Size of this! And pigeon preventer

Oh my goodness, look at the size of this foxglove! I’ve never seen anything like it. Yes, it’s in a one-foot raised bed, but it’s still around six feet tall, I think. Seems a good year for foxgloves, as so many have done well. I discovered this when I returned to my home in Devon for only the second time since March. Had too much to sort out, including a leaky gutter and the post.

When I did that night’s live Facebook sing-song (a Dionne Warwick special!) several people asked what it was like to be back, and it was actually nice, but a bit weird. At one point, I had to really think carefully where the plates were and where I kept my tea towels! Menopause brain plus not having been there for a month… I’m actually going to make it into a holiday let at some point, if I get the flat I want down in Surrey next to Mum and sister. These weird times have made me re-evaluate and it means that I would like to spend some of the next few years with my mum and family. Good news for some people, being able to see more of their family this week as well. We will get there in the end.

I must say I had the most wonderful sleep in my Sealy bed, I really noticed the difference! Find the range here.

Took advantage of the cavernous kitchen and the good acoustics back home in Devon, for three consecutive sing-songs as well. With the rain hammering down, of course! Thank you to those who keep me company when I am doing my nightly live sing-a-longs. Very nice to hear from those who leave a lovely comment saying how much they appreciate it during these weird times. My boss loves to see them, so I forward him some.  This Saturday we will hit #day80! If you have anything general you would like me to pass on, just leave a comment below, or on my social media, which is at the bottom of this blog.

I went back to some very rainy walks and a very wet inspection of the garden. Here is the Facebook link to the vlog I did when I went on my first trip round the courtyard – if only the heavens had made it bright!

Lovely neighbours Chris and Jane have been looking after it all for me and it looks amazing. I can’t thank them enough. Managed to hook up with a couple of friends from a distance while I was down there as well, so it was a week well spent. Hope you’ve had a good week too.


Lentil moussaka

Thank goodness for Facebook groups. I arrived in Devon (going home for first time in months to sort out some issues including a leaky gutter) and took my wonderful recipe box ingredients… and forgot the recipe book! Lovely lady on their Facebook page photographed the recipe and this is what I ended up with! Wonderful non-dairy lentil moussaka type dish! It will probably keep me going for a couple of days! Yummy.

Tarte’s new foundation

Supplied with a fabulous high-quality brush for applying, this new foundation from Tarte was on my show the other day with Shanna, live from America. I was very impressed. It’s from the Shape Tape stable, not too powdery, not too greasy, good coverage, feels very smooth against the skin. I’ve ordered one to try in the Tan Sand option. Since I have a bit more of a tan! Highly recommended 🙂

Pigeon preventer

Look what I did with an upside-down hanging basket, to stop the pigeons from eating all of Richard Jackson’s expensive bird food! There are so many around the place I’m staying at the moment in London, and they keep appearing in the back garden, devouring anything at the drop of a crumb! Have to remember to pick it up again at night-time though, because otherwise the mice will think I’ve laid them out a banquet! If I move into the nice new flat I may be getting near my mum and sister, it has a very long balcony, so I will be able to have a proper food bird feeding station!

Podcast – This week’s is with the hilarious guest Jemma Forte. She is one of my favourites and I love Molton Brown anyway. Find out more about her with Will’s in-depth interview that you can listen to here!

I have to say I am loving ‘The Crown’ at the moment, it is my latest binge watch. Claire Foy is immaculate as our monarch in her earlier years. I am almost at the end of season two and looking forward very much to watching one of my favourite actresses, Olivia Colman, in the third. I love learning about history, even if they creators actually manipulate events very slightly. But it makes me look them up to see what really happened, so I learn as I go. It even helped me get a quiz question right in Sunday night’s family quiz: “what year did Marlon Brando die, and Anthony Eden become prime minister ” (say the answer at the bottom!)
Have any of you seen Madam Secretary? Would you recommend it for me next? If not, what kind of quite compelling box set, that is maybe only three seasons long, would you recommend? I don’t want to get into something that’s been going forever! Leave me a message below.

Happy anniversary Katy John and husband

If you watched us in the early days you will remember Katy John, my lovely fellow presenter. Well Katy posted this on Facebook this week – happy 30th anniversary to her and Andy! She shared some lovely photos and said they met when they were 13 and are still besotted with each other after all this time. We were all going to meet up at QVC before the madness kicked in, so fingers crossed we will get to do so later in the year 🙂 Suzanne Evett, Kara Tritton, Jilly, Julia, and me. And possibly Paul Lavers if we can get him in between his acting jobs. Lots of reminiscing! It’s now 20 years since I left QVC the first time. I can’t believe it. I was there for six years when it first opened and made some great friends. We had some really good times.

Book of the week
“The Beekeeper of Aleppo” by Christy Lefteri. On Sunday week, I have my next online book club with my lovely friend Shyama Perera and pals, and this is the book that has been chosen. Since I love science fiction, time travel, romance and period dramas, it would not have been at the top of my list, but I think it’s always good to rise to the challenge. The write-ups make it sound very appealing and what stands out most is the skill of the author, Christy Lefteri, in running a dual timeline and in subtlety, rather than being too blatant and over-writing, this painful yet hopefully uplifting story of a man and his wife fleeing their homeland and finding each other again. Looking forward to it enormously.

Next seven days on QVC

Friday – Fashion event day, Friday and also Saturday. Marie Françoise is back with a Kipling Anzo premium triple compartment multiway bag, go here to see and buy it as quickly as you can in case it is almost unavailable!

Saturday – A super WynneLayers crepe dolman tunic shirt dress. Such a good price as well. And join me at 9pm when I launch…

Sunday – …the LAB Jawline Definer anti-ageing system. Looking forward to seeing Abby Horne work her magic on yet another marvellous invention from Charlotte and Lauren, the scientists at LAB.
Also, on Sunday, do join me at 6pm for an hour of today’s top tech, I can’t wait!

Big Deals old and new

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…
LED transforming mirror with speaker and magnetic 5x mirror
Relief Wrap
Chillmax Air personal space cooler and humidifier
This Works 
AM and PM two-piece Skin Boosting collection
three-piece Summertime Skincare collection
JPE Fit-Over
Catty sungalsses
Cook’s Essentials 
1.8L compact mini airfryer
three-piece Tinted Glow collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 31st at midnight and lasting only one week:
Ultrasun three-piece Tinted Glow collection
Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick 24cm & 30cm shallow frying pan set
Cook’s Essentials 1.8L compact mini airfryer

Monday – The Grumpy Gardner multi-headed Rake Broom is here! And several gardening shows during the day. I’m on at teatime with fashion.

Tuesday – A wonderful chance to get a really amazing price on one of my favourite products – the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. It’s in the Mayan Vanilla and Orange Blossom fragrance and you don’t just get that, you get three other items as well!

WednesdayShark return with another chance to get their ever popular Duo Clean Anti-Hair Wrap Vacuum on a 60 day trial with our Money-Back Guarantee!

Thursday – Time to get tanned, with a two-piece Super Glow Hyaluronic Serum collection from Tan Luxe. It goes on sale earlier in the week so look out for it.

Friday – it’s a very special offer because it’s a six-piece from Tili, which many of you may already know about, although it doesn’t make much of an appearance on the screen. It’s a Skincare Celebration collection so good chance to try different brands. Especially for beauty month!

And don’t forget in June, you can buy any Elemis using code ELEM3Z or any Ultrasun using code ULTRA3, on Easy Pay instalments. Just pick what you want and put the code in at the checkout online.

Friday 9pm – The Ruth Langsford belted midi dress in different lengths is also going on sale early in the week. Here is a picture of it, and I have seen lots of them hanging up for the girls in the dressing rooms – there are some very pretty options. Great price too!

Next week – More pictures from Devon and of my first meeting with my lovely little girl Blake, since the restrictions relaxed allowing me to go see one other household as a singelton! Yay for being single! Lol.

Lots of love,


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  1. How about watching Poldark and The Durrells boxsets. Both have great storylines, scenery and romance!

  2. Love the stories and the preview of today’s special value coming up for the week I would like to ask if qvc could consider having a Samsung mobile tsv again

  3. Hi Debbie I would certainly recommend Madam secretary to watch fabulous series . Always enjoy reading your blog .

  4. Debbie, cannot beleive that on Saturday you will have been doing your singalong for 80 nights, you have sang many different types of songs and given many of us who are on our own something to look forward to at night plus letting those who have birthdays pick a theme of songs they like. I also like it when other presenters pop in before going onto their own shows to join in with a song or two. Hope you get to move near to your family in the near future, I guess like many of us you miss your family and grandchildren, I know I miss my granddaughter, hoping at the end of this month I wont have to be sheilding anymore, but I’ve had QVC to keep me company, you stay safe, Theresa.

  5. Hi Debbie, Madam Secretary is a good watch. But it does go on forever. I also love Suits but I think that is still going too! On a different note, Peter Kay’s Car Share is back on from episode 1 – you must watch it if you already havent 🙂

  6. Such a lot going on for you Debbie. I hope it all comes to fruition for you – you deserve it. X

  7. Hi Debbie
    great blog as always. I remember Katy John and she doesn’t look a day older.
    The good old days at QVC.

    Best wishes
    Janet X

  8. Hi, Debbie! I loved Madam Secretary. It’s not brain stretching by any means but it’s good, relaxing viewing with reliable performances from a truly ensemble cast. I loved it, my 61 year old partner also always seemed to end up coincidentally watching tv when it was on, so safe to say it had wide appeal in our house.

    Have you watched Billions and/or Succession? More demanding and the scripts are frequently almost Shakespearean. Anyone who loves words would enjoy either of these, I think.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Debbie. Thank you for sharing your lovely blogs. There are always great reading. I will be tuning in for all the fashion, beauty, gardening shows. I will also be treating myself to another Kipling bag.I have love every minute shopping with qvc. One happy lady. God bless. Antoinette

  10. Thank you so much for the fabulous Singalongs every evening Debs. It’s so wonderful and uplifting to see and hear you in our homes each evening and join in with the great songs chosen by you and the Singalongers, who are lovely. I look forward to the Singalong every day and you are a true star so kindly giving us your time, amazing talent, news and fun to help us all in these difficult times. Bless your heart and thank you, lots of love xxx

  11. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you so much for doing the nightly singalong, you are a terrific singer, it is really appreciated especially as you do it in your own time.
    I have enjoyed everyone and you are right we all need to find something funny to laugh at, it really helps when not having a good day in these challenging times.
    Hopefully soon we will be able have our loved ones back in our homes and give them a huge hug and looking forward to more nights of great singalongs.

  12. I would not worry about the pigeons I would me more worried about the rats that it would attract with free a feeding station

  13. Hi Debbie
    I love reading your Blogs, always full of lovely interesting things & what’s coming up on QVC!
    Like to say a Big Thank You to yourself for doing your Singalongs on FB every night-with #80 fast approaching-WOW! Amazing, they are so much fun and love how you let us choose a song for you to sing, especially Kylie, lol!! The 70’s & 80’s nights have been brilliant…need to do more! :))
    I received my SBC 5 pc Kit recently, the Citrus Caviar & Mandarin Shower Gel & Shampoo is absolutely Gorgeous!
    Keep up the great work.
    Hugs xx

  14. Hi Debbie,
    My viewing suggestion is Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, its edge of your seat viewing from start to finish, the only down side is your gutted when it does.
    Have a good week-Ellen 🌸

  15. Hi Debbie, l would certainly recommend Madam Secretary. I’ve seen all the episodes and think that it’s something that you would enjoy given that you have a very keen interest in politics.

  16. Debbie as always a Joy we will all love to bottle up your Energy and Spirit plus a good dose of Happy Face then Smile you leave me in Happy place with a big smile also plenty of ideas enjoy your Sing-a-long you are a hidden Treasure xx

  17. I really enjoyed Madam Secretary. It’s a good mix of politics and managing every day life with strong female characters. Glad that the new rules are allowing you to get together with your family xx.

  18. Hi Debbie thank you once again for the great blog. If I had half of your energy I would be quite content!
    Thank you also for the info of what is to look forward to on QVC. I have my eyes on the Ruth Langsford dress. Good to hear about your Sealy bed – I ordered a Sealy mattress just before the lockdown & I came home from hospital after surgery. But it is finally being delivered on Friday & they are taking the old one away too really looking forward to it.
    We haven’t got Netflix but hope to watch the Crown on dvd. If you are an Alan Bennett fan on the 23rd June his monologues will be on BBC iplayer with all new actors in them. Also if you have read any of the four Elena Ferrante novels known as The Neapolitan Novels the second book is being televised this Friday 19th June on Sky Atlantic The Story of a New Name. The story begins in Italy in the 1950s
    and the focus is on two girls Elena and Lila throughout their lives (My Brilliant Friend is the first)
    My week has been eventful – a crown came out with the tooth and the dentist isn’t open for a few weeks & I fell asleep on my glasses & broke the arm off & the optician is closed hoping there won’t be a third event!!
    Take care everyone and stay safe love Julia xxx

  19. We’ve been watching Spooks on the BBC iPlayer since the lockdown. Its 10 series, keeps you on the edge of your seat, but well worth it.

    I have been watching a box set on the BBC ccbc channel iplayer called Hetty Feather. It reminded me of the Catherine Cookson films. A lot of the filming was done in Kent, around the area where I live.

  20. Thank you so much for your singalong every night. I have missed 4 out of 80. You have been fantastic keeping our spirits up. A beautiful singer. Getting to chose our own songs especially for our birthdays when we couldn’t celebrate with our family. Thank you so much. I hope you carry on even if you can’t do it every night. Xx

  21. Debbie, I look forward to your singalong every night but I can’t see 12, 13, or 14 June on your page. Any chance of a catch up?

    Thank you for taking the time to do your singalong, you are still going strong when many other people have fallen by the wayside on their lockdown entertainment. Hope you get the recognition you deserve.

    Best wishes Ruthx

  22. Debbie ,please can you tell me what hair product’s you using, your hair looks great. and as always your doing a great job, Marian.

  23. Hi Debbie, thank you for giving up your spare time for our nightly sing along. It has kept me going and something to look forward to whilst shielding and in isolation the past nearly 3 months…it has been so much fun. I do sometimes have to catch up the next day, due to my illness as it fluctuates day to day.

    You share so much of your life with us which is incredible and keep us updated on what’s going on. I love reading your blog/stories.
    I hope the flat goes through and you get to spend more time with your mum and family.
    I have loved having QVC and yourself keep me company. Hope you get the recognition you deserve and you continue to sing maybe not every night but something.
    God Bless you, sending big hugs take care and stay safe.
    Best wishes
    Leisha xx

  24. Hi Debbie, I just wanted too thank you for your nightly singalongs, since I lost my beloved dog on the 25th April I have followed you and the singalong gang it has given me something too focus on. Again thank you for giving us your time with your warmth and humour and of course lovely voice.
    Next time your down in Hastings East Sussex the public toilets will be opened.
    Lesley x

  25. Hello Debbie,
    I appreciate your weekly Presenters’ blog. I used to receive a ‘different’ one in my email in box but they have stopped.
    Guessing it is because of Covd19 now means your time has rightly featured ‘family’ and dear friends. I enjoy it when you recommend books, movies and talk about history. There have been some amazing programmes on BBC TV 2 and BBC 4 Tv about art history and black history. I like learning things and find questioning things ‘uplifting’ I am fortunate to have a small house and garden. I recommend gardening a bit each day lifts ones’ spirits.
    I so hope that your changes you are making by coming back to nearer London to be near your family goes well and
    your Devon retreat will make a good rental for you.
    I don’t do Facebook – silly me but I am considered about ‘fake’ stuff getting thru and me not recognising it. I use a mobile phone and laptop and grateful to QVC for your TV hubby Lee’s knowledge.
    Years ago QVC had a telephone number helpline for computing things especially when buying new products which was so helpful. It would be good if they had one that would maybe be available for a small monthly fee?
    I am over 70 and fortunately learnt to use computers (basic) from 1970s, but I have friends who have not felt able to buy much from QVC during lockdown because when items are shown on screen they don’t often have a box on the bottom righthand side showing the bust size and hip size. Even in the same brand measurements vary so much. Two of my friends used to ring the freephone number – they don’t use technology and so have missed out some lovely items. Could QVC consider putting this information on the bottom righthand corner for each item?
    Could QVC also sell gift vouchers? Of course it is could to buy surprise presents and have QVC to send it direct but having two ways of giving gift vouchers would be great. EG e-cards and a card with a value with a code to give to a friend over the phone, so they can ring and order things. It’s a world of electronic living but there are still those elderly people who miss out because they didn’t learn how to use a computer or mobile or can’t really afford broadband since they live on a modest pension but budget to buy goodies from QVC.
    Just a few ideas. I do my best to help those without access to technology and QVC could make even more money
    adjust things to help those who are ‘trained’ in 21st century ways

    Appreciate the kindness you show to us strangers living alone. I do hope you keep safe and well while you rush around. Bless you Fayxx

  26. HI Debbie, love the improvised pigeon protection. You can actually get a similar purpose designed version – bought mine from my local garden centre. The pigeons still try to get their heads through so there’s an art to putting the robin food right in the middle to fully defeat them. An ongoing battle I fear – they are too clever. Their latest trick involves landing briefly on the seed feeder causing it to shake and shed seeds onto the ground below which they gobble up. I can almost hear them laughing if that’s not being too anthropomorphic!

  27. Love all of your blogs Debbie. You are always so positive and cheerful.

    Can you tell me who the lovely man in the suit is who appears in the QVC AlwaysHereForYou clip between shows.?

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