Seaside shenanigans and sneaky peeks!

What a lovely week it was down in Hastings again with family. Ended up being there for three nights this time, which was lovely. Had some fabulous walks along the promenade, in some gorgeous weather – we were very lucky.

Then, completely whacked out, I came home and played bingo! Years since I’ve done it. But we found an app that picks the numbers, reads them out for you and keeps a tally of what’s been picked. Who needs a big barrel and balls! We know how to live. 🙂

My brother is going back again on Saturday and I think it might become a regular thing. Don’t forget, we all used to come here to virtually the same spot when we were kids. It’s definitely getting a bit more like Brighton, more up and coming. I did a couple of videos from there, see my social media.

We also took a trip up the West Hill lift, (the East Hill one isn’t working this summer), to the old caves. We heard stories about the smugglers and it took us back to our childhood when we went to the caves museum regularly. It’s a lot more advanced nowadays, but gave us an insight into what used to go on in the very, very olden days.


31 Who, is 30!

A friend of mine called Phil reminded me that I had done an interview for the 30th anniversary of a Doctor Who celebratory weekend that happened at BSB (remember the squarials?). The magazine were keen to reminisce and it took me back down memory lane that’s for sure, with my friend Shyama who I am still in touch with now, and many others who are sadly no longer with us, including John Nathan Turner, pictured here. The Daleks are still around though! It’s in the October issue. It was the era before old repeats became the norm, and the weekend was made up of a selection of fabulous old series from this iconic sci-fi show, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews with makers of props and Doctor Who assistants. I even got to go and interview producer Verity Lambert. It is all on YouTube somewhere, go seek! One of the best jobs I ever had, that show was, and it ran for just a few months in 1990 before BSB folded and merged with Sky. I wasn’t to know that just a few years later I would be back in the same building – Marco Polo – in Battersea, because that was where QVC would first be based! I’m just finishing a new blog with even more photographs and memories 🙂

Funny niece time

Had the opportunity to go out for a couple of hours with my lovely nieces. I will miss them when I move out into my new flat, but I won’t miss my very messy bedroom! I think I virtually filled it from floor to ceiling, and it won’t be long now! But… still no news about the completion date. The behind-the-scenes wranglings are driving me mad! Fingers crossed for some news soon.

Marmite mess!

Since I’ve been doing so many shifts lately, including some late nights and early starts, I stayed in the local hotel last weekend and my son came with his family for brunch the next morning. Little Blake, who is now two an three quarters-years-old, decided to munch on the little pot of Marmite with this result, all over her pretty dress! She thought it was hilarious! She is getting into quite the little minx and knows her own mind 🙂 I love her to bits.

Watch – Strike is back!

Yes, Cormoran Strike returns, courtesy of J. K. Rowling‘s alter ego Robert Galbraith. This detective series gets better and better. This is the fourth story in the series, “Lethal White.” I loved the book and I know I will love the series. But what makes it more special is the chemistry between Cormoran and his detective sidekick, Robin. Love it! Well worth a binge watch. On iPlayer catch up.


This week’s podcast see’s Will chatting with Corinnne Koolmon from Philosophy. Next week, he catches up with Alison O’Reilly, one of our regular jewellery faces, now she is on the road to recovery after being poorly. It will be good to hear from the lovely lady, we have missed her fascinating stories about various jewellery pieces. Hope she’s back with us soon. And see below for news about Corinne’s new Today’s Special Value from Philosophy this weekend!


And kind of a blooper, well, it’s funny. We were walking from the studio back to the presenter lounges and my lovely telly hubby Lee Hohbein said, “This is like when you walk through those doors when you arrive at a TV studio…” and did his best “I’m an important person” entrance! So I Facebooked about it. Go here to see and enjoy it, it’s very quick. But also check out some of the other videos from the last week or so, and don’t forget to join me over on my Facebook page every Thursday night for our singalong and banter/catch up – live!

Book – Glennon Doyle’s ‘Untamed’

Yes, this is the one that Adele (the singer, who just lost seven stone), cites as being the catalyst for her stepping into her body for the first time, according to her Instagram feed last month. I’m really enjoying it. It is a cross between a memoir and a self-help book, but genuinely offers some new material, which for me is pretty good going, considering how many books I have read over the years. I’m loving the audiobook, read by Glennon herself, as she flits about her life telling various stories, instances of overcoming addiction and becoming true to herself. But it’s the way she does it – with humour and humility. Really, really highly recommended. In fact, I have bought it for three people, since I started reading it, and I’m only just halfway through!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of today’s Smartcare ultrasonic toothbrush TSV with extra heads at a great price. Then join us tonight (Friday 4th) at midnight with me, for…

Saturday – …the new Gtech MYO Touch Massage foldable and adjustable bed. Looks good! It’s a bit of an investment but I can tell you now it makes me feel really relaxed after being on it for a little while 🙂

Sunday – and here it is, the Philosophy Shimmering fragrance four-piece layering collection.

Already on sale, go here to see and buy it. My nieces love it as they use the main bath product as their shampoo and it always smells marvellous. They win awards for their shampoos, do Philosophy! And this is a brilliant value way of getting yours.

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Cozee Home set of two memory foam fluffy seat cushions
Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage Day & night Creme
Perricone Perfect Skin collection
Maxcom 4G Smart Feature Phone MK241
SFIXX SBond and Ultra Pen set
Skechers Mens Street Uno lace trainers

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 6th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Korres Black Pine Firming and Lifting skincare duo
Cozee Home animal butterfly embossed Velvetsoft four-piece duvet set
The Real Pie Company 12-piece assorted meat or veg pies

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – it’s a big Benefit TSV for Monday with the five-piece Best of Benefit collection. I’m also looking forward to my 8pm with Frank Usher and lovely June.

TuesdayVionic are back with the snake suede ankle boots called Naomi with a built in orthotics, a great way of stocking up! I absolutely rely on these built-in insoles now, especially when I walk long distances it! Like down in Hastings this week, with 17,000 steps, it was essential. I will be looking out for some of the end of line deals for sure. Go here to shop the range now.

WednesdayJudith Williams returns with the Royal Collegen five-piece skincare collection. Her range is one of the best if you want to get premium ingredients for a very affordable price.

ThursdayPUR Feather by Northern Nights ultimate comfort extra deep featherbed returns – a mattress topper with a difference.

Friday – and Friday brings us the Diamonique 3.56 carat Vintage Style emerald-cut ring – it’s a stonker!

Friday 9pm – going on sale earlier in the week, the Ruth Langsford knitted animal print jumper with front zip detail, look out for it 🙂

And also for one of my latest loves, the Amazon Echo for your car, which I will miss as I will be off most of next week…

Next week – going to Wales for my daughters 31st birthday! And hopefully news about my flat purchase and new home 🙂

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie. Nice to know that you are coming back to Banstead. It is a lovely place to live. We did meet many years ago in the Hairdressers introduced by Elaine who went to France. Wish you well with your move. Thank you for making me laugh. xx

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