the Week

Also had a lovely catch-up with my lovely mate Antthony last week. He also gave up sugar for three months, and has felt benefits. And after seeing the Body Works exhibits of fatty livers, that makes two of us who want to keep it up!

Podcasts – Inspirational Women

Especially for International Women’s Day which was on Sunday, Will Gowing compiled a highlights podcast of some of the top interviews with QVC women since he began them back in the autumn. Well done Will! Great listening.


Apart from going to see Pretty Woman at the theatre this week, I also thought I would mention the following.

Dark Waters

Went to see this superb film after seeing my son Brad for lunch. I had already seen him and lovely granddaughter Blake, and Kari on Sunday for lunch, for his 33rd birthday. 33, how does that even happen! Blake – no longer a baby – put two words together when I tickled her knee under the table and said ‘silly Nan-Nan!’ Bless her. Anyway, I met him for lunch in Stratford where he currently works, and we had a nice pizza and a wonderful catch up. Then I went off to the cinema in Richmond before work.

Dark waters is the true story of one determined lawyer’s fight against big corporation control. It covers the DuPont/Teflon class action battle that was only resolved in the US about five years ago. Decades of evidence stacked up and the David and Goliath story was told brilliantly. Mark Ruffalo was superb as ever. Some great characters and excellent performances but the jaw dropping real life story is what made this so compelling. Highly recommended, I would see it again. 8/10.

Last Tango in Halifax

Two of my good friends, Alison Keelan and Gill Gauntlett, both raved about TV series Last Tango in Halifax, on Facebook this week. And so many people said how amazing it was, I thought I would mention it here. It is high on my list for catch-up TV, having had two series already. Sarah Lancashire is one of my favourite actresses anyway, and Sally Wainwright gets a good write-up. A heartfelt homegrown true British drama with a lot of comedy thrown in, what’s not to like.

At the theatre – the new Pretty Woman.

How lucky was I, to get to go to the press launch of my niece Becky‘s latest Show that she is head of wigs for. My sister invited to me to be her plus one and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pretty woman is one of my all-time favourite films, so I was curious to see what the theatre version would be like. And it was fabulous. If you love the film, you must see this. My sis and I really enjoyed it.

The performances were superb, weakest of all – and he was still good – was Danny Mac in the Richard Gere role. But the two main women have outstanding voices and one of the guys who popped up as different roles, including the happy man and Barney the concierge, Bob Harms, was the show-stopping scene-stealer. It polarises critics, but take no notice of the bad ones, if you loved the original movie, I think you would love this. 9/10!

The week on QVC

Monday – the treadmill is here (it moved from original date, mentioned in my previous blog.) Check it out today!

Tuesday – Ninja return with the air grill, air fryer, and indoor grill in a great day of kitchen items.

Wednesday – fabulous hairstyling from Babyliss with a four piece ‘air’ style collection at a really really affordable price.

Thursday – a gorgeous Midi Dress by Perceptions with a choice of different prints – perfect for spring and wedding season!

Friday – From Marc Fisher, the stylish Wynter Wedge Sandal. Pair with Thursday’s dress and you’ve got a great occasionwear look.

Saturday – will be for your outdoor space, from Luxform a Set of 10 5-Lumen Filament LED Path Lights

Sunday – this fabulous, and super-affordable Gatineau three-piece Firm & Glow Supersize Body Collection

And next Monday! – From Attitudes by Renee a set of two dresses featuring two different styles, and they come in a choice of Petite and Regular for that perfect fit!

This week’s Big Deals

Michele Hope daisy print lace dip-hemline shirt

Shay & Blue Fragrance Layering trio

Neom three-piece Luxury Candle collection

Your Zookie Vitamin C Satchets

Go here to see and shop them all


Next time– more let the train take the strain

Best wishes,


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  1. Hello Debbie, it’s always a great pleasure to read your blog and all the sneaky little sneak peak of the up coming week. I love to watch you on QVC and I also love to read your blogs you are my favourite presenter on QVC XX

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