Santa and me in Chiswick Park plus funny moments!

Just to get us into the festive mood, Chiswick Park have got some wonderful lights this year as usual. The giant Santa made an appearance on one of his reindeer, and the rest of the park looks beautiful – especially when the lights are reflected in the water. Check out my Instagram page (linked at the bottom of this blog) for more of the beautiful displays.

At home, I’ve got myself a lovely wreath for the front door, and I’m still working on my Christmas tree. I will show you next week what the end product is!

Meanwhile, here is another lovely tree from our family, my son’s real tree with little Blake looking on in admiration as they decorate! I love the smell of a real tree, don’t you?! Maybe I will get one that’s in a pot so I can plant it outside afterwards!


Blue dress

Oh, my favourite dress ever is this one from MarlaWynne, I had lots of lovely compliments about it and it’s very flattering (item number 173582)! Tons of Marla Clearance deals online too – check them out. As you may have seen if you’ve been looking online at the QVC TV Guide, there is a Kipling show in the run-up to New Year’s Eve! I am doing both the 11pm and the midnight hours this year. I would love it if you want to tell me about some of your favourite moments and what you are grateful for this past year. We will be playing lots of little clips of our guests’ opinions, and I would be happy to read out some of your messages too. Be sure to message me on my social media (Facebook or Twitter is preferable) or on the comments on next weeks blog?  I will look out for them to read on air on New Year’s Eve.

Canine Christmas

Daisy and Beau put on their gladrags to tell you they hope you have the most fabulous time, in the circumstances! They have had a lovely year together and Daisy is now properly settled in. I’m very lucky she is so happy with my brother Del and his family!

Facebook funny

I liked this one! Thought I would include it to make you chuckle. 🙂 It read, “I’m so glad we’ve got a vac scene just in time for Christmas.”


More movies this week, and I really enjoyed “The King’s Speech” the first time round – it was on this week on catch up. There was a program shortly after it as well, about George VI, the reluctant king. Fascinating sometimes how truth is stranger than fiction. You certainly couldn’t have written an abdication into a novel without severe criticism of your plot – not before 1936, anyway. It IS the sort of thing however, that happens in the schmaltzy Christmas movies.

Tried to watch a couple more this week, and found one that’s a bit like “The Family Man” (one of my favourite movies), only this time a woman, who looks a bit like Megan Markle, is playing the Nicolas Cage role, in “Family for Christmas”. A successful career woman suddenly wakes up in an alternative life and finds she has a husband and kids and that she is a housewife. Trials and tribulations ensue, until she learns what’s really important in life… you can guess which she would pick. It’s not as compelling as the original I must say (which has the cutest kid playing Cage’s alternative-life daughter). I’ve been looking for the Cage one, but I can’t find it anywhere, if you spot it let me know!

One I can recommend though is Prime’s “My Dad’s Christmas Date”, starring Jeremy ‘Mr Selfridge’ Piven. Recommended by my friend Jill on Facebook, it has a quirky script with some really funny lines and good acting, as a 16-year-old daughter tries to find her widower dad a new girlfriend. Well worth a watch.

Plus, I had a bit of a binge watch and saw all three Bridget Jones movies! I wonder if they will ever make a film of the fourth book called “Mad About the Boy”. It is hands down hilarious and  completely unlike the others, for reasons you will understand if you have read it. One of my favourite audiobooks ever.

There are also several versions of Scrooge on offer amid all the Christmas TV fayre, on catch up or on the various subscription services. There is even a 1935 movie, which has been colourised. Interesting to watch several of them, maybe even including Bill Murray’s “Scrooged”, and see the different treatments. Wonderful if you love “A Christmas Carol”.

We were going to see it at the theatre, by the way, socially-distanced of course, for my sister’s birthday this Saturday. But of course everything has been cancelled in London now, as it’s gone into Tier 3. We will have to do it in the New Year.

Next week, if you like period pieces, I’m looking forward to Bridgerton, starting on Christmas Day on Netflix!

Book of the week – “A Christmas Carol”

Sticking with the theme, it’s also on audiobook! Perfect in the run-up to Christmas Day (this time next week!!). This week’s book recommendation is Dickens’ classic, but read by some huge names, courtesy of Audible. The original charm never goes away.

I do love my audiobooks. Watch out next week for the annual review of the year… what will be my favourite book!? It might surprise you 🙂


Two funnies from my shifts last week. Such a giggle!! Carla’s Christmas tree and Myles’ whistle!

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page


Ooh, a lovely one this week – currently it’s dynamic duo Will and Charlie from Charlie Bears – love their stories! Then on Monday it’ll be my super pal Craigy – yayyyy! You can listen to them all here.


It was the Christmas sing-a-long on my Facebook page this week, harkening back to the first lockdown. Not quite 100 nights of crooning this time, but some fab songs to keep you amused. Go here to see it on catch up, and don’t forget to follow my social media for updates and more live videos and blogs across the Christmas period.

QVC top deals for the next seven days

We have a massive Christmas wrap-up weekend, where you can still buy most things for delivery in time for the big day. 20th December at nearly midnight is the cut-off, so be sure and get in by then.

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Skechers Fashion Fit lace up trainers.

Saturday – then join me at midnight on Friday for the Elemis three-piece 30th Anniversary Pro-Collagen collection. A really good price for the fab night cream, award winning day cream and sumptuous cleansing balm, plus gift box!

SundayShark is back to help get your house ship-shape for the New Year. The Duo Clean corded stick vacuum with True Pet, Flexology (it bends) and Anti-Hair Wrap technology. A great price if you want a new vac without spending a fortune.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Kim & Co printed brushed Venechia hi-lo hemline
Cozee Home plain and textured pack of two Velvetspft throws
Diamonique 4ct 100 facet earrings in velvet trinket box
Elemis five-piece Face and Body Radiant Skin collection
Laura Geller Wink and a Kiss five-piece colour collection
Instant Pot 60 Plus 9
Bell & Howell set of four Magnifying Ballpoint Pens

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 20th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Hairfix two-piece Follicle Treatment & Volumising collection
Ab Booster plus Multi-Workout Home Gym
Cozee Home stripe texture Velvetsoft four-piece duvet set

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

MondayBell & Howell, one of our premium gift brands, are going to help you prepare you for motoring in inclement winter weather with a windscreen cover for your car that also works in the summer! Great idea as a present that might not arrive for Christmas Day, but for an early birthday in January maybe?

Tuesday – going on sale early it is the lovely Lulu, whose Timebomb skincare range returns with a four-piece Anti-Ageing Heroes collection in super-size!

WednesdayNellies, famous for their laundry soda, bring us an All Natural 100 Load Tin with a 50 load refill pouch, in a Clean and Tidy show. Join us to find out more about how it can help you save money. 🙂

Thursday – it’s Christmas Eve! The LAB beauty year end sale kicks us off and then we have recorded programs right the way through until 9am on Boxing Day.

Friday – for the Christmas Day deal, it is the Ashwood leather Clara flap over cross-body bag, at a really low price for leather!

Friday 9pm – can’t wait to show you the Boxing Day Today’s Special Value, the Marc Fisher knee-high boots, the ones I’ve been wearing. Including a wider calf width.

They are really comfortable and very roomy, just right for my wide feet 🙂 don’t miss them.

Finally, look out for the SBC Arnica supersize set going on sale earlier in the week and on air on Sunday 27th.

Next week – my sister’s birthday and the review of the year! What have your highlights been? What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments below, and any you put on my blog next week I will look out for to include in the New Year’s Eve show. 🙂 Enjoy the last minute preparations, and try not to let things stress you out. Whether you get uptight or not, it’s not likely to affect the outcome of things outside your control. So it’s often better to choose to be at ease. Good motto!

Take care of yourself.

Best wishes,


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  1. I really look forward to your weekly blog, full of stories and previews.

    Wishing you, your family and everyone at QVC a very Happy Christmas x

  2. Hi Debbie regarding the film The Family Man it was on Channel 5 last Sunday afternoon (13th December) I managed to see the last twenty minutes or so as I didn’t know that was on. You can always check to see if it is available on catch up.

  3. Hi Debbie, love your blog and you do make me laugh. I’m so very grateful for my brother, Thomas, who has been doing all my shopping since March to keep me safe. He’s also ferried me to and from the doctors when needed. Thomas you’re one in a million and I am so very grateful and thankful that you are my brother.

  4. Yay at last QVC recognises us ladies with larger calf width!! Is it also a wider fit as well?
    Happy Christmas to you and your family

  5. Hi Debs Wonderful as Ever your Blogs! are like your Sing-a-Longs Full Steam ahead with loads of Fun and that Little bit extra just you! being A Wonderful Kind Soul that is you Debs, Prize-less !! I love watching your Shows on QVC Always give the Details we need on the Item. Merry Christmas to you and all your Wonderful Family Let’s Hope the New Year brings Us All Joy . xx

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