Scone making and carpet washing! Plus sneaky peeks!

Look further down for the scone update! But first, this Saturday night/Sunday (20th) we have the most amazing Vax Platinum Smart Wash Carpet Cleaner with solutions. Already online here. See what happened when we trialled it at my house! I’m very impressed, particularly with the nozzle attachment that really suctions out the water and leaves it relatively dry, scrubbing the stains out in the process.

Here is what happened in my bathroom…

And here is the  unboxing video.

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Looking forward to bringing this to you on Saturday, at 9pm and midnight! Don’t miss out though, it’s sure to go early.

Scones – the Devon way

My guests down in Devon this week (I was running another retreat), were very impressed with my scone-making skills. Little did they know it was a wonderful bag of scone mix that only needed water to be added that I bought in Strawberry Fields farm shop, albeit mixed with the excellent KitchenAid mixer! The requisite Devon clotted cream was added, and jam of course, although I must admit I love a bit of butter first as well. My lovely friends in Devon, who used to come in regularly when I ran the tea room before lockdown, also came by to partake in a little bit of scones à la Debbie. Barbara, Shirley, and lovely Sheila from Holsworthy who always looks so accessorised – we did a clothes brand guessing game as she was wearing Kim & Co, Nina Leonard, and Dannii Minogue tops! LOL. It was lovely to see them again and have a great catch up!

It was a very hectic week and my blooming dishwasher broke! So I spent about four times longer than usual with my hands in a pair of rubber gloves! I just hope it’s fixed by the next one on the 4th April, I’ve got nine people coming – that’s a heck of a lot of cups and cake plates – writers are a voracious group! Hope the scone mix lasts, and the bread mix for the bread maker, and the Easiyo yoghurt mix for the yoghurt maker. Yes, if there’s a shortcut, I will definitely take it!

Mind you, there will be no shortcuts available, unless I paid a removal firm, if I don’t manage to sell it as a going concern this year. I finally decided to put it on the market after a visit by two estate agents. As I have said before, Linda Next Door ended up taking five years before hers sold! So let’s see what happens…

I took a look at what I have to clear up and realised I probably need a small two bedroomed semi to store all the stuff in my loft and undercroft/big shed. Perhaps I’d better start  soon! Mind you, I have got the big 60th celebrations coming up in May and that will be here soon enough. Never enough time in the day, is there?!


Poetry reading round the fire

Had a really interesting experience this week when the poetry group I was catering for did a reading night. They all read bits of their work before supper around the fire, and it was fascinating. I’ve never really done that before with poetry, only extracts of novels. So when lovely Claire Dyer, the tutor, asked me to read something of mine, with no poetry or prose handy, I was a bit stumped. Until I remembered I had actually written something a bit like poetry in my late teens and early 20s. Song lyrics! So I read a couple out. The one that went down the best I was one I did about… Gosh, nearly 20 years ago! My goodness, how time flies! It was the rap from the “Oh, Tony Blackburn” song we did for fun. Can’t believe it was that long ago! The year he won the jungle program! I’m smiling right now thinking about it. I got Tony to actually record it for a friend of mine. It’s quite funny – if you look up “Flint’s minx” it may be online somewhere. He’s an institution, like a scone!

Phoebe plays mum

Bless her little heart, Phoebe has been enjoying being a big sister and took charge of the buggy when my daughter Lauren and hubby Nick took her to a local National Trust venue near them in Wales, and they had a smashing day in relatively good weather. I’m told the weather will be good again soon, fingers crossed! We need some warmth, don’t we?! And don’t forget when the sun does come out you will be able to use our Ultrasun. Look out for the massive mega size of the Anti-Pigmentation Face & Lip Collection, assuming it is still available!

Meeting Elsie

My dad’s mum was called Elsie Beatrice, and a nickname for my niece Libby was also Elsie (from Elizabeth). So, how lovely it was to meet my little great niece when Libby visited last weekend. So lovely to have baby cuddles, and she is so cute. Looks quite like little Jasper I must say (Jasper is my daughter’s five-week-old baby son, who is now 12 lb in weight, by the way! Gorgeous. Hope to see them after Mother’s Day.)


Watched some good stuff this week, firstly finished This is Going to Hurt. Heart rending, entertaining, I really love Ben Whishaw. Secondly, I saw The Informer on Netflix – I was tempted in by Clive Owen, although he only plays a small role. Quite a hardcore movie about a double-crossing drug dealer who does time to expose a local drug lord, but the acting was really good and the main character very compelling. I’m very much looking forward to Nan, the Movie, at the cinema though! And to the second season of Upload, which I think has just come out on Netflix. So much to see! I will be able to keep myself amused whilst I’m off having my little finger lump and foot lump operation next week!


This week, Will caught up with our very own Julia Roberts as part of Inspirational Women’s Month. Next week, he sits down with Sallie Berkerey, the Managing Director of CEW UK. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


#Thursdaybantz but something strange happened… missed part one, something went wrong wrong with broadcast so I don’t know what happened to it! Well done anyone who saw it live! Anyway here is part two and some gossip.

PS. see you Friday 3pm and 5pm on QVC main channel!

Book of the week

I’ve just literally finished Watermelon, which I have absolutely loved. Marian Keyes is a talented author. So considering I only have one more Joy Ellis book to read in the Jackman and Marie Evans series, I’m going to read the next Walsh family story from Marian Keyes. It’s called Angels, as it is set in Los Angeles and follows the adventures of the Walsh sister called Maggie, who suddenly leaves her husband and seeks refuge with her friend Emily, a script writer in LA. Right up my street!

If you have any book recommendations for me, please let me know. Especially anything period, set in the 1920s. I’m going to go to the writing workshop in September, and this summer I must finish my fifth novel set in that era, while I’m on my juice fast/yoga retreat 60th birthday present to myself in July. I’d better start researching again! It’s been awhile since I reached those 67,000 words, which probably now have cobwebs on! It’s a bit of a transformative year again for me, this one, but I’m going to enjoy every minute! I’ve also got plans to go and visit Buckingham Palace with my friend Gill, plus a trip to the Greenwich Observatory, where I’ve never been either. Lots on the bucket list!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the lovely Laura Geller Springtime Essentials five-piece collection, including the wonderful Baked Balance-n-Glow Illuminating Foundation! What a way to stock up! I must admit Balance-n-Glow is what I use on my face most of the time on the telly box at the moment. I just love the natural glow finish, very rejuvenating, plus it does not clog or go in my creases. Marvellous!

Saturday – it’s Lola Rose time again with the return of the semi-precious Oscy 58 strand necklace! What a lot you get for a very low price!

Sunday – it’s that time, see above for the review, and please get it early because you bet your life there’s going to be an early seller! They have got me doing the 7pm show as well as the 10pm and 11pm, specifically to do the Household Help Us with Vax at seven. I wonder if it will be available by then!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Subject to change!

Protect-A-Bed Mattress and Pillow Protector set
Wilfred’s Pies set of 12 premium Welsh pie selection
OPI six-piece Halo-Day Ready collection with bag
Quacker Factory embellished scalloped V-neckline elbow sleeve top
Judith Williams three-piece Royal Collagen Night collection
Lock & Lock six-piece Nestable Pantry Storage Containers
Bundleberry by Amanda Holden set of three tonal metal trunks
Cuddl Duds lightweight quilt crew snap jacket

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 20th at midnight:

JM Fashion by Julien Macdonald T-shirt with neck trim detail
Rio Pore Perfection Skincare System
Phase Eight Zola abstract print top
Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg and 48-piece Chocolate Bunny Selectors

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – time for the Your Zooki hair supplement sachets, I’ve been taking them for several weeks and find them very, very palatable. Like a little mini smoothie! I love this brand, I’m still using the daily collagen sachets as well. So easy to take and get absorbed by your body really well, too.

Tuesday – another thing I swear by and use every day practically, the UKLash Eyelash Conditioning Serum, 3ml size, that’s big and last ages, and they’re doing it in a duo – and it’s on Auto Delivery! Can’t believe it! Please don’t miss out and definitely stock up! Think of me this day as I’m off to Saint Anthony’s in Cheam for my lump to be removed from my finger and another one from my foot!

Wednesday – Lee Hohbein will be very pleased, I’m sure, to be back on with the Acer Chromebook laptop TSV, under £300! Great value.

ThursdayCook’s Essentials return with another Multioven, this time the 5-in-1 22L Air Fryer and rotisserie.

Friday – and on Friday it’s the turn of Kim & Co with a faux stretch suede peplum jacket. A great price for Kim’s range as well.

Friday 9pmGatineau celebrate their 90th birthday with a DefiLift set – the Re-defining four-piece skincare collection.

It’s time I give this a solid trial I think, because I’m not worried about wrinkles, but I need to start looking at lifting and Gatineau is my go-to brand for specific problem-solving! Looking forward to seeing this one when I am off after the op. And hopefully back after just a week, when I should be able to drive.

Next week – will let you know how it goes!

Best wishes,


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  1. Great blog as usual,so varied.As you are away with your operation ,in your recovery may I recommend Netflix The Adam Project ..good pace film ,superb acting and storyline.
    Hope operation is a success.Take care Jude

  2. Hi Debbie, your blogs are the best! Love your news – sad to think of you selling your Devon home, but I do understand. We’re thinking of putting our home on the market in the not-too-distant future. It’s a very exciting prospect, as long as you don’t think about all the sorting, de-cluttering and chaos it always entails! Love your sneaky peeks too – encourages me to spend money! Goog luck with the op, hope recovery is swift. Lots of love xxx

  3. Hi Debs, would you please let me know what top you are wearing while presenting the tsv VAX this morning, it is a black and white print slight v neck with long sleeves.
    Thank you
    Pat Callaghan

  4. The Jackman and Evans books are some of the best i’ve read i absolutely loved them. Im just starting her first books now with di Nikki galena there brilliant aswel. I cant recommend the Robery Bryndza Erika Foster books enough, there fantastic.

  5. Thanks for your blog. You have such a beautiful family, hope they are all keeping well. Did not spend much in Feb but have made up for it in March. Got a new electric car! Need to learn how to operate the radio but getting there!

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