Self Pub Formula Live and Menopause Your Way!

Firstly if you’re reading this in time, Jackie has a 4pm show called menopause your way launching on Friday 1st of July (today). See below for more info!

This week I had a lovely two days in London with one of my old friends from my writing group, Carolyn Mahony, who writes some fabulous domestic thrillers. We had not been for two years, and the show brings together some experts in book writing, editing, marketing, cover designing, and more. I really enjoyed hearing the stories of the people who had developed their careers so well by self publishing their own books, that they were on over 50 grand a year and, some of them, more than that. It was on the Southbank and we stayed in a local hotel, so it was a very immersive experience.

It was a lovely day both days, give or take a few showers, but outside on the terrace by Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall, there was this fountain display, one of those where the jets keep shooting up at different times! Cooled us down no end with the spray in the air.

Met one of the stars of the publishing industry, a lady called Joanna Penn, who remembered me from a very early seminar I went to years ago. There was an evening get-together/indoor party that spilled onto the terrace, and it was a beautiful evening. She is an absolute font of knowledge and her website, ‘the creative penn,’ has masses and masses of information and resources, podcasts and everything. One of the things she said during her lecture is that there is AI coming which will automatically narrate your novel, or help create your cover, or convert your books into a different language, or help to fill in sentences, as well as the obvious things like AutoCorrect.

There were also sessions on self editing, social media, and several people talking about their own method of increasing their sales to tens of thousands per day (yes, really! You don’t have to be with a big publisher necessarily). One of the most interesting was five secrets of successful authors. It included, “have a powerful premise you can describe in one sentence.” If you want to find out what mine is for my story I’m working on, go and have a look at my #Thursdaybantz on my Facebook page this week, where I told everybody all about it!

Exciting  times to be in the publishing industry and I enjoyed every minute! Certainly putting me in the mood for writing, considering I’m going away for nearly a month this summer, with the aim of finishing my fifth book. French or Dutch will definitely be completed this summer… If it kills me!


Ice Cream

I thought I would include this one as it made me smile. It’s been a long time since I had an ice cream from an ice cream van and there was one, parked up on the Southbank, and my friend Carolyn could not resist it. How much it was? Do you have memories of the ice cream man during the summer driving round the local roads? Was it Popeye’s tune that was played? Or does anything else bring to mind? If you remember a specific tune, do put it in a comment to me, below. And, talking of nostalgia, when I moved up north when I left university, I was amazed to find that the ice cream vans also sold chocolate bars. They never used to, down south!


After the party we walked back to the nearby hotel along the Southbank where the London Eye is and look at these beautiful lights! Couldn’t resist posing for this colourful picture! Do you like my Kim & Co pink cardigan? I wear these all the time. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I hope she brings more back in the future. Here’s our Kim & Co range meanwhile and here’s where to find our garden lights to create your own version!

World in her hands

I also had a busy afternoon on Monday, when I went to my old university, London School of Economics, to renew my library ticket and book a time to go and see some 1920s newsletters which are stored in the women’s library there, that will help my research, since my book is based in that era. I went with my lovely friend Gill and we had the most amazing lunch, and a wonderful catch up. she thought she would pose with one of the features nearby, and I posed with another – see blooper/funny below! It was nice to do something for myself this week, given I’ve spent most of my spare time watering and looking after my mum’s plants, my dad’s grave, and the 94-year-old!

Strawberries n Cake

Week two of looking out for my mum and her partner’s 94-year-old friend, and I delivered some fresh British strawberries, a little takeaway of fish and chips, and some strawberry cake along with the latest supplies. I turned on the telly because he had turned it off again, or it had turned itself off, and found some nice tennis to watch together – the Nadal match on Thursday. Then, after the chips, we had a cup of tea, a slice of delicious cake and a couple of strawberries. Rain stopped play and it poured down outside and I told him all about my time working in the competitors restaurant at Wimbledon tennis and that one of my family was a ball boy on Centre Court probably in 1982.  He enjoyed the company I think, bless him.


Well I went to the cinema, and I saw Elvis. What a film. Two hours and 40 minutes long, yes really! But a superb bio pic. Austin Butler is an absolute star in the making, he smoulders on the screen and captures a young Elvis perfectly. Tom Hanks is basically Tom Hanks with a funny accent but he never disappoints me. Absolutely loved it, learnt a lot about poor Elvis and the way he was trapped into a life he would not have chosen that for the coercive control of his manager. Such a shame. What a legend. And great music obviously as well. I remember where I was on the day he died, and people could not believe it. There was a real rock ‘n’ roll revival happening at the time as well, in 1977. It would not surprise me if another one happens now given the popularity of this film. Should win awards for definite. Watch out for this actor in the future he’s going to be huge. I will definitely watch it again at some stage – nine out of 10.


Just a little funny for you. Apparently these elephant figurines are scattered throughout London, in different sizes. This one was just outside my old uni. thought I would get Gill to take a picture of me and the little one – mind you, I’m not sure who she thought was the biggest dumbo!


This week, Will talked to the founder and CEO of Sea Magik, Kate Bunyan, about the history of spas, their product formulations, and about working with her family! Next week he’ll be chatting to Margot Grant Witz, third generation family member of beauty brand Elizabeth Grant. Margot tells Will all about her grandmother’s story as well as what we can expect to see from this exciting skincare range in the near future. You can listen to all the Inside Q podcasts here.


Well, here’s a thing. I’ve started doing TikTok. Fortunately it automatically loads to my Instagram, which downloads it to Facebook. It was one of my early attempts, I thought I’d give the special effects a go! LOL.

I’m determined to get the hang of it and we’ll be doing at least one every single day when I’m away, charting my progress at the health retreat for a month, beginning on 12th July. Find me on TikTok under debbieflintTV


I hate to say it but I am just romping through the Elly Griffiths books. I am currently on book number 5, The Dying Fall. Really loved book 4. Not sure about the new narrator in this one though. I will see how I get on.

And since I went to the self publishing event, how about trying something by Lucy Score? Being self published nowadays just means having more control, as most people are using professional editors and cover designers and marketing campaigns. Lucy self publishes, and one of her books, Things We Never Got Over, regularly hits the top of the charts, and has over 42,000 reviews! See what you think of it! I’ve downloaded it and it’s next on my list 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of a superb supplements offer, the Imedeen Prime Renewal 50+, four months supply! Assuming it’s still available! Continuing the menopause theme, if you’re finding your face and your collagen is really suffering, maybe worth looking at this demonstration! Emma is such a knowledgeable guest and if you look it up on line you will see some amazing stories about people using it! I definitely noticed a difference when I first started taking it seven years or so ago. Consistency is key though, so four months is fabulous.

Saturday – already online, go here to see the L’Occitane five-piece Almond Benefits collection. It’s all about the famous almond shower oil, hand cream, a gorgeous scrub, and more. Don’t miss out it’s going to be busy and join me Friday at 9pm and midnight for the launch!

Join me at 9pm Saturday for the launch of…

Sunday –…the Blink video doorbell system with sync module and mini camera is here. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe the price of this, Lee Hohbein will be telling us all about it and he’s done some previews on his social media so do go and have a look. Specialising in very very low outlay, too, to see your video clips the doorbell has detected, afterwards (which is a great offer compared to some places) this is sure to fly! I’ve seen the price! Security, peace of mind, a window on the outside without having to open the door, and it’s a doorbell! So don’t miss out!

From Lee:

“After its UK launch only last month this weekend we are finally seeing the incredible Blink Doorbell (full system version) TSV on QVC which will also come with a Blink Mini camera (that also acts as the chime for the doorbell).

The lowest price smart doorbell we’ve EVER seen, no ongoing fees and Blink’s propriety 2 year battery life (with the lithium batteries included) all at a knock-out price.

Put 9pm this Saturday 2nd July in your diary for the pre launch and join Debbie flint and I if you can. The last Blink TSV sold out by lunchtime and we’re expecting the same again. You will NOT want to miss this 😀”

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Monsoon Pure Linen Longline Rosewood Top
Ultrasun 3-Piece SPF 50 Collection
Denim & Co Printed Slub Sweater
Finery London Kira Multi Spot Print Tiered Midi Dress
SBC 3-Piece Resurfacing Acids Face & Body Collection;
Easiyo 10-Piece Yoghurt Selection
KochBlume Set of 10 Assorted Extra Absorbent Microfibre Cloth

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 3rd at midnight:

Nina Leonard Sleeveless Tiered Maxi Dress with Draw String
Tan-Luxe 2 Piece Anti-Age Hydrating Gradual Tan Set
Kim & Co Printed Brazil Jersey Short Sleeve with Shirring Dress
Cook’s Essentials 1.5L Compact Touch Screen Digital Air Fryer

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – me again on Sunday at 9pm launching the next big offer, and it’s a belter. The Ultrasun four-piece top-up collection. This is one of the options, the other being 20 glimmer with a tinted face, but it’s over £90 worth of value. You won’t believe how much it is at Today’s Special Value price! Great idea to get the auto delivery… I would! If I didn’t have a cupboard full, (I can’t do without it.) Once a day sun protection, what’s not to like?

Tuesday – PUR feather by Northern Nights ultimate comfort extra deep feather bed. Another great price, with a hyper clean feather filling that means it’s better for allergy-prone people, it is a rare category to appear as a Today’s Special Value so snap it up.

WednesdayKuhn Rikon bring us a set of two, three-in-one shears. So handy.

Thursday – candles time this time with Harry Slatkin’s Homeworx set of three home sanctuary three-wick candles – fab fragrances, always very ornate and great to use as containers afterwards, best price, a today’s special value, so stock up!

Friday – time to beautify your garden with Kelly Hoppen – or keep it indoors – it’s a large indoor/outdoor Buddha statue, always very popular!

And in case you missed the launch on the first, join Jackie at 4pm just before Julia‘s regular Fashion on Friday, for a new show. Jackie is going to be talking all about products that help you during the menopause, weekly from now on. And there’s a massive page all about it online with some brilliant videos and our own stories about going through the menopause. Personally I have become a different woman since taking HRT patches. Thank you, Davina! Am sleeping better due to fewer hot flushes. We have lots of products that will help as well, a Dyson fan AM07, for instance. Possibly a sleep spray like those from This Works. Or our supplements targeting women over 50. Do check out our page online here.

And join me at 9pm when I launch…

Friday 9pm …the latest offer from Dyson – the V8 animal cordless vacuum, I’ve seen the price and it’s amazing if you want a second vac or an upstairs one, or one that works better than your handheld.

I’m going to a wedding that weekend, so I’m off, but don’t miss out on the Liz Earle Smooth and Firm four-piece SuperSkin collection, going on sale mid-week! Caroline will be gagging to show you it and there will be several big shows throughout the day on Sunday as well.

Think of me I will be seeing the kids that weekend, and also Going to Chloe, my niece’s, wedding on the Sunday 10th!

Next week – all the above, lunch with my son, a Saturday lunch trip for a special kids’ event with Brad‘s offspring, and a trip to Devon and Wales, no grass growing under my feet! LOL

Best wishes


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  2. Our ice cream vans in Cumbria used to play Greensleeves and my auntie used to tell us if the music was playing then there was no ice cream left, we soon worked out that wasn’t true – lol

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