Snow in the woods! And tons of sneaky peeks!

Yes, it finally snowed. It didn’t really settle, but this was still 4pm in the afternoon by the time I went for a walk on Wednesday last, and it was bitterly cold. I did a quick vlog (see below), and within just two minutes my fingers felt like they were dropping off! I went home and ate the remains of a lovely chicken casserole, which my mum had passed over the balcony to me, then tucked into a pie from Wilfred’s new Welsh brand, launching Monday, see below!

I’ve been cocooning and watching lots of telly, as most people have. I made the decision that I wanted to keep up all of my Christmas decorations, apart from the ones that have actually got Santa on them. I took down the cards, but the rest of the decorations are making it seem a little more cheery, and we all need cheering up, don’t we!

I have continued doing my regular Bodyblade routine with friend Jenny, and added in one or two sessions with daughter Lauren and niece Becky, who both have one now! Hoping it will come back in stock at some stage in the UK on QVC. 🙂 Meanwhile, here is all of our keep fit equipment, there is quite a choice.

In all of the weirdness though, I can’t say I haven’t been enjoying being in one place. It’s been quite nice to have so much time on my hands. Been thinking seriously about what to do going forwards. Will keep you informed…



And if it wasn’t snowing, it was muddy! So many people in the Banstead Woods (can’t blame them) out getting exercise. But the slightest bit of precipitation, and it becomes a mud bath. I waded across this lot in my ankle-height boots and promptly went home and ordered some deeper ones! I didn’t want to go walking in this, in my lovely new Emu boots! Ordered 178509, size 9! I usually take an eight, but the water-resistant ones are often a bit snug, so these are fine. Bit long, but they will be perfect for keeping my lovely tootsies warm and cosy in this bitter cold weather. 🙂 A couple of pairs are still available, don’t miss out!

If you did miss our sales over Christmas and early New Year, go online to see what’s available in clearance. Some belters – including dresses for £10! Check it out.

Most liked

Thought I would send you one of the most liked photographs from this week – the one that I did for Stine our stylist, for the Ruth Langsford Today’s Special Value jumper (if you read my blogs on a Friday, this one may just still be available here.) Lovely make-up as well, including Doll 10 T.C.E. Foundation (available in this set) – in case you wondered! And hair by Dyson Airwrap as usual!

Old Morden cinema

The group ‘I grew up in Morden’ on Facebook has been filled with some wonderful nostalgia lately. As part of my looking back sessions, I have loved buying old books full of photographs from the last century and earlier. One called “Throw Out Your Old Mouldies” features pictures from Merton, Mitcham and Morden, particularly when the tube station was built around 1926. It was all fields before that and Morden was very rural. Now you need to go many more miles further out to reach a proper rural landscape in south west London! This old Odeon cinema was where I remember seeing “The Jungle Book” for the first time, probably in the late ’60s. My dad was a school caretaker in Morden Farm middle school from 1970 until about 1980, I think, so it’s my old stomping ground. Very much loving being part of the group and looking forward to sharing more pictures from books like that.


I’ve discovered David Attenborough’s latest series, “A Perfect Planet” and I’m learning lots of things, for instance, about the wasp that only lives for 48 hours and needs to bury itself inside a fig fruit in order to reproduce. Very weird way it does that too! (If you watch the series, you’ll understand what I mean.)

Also have seen some great series and films. Naturally, I’ve watched “The Serpent”, with Jenna Coleman – the kind of Bonnie and Clyde tale of a gem dealer criminal in the 70s, very well-made. Plus, I saw a fabulous film called “Irresistible” with Steve Carell. It’s on Prime, I think, and well worth a little investment to watch it. It’s set in the world of American politics just after the Donald Trump victory election, so it’s very pertinent given what’s in the news lately. Great performances, good comedy and a wonderful twist I did not see coming.

Finally, I also saw “A Little Chaos”. Kate Winslet laid it on thick as a 1600s French landscape gardener, caught in a web of Royal Court shenanigans. It’s kind of a romance and it was a very easy watch.

I guess you can tell I’ve been watching a lot of television lately!! Given what’s ahead of us, there will be lots more where that came from! Just discovered “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Witch” too, so I’m wading my way through that one. 🙂


Check out this hilarious moment from when I was on with Steve McDonald selling the Dyson V7. Watch out for those attachments Steve!!


There is a New Year look back, and a brand new health and wellbeing focus for the next four weeks. Go here to listen to them all with Will Gowing and probably find your favourite guest among the dozens that he’s already recorded.


Been doing several video blogs taking people on a walk through the chilly woods this week! Here’s the day we got a scattering of snow!! Don’t forget to check out my social media to keep up to date with all my posts, where I’ll usually tell you what’s on that night on my shift, plus lots more, including a Thursday night #bantz live post!

Book of the week

Have been pondering what to listen to since finishing ‘Notting Hill in the Snow’. So, I began another book from Jules Wake, ‘Talk to Me’, about a speed dating experience and unrequited love. It’s a typical rom-com and I’m enjoying it. However, I have just downloaded another John Grisham. ‘A Time For Mercy’ is next on my list!!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – we had the wonderful versatile Ninja multi-function countertop oven. I hope you got yours before it sold out!

Saturday – go here (before they sell out early!) to see the super Ruth Langsford V-Neckline Contrast Jumper, already online and selling well!

Sunday – and also already available here is the Alpha H three-piece Rose Liquid Gold set, including Hydrating Day Cream plus large glycolic problem solver, Liquid Gold!

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

Vercella Vita pack of three bras
Easiyo set of 10 Every Day Favourites yoghurt sachets
Dr Seaweed Weed & Wonderful Immunity Support Supplements
Benefit Filling Good Brow & Eye collection
Orbitrek X17 Multi-Path Trainer

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 10th at midnight and lasting only one week:

Vercella Vita pack of three bras
L’Occitane Eco Refill Body and Hand trio
Bell & Howell Paw Perfect and Trimmer grooming set
Periea set of six printed Compression bags

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – time to organise your wardrobe and free up space, because the Huggable Hangers 60-piece Ultimate Wardrobe Organiser set is back, including dozens of non-slip hangers, plus little extras for hanging skirts and trousers and making sure there are no ears in the shoulders of your clothes! Looking forward to launching this in Practical Ideas, Sunday 9pm. Here’s a little example of how even a scarf does not slip off, no more finding clothes in the bottom of your wardrobe! Don’t miss them.

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

Also, Antthony returns at 2pm and 8pm with his super fashion designs, can’t wait to see him coming down the line! Or his ambassador. Love his designs.

There’s also an Elemis two hour mini-series running every night from 10pm Monday ’til Wednesday.


Very excited to bring you the launch of Wilfred’s Pies, premium Welsh, deep, home-made pies in a chicken, vegetable or steak collection. On sale early, available now, and very affordable. Absolutely delicious, and well packaged (see the video)! Just check out how deep this steak filling is!

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

I have very much enjoyed these and I’m looking forward to my 9pm and midnight shows on Monday night. I had better not have any tea 🙂 lol!

5pm also sees the return of Andi Peters’ Food Fest in a two hour show with Dale, fun! Also, check out Charlie‘s recent blog here to find out more about the pies.

Wednesday – Dennis returns with a Tweak’d haircare TSV – the Rhassoul Cleansing and Volumizing Scrub, big and small. Great products with unusual ingredients and a Today’s Special Value is a great way to try them.

Thursday – Phase Eight bring us a V-neckline ripple stitch jumper.

Friday – finally the UKLash Eyelash Conditioning Serum 3ml duo is here. It’s brilliant!! And really good value considering how much one normally is. I have been using it on my lashes again regularly and loving the results. Much more affordable than some of the alternatives and with great results. I’m very pleased we started selling this brand. (I tried to take a photo for you of a close-up of my eyes, but they look too red and I couldn’t get the angle right! Just believe me on this one 🙂 )

Friday 9pm – time to sort out your old iron with a Morphy Richards Speed Steam Pro Generator iron deal!!

Next week – three days off and maybe a chance to catch up with Blake, now her daddy is hopefully better (they are my bubble, but I could not see them over Christmas). So let’s count down ’til Easter shall we? It’s early in April this year, and I’m happy to say that my age bracket of vaccination should be done before then. So… with the hope that it will bring a semblance of normality (who knows, what but I’m ever the optimist,) 11 weeks to go!!

Best wishes,


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5 Responses

  1. Hi Debbie,
    It was lovely to see the old Morden cinema. Many happy childhood memories for me too. It was a shame when they turned it into a B & Q! Glad you’re settling into your new home in Banstead. We now live in Dorset so it’s lovely when you take me down memory lane. Happy new year.

  2. I’m with you Debbie, same year born as yourself but March. Let’s get this vaccine done, get life back & live. 😘

  3. Was vaccinated Friday morning 8th Jan Deb. I am 59 but work in GP surgeries as a pharmacist sorting out script queries so qualify as NHS key worker. No problems with it as yet, had the Oxford one which I was glad to have as I am an allergic type person but would have been happy with any of them. Heard you read out my tweet about the TSV from Ruth on the morning repeat!

  4. I have been locked up for weeks now, didn’t see any family over Christmas seeing the numbers we did the right thing.
    I’m waiting for my jab I’m in group 4, so I can get some life back again.
    keep safe everyone.
    Jean Given.

  5. ” I’m happy to say that my age bracket of vaccination should be done before then.” March. Surely not; August more like 🙂 Great news that UK is leading the way in Western Europe for ‘jabs’ which is great news. The biggest vaccination plan in UK history.

    One of my resolutions, though, is to stop reading your “Story” here; with all the ‘sneaky-peeks of blinders’ of a deal (see what I did there? Yes, I know, Charles Dickens is save!) the temptations is too much. Though as we haven’t seen Mum & Dad for nearly a year now in snowy Yorkshire we have kept them well fed, and with an Order for Wilfreds Steak Pies it should please them no end (they’ve been ‘jabbed’ in December 2020 so hopefully (some) immunity will have kicked in .

    BTW Does Dyson Steve need Dr Max’s Over-50 extra vitamins for his, cough, “weakness”?

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