Puppy cuddles and sneaky peeks of new offers!

I may not be able to hug people, but thank goodness for my nieces’ little poggy. They came for a walk the other day and it was lovely to give her hugs. Little Maggie is growing up, isn’t she! And so are my granddaughters…

Blake’s birthday

Yes, little granddaughter Blake was three-years-old last week. I watched as she opened a couple of presents that I had delivered to her home. She’s decided she wants to be a ballerina and loves dressing up! So did her dad!

This is my son Brad… and, no, it’s not an app, he really was wearing all that stuff when they had a mini fancy dress celebration when they blew out the candles on her birthday cake. 🙂 What  a funny daddy he is. Nice to see the videos of it anyway.

She also loved playing with some flashcards with three letter words on. Well, she’s going up to bigger school after nursery, so it will be good to get ready. She loves to learn and find stuff out, look at buildings and animals and is fascinated by all of it. The wonderment of the young, eh? Lovely time of childhood. Please God, by the time Phoebe is also three, in October, we can have a proper children’s party. 🙂 Won’t that be nice? 🙂

Bee jewellery is here!

As I’ve been discussing for some time, the Diamonique bee jewellery that I wear will be back in stock and on air on Monday afternoon at 4pm! I shall be wearing the lovely two-tone enamelled pendant (item number 345808) that I’ve been wearing for a couple of years now! Plus the matching earrings (item number (345807), and a lovely brooch (item number 345809). Look out for them on me over the weekend, I will be plugging it!

Why do I like bees apart from the obvious? Well, Deborah means bee in ancient Hebrew. Also, it shouldn’t be able to fly considering the size of its body and wings, so it signifies achieving the impossible! Considering some of the things I’ve done in my life it’s a great credo to have!! Join me for the show, Monday afternoon, assuming it doesn’t sell out before I get to air!



Yes, after just two and a bit days, my Facebook account was restored in a case of mistaken identity. Apparently, it was ‘wrongly identified’ as a fake account, after I had that problem with a… er, genuine… fake account, if you get my meaning, back in December. It was restored, thank goodness, when I found a really good contact of mine high up and they put it back again! These are a couple of my favourite pictures that I uploaded to Facebook and wanted to keep it as the place I store them. Loads of other stuff on there will saved, plus live blogs and all my sing-a-longs from last summer in the first lockdown. Needless to say I was relieved – phew!! So, a vlog below as usual!

Cut the straps

I’ve started doing this, have you? I like to post things like this, so thought I would mention it here. Once you finish with one of those disposable masks, do cut the straps as there are lots of birds getting tangled and wildlife getting stuck, so lots of people are now taking the time to prevent tangles. I also posted this week warning people to ignore the scammers, including people texting and phoning asking for money for vaccines, claiming they’re from Amazon for various reasons but they’re not and a recorded message claiming HMRC are chasing money and you will be arrested if you don’t press button one. Rubbish! Just report them by searching the name of the company and the word ‘phishing’. Hopefully it will help shut them down!


Monotony, rather than the classic board game. Check out the names of some of the squares! This made me laugh this week.

Watch – The Pembrokeshire Murders

OMG – the fact is stranger than fiction in this murder mystery case solved, with the delectable Luke Evans playing the lead role of the real life detective who finally caught up with the sadistic, unrepentant, killer, who gave himself away with television appearances among other things! So well done, I watched it in one sitting. On ITV Player!


Catch Will chatting to Marjolein Brugman ahead of the AeroPilates Today’s Special Value, and next week, he’ll be catching up with Nicola Elliott of Neom! You can listen to them all here.


Now that my Facebook page is back, here is a lovely walk in the woods, which so many of you say you are enjoying during this lockdown time.

Follow my social media to keep track on everything that goes on as I frequently post updates about shows and limited deals!

Book of the week

Saturday Morning Park Run, another one from Jules Wake. I am a glutton for an author and will frequently stock up on new stories from the same person once I find out that I really like them! This next one caught my eye when I read this review: “I finished the book wondering if it was feasible to take my Mini Cooper S on a road trip through Europe! Jules brings the scenery and villages to life with wonderful descriptions…I really hope this book is the first in a series!” I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into it!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the WynneLayers V-neckline sweater with front seam and pockets. Yet another V-neckline sweater choice! Well they do keep selling out early!

SaturdayFriday midnight I re-launch the AeroPilates four cord Reformer 435 with DVD library. For the first time on five Easy Pay payments! Fabulous! Get this wonderful exercise device for indoor workouts and see how you can transform yourself with the 60 day trial! I always say the best investment-priced all-round device is this, and the best time to get it is now while it’s a TSV.

SundaySaturday 9pm and midnight I launch the next TSV as well, which is from Gatineau, one of my key solutions brands. Four pieces, featuring Melatogenine, the anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing skincare range. My number one eye cream, Morphobiotique, is included – yay!

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Periea set of six printed Compression bags
Aftershokz Trekz titanium wireless bone conduction headphones
Bell & Howell Paw Perfect and Trimmer grooming set
Mr Max rib knit longline cardigan
Prime Fifty Skin, Hair, Nails 1m with Collagen Shots
Elemis four-piece Peptide4 Skin Recovery collection
L’Occitane Eco Refill Body and Hand trio

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 24th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Centigrade chevron coatigan
Finishing Touch FLwaless Brows USB Rechargable Precision Hair Remover
Aftershokz Trekz titanium wireless bone conduction headphones
Tili Rose Quartz dual-ended roller with box

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondaySunday midnight I also bring you this! The long sleeve soft knit shirt by Nina Leonard. At a really, really, really good price 🙂 some lovely print and plain patterns.

Tuesday – it’s another exercise machine – this time the Twist & Shape, but in deluxe foldable version.

Wednesday – a super kitchen day with the Lock & Lock brand returning, with a very affordable 17-piece storage container set between 100ml to 4.5L in size. You can never have too many Lock & Lock!

Thursday – time for another Moda in Pelle TSV, the Etelia loafer. Such a classy, stylish fashion brand, and loved by so many.

Friday – finally the Mr Max Hollywood leggings return with a comfort waistband in different lengths.

Friday 9pm… but be prepared mid-week to get the Laura Geller four-piece Artisan All Stars collection, going on sale on an early bird order link as well!

Next week – a visit to the eye specialist, and how will the bee jewellery go down?! By the way, don’t forget to enter the Spin It To Win It competition as it ends this week with the grand draw being on the 27th to see who wins the £10,000!

Best wishes,


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  1. Rather than using disposable face masks which also pollute the planet please encourage people to try the ones you wash and wear. Apart from anything else they are so much more attractive. I know QVC sell a set. bagsofethics.com do some lovely cotton ones (Julien McDonald, Mulberry etc) and profits go to charity so even more worthwhile. They even include a storage bag so you can keep them clean in your handbag or pocket when not in use. You get three so one to wear, one to wash and one ready to go….

  2. Thanks Debbie. Lovely to see the Bee Jewellery and like the look of the Nina Leonard shirt. Love seeing you and yr family having fun.

  3. Dear Debbie its a joy to see you on QVC you are so natural, so happy, sincere, an animal lover hence your joy for life, you make the products jump out br them clothes, beauty products even gardening you cost me a fortune, keep rocking babe, i need your strength di xx

  4. Great vlog. Love the new Bee collection. Also the Nina Leonard top looks cool. Love the puppy. It’s always great to see your family stuff. Lovely bunch. X

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I need to thank you for advice you offered on a recent Vionics show.
    I have a very wde foot(eee) & having heard you explain your personal need in width, I was encouraged to try a pair of trainers. I also adjusted my size from 7/7.5 up to an 8
    I confess, I was not hopeful. Arrived today & they are great. So impressed with the quality & fit. 5* Vionic but mostly to you without who I would never have tried them.
    PLEASE! Encourage QVC/Brands to provide widths as well as size. I would buy all the time is I knew this info.

  6. Hi Debbie on the Sunday night beauty show you were wearing a sparkly top can you tell me where I can find it please.


  7. Please can you tell me if you are going to have a bee bracelet in your beautiful 🐝 collection thank you Debbi Dee

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