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Can you guess who took the photo of me in the lovely Michele Hope sequinned jacket last week? Yes, cheeky Charlie Farley. Making me laugh. I just love this jacket and hopefully will get more chances to wear it on air!


Sometimes it’s just too hot when I have my hot flushes, and wasn’t it terrible last week when we had 34 degree heat outside! Thank goodness there are air conditioning units where I was staying at my brother’s, where I was staying at the time (while I wait for my new flat’s completion date! 🙂 ) I was so glad for a thunderstorm. And my goodness me, when it finally did rain, didn’t it pour?!

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It was definitely soup weather – what a change in a day! And it reminded me of this picture, when I was at Mum’s a while back. Hopefully when I move in to the flat near hers, there will be more of these moments!

And had some lovely memory-making moments last week, when I visited Brooklands spa near Woking for an afternoon tea plus a massage and spa session for one of my friends, Jo’s, 50th with sis and pal Alison. Another great day for sure. Even if it was pouring down outside again!! Certainly been extreme lately, hasn’t it?


Daisy’s cool mats

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I’m very happy that Daisy loved her cool mats that I had sent to my brother’s for both her and little companion, puppy Beau, during the recent hot weather. So sweet! Look at Daisy’s face! Funny!

Wicked sister

My sister, Linda, went into my mum’s house last week when she was out to drop something off, and pretended to eat the cake Mum had just made to take to a friend’s house for lunch! She looks very mischievous, and always has done! Just love my sister.

Miles’s marvelous set

Credit where credit is due – the other day one of our talented floor managers, Miles, did a fabulous job creating a super set for Charlie’s Culinary Concepts show. Look at this! Amazing work, well done Miles and to all the other behind-the-scenes gang who have been doing such a good job!

Sea run

Blake has been adorable lately – my little two and a half-year-old granddaughter. She has reached the stage where she is all knowing and all wise. When I saw her this week, we went as usual out on our little excursion and I told her “Mummy and Daddy won’t like such and such”, and she nodded her head wisely and said “Let’s see!” Bless her little heart. She loved her time with Phoebe. Here’s a picture at the seaside! Lovely memories!

Watch – Fosse/Verdon

If you love theatre as much as I do, you may adore this. The short biopic charting the rise and fall of musicals legend, Bob Fosse, the man responsible for Cabaret and Chicago, among others, and how the wind beneath his wings was really Gwen Verdon. A lovely period piece and very watchable. Although painful at times! It is really well directed and I like how they have interwoven the flashbacks and the timescales, a bit like This is Us, which I’m still working my way through as well! On iPlayer catch up.


I had a really funny time with Claire Edmondson last week, when it was just one of those shows! Included a very funny moment when she emptied one of the Radley bags of stuffing and chucked it towards the floor manager right into the shot. Plus, bags were falling about all over the place and she could not help herself reaching into the shot towards me to point out the colours. Got herself into some right contortions 🙂 very enjoyable show.


Last week it was lovely Renee, this week it will be a revisit to Julia, but to talk about her other careers and her books! Click here to listen to them all. If you haven’t listened to it already, don’t forget to download Will talking to Tom from Alpha-H about lovely Michelle, a beautiful tribute. I liked being on with Tom recently when we had a near sell-out show and he kindly gifted me some of the flowers afterwards. What a lovely man. And what fabulous products; go here to check out the range.


This week I did a funny live broadcast on Facebook for QVC, watch it here, and see if you can guess the quiz question! Also check out my Facebook page for the #ThursdayBantz video, banter, catch up, reviews et cetera, and a bit of singing. 🙂

Book of the week

Last week on my #thursdaybantz, I got a recommendation that I’ve been addicted to ever since. Bullets and Blood, on audiobook, is the tale of early Hollywood and the story behind the story. In fact, the story behind the story of the story, if you see what I mean, as he tells of the inspirations that helped create early legendary movies like Public Enemy about Al Capone, how Warner Brothers came to be, how Jimmy Cagney became such a legend and so on. Really well made and done in a kind of drama format. Loving it. 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy the Ecoegg Today’s Special Value pack, to give you 1080 washes in your washing machine and clean it with two detox tablets, plus a stain remover for that tougher load. Great value!

Saturday – can’t wait to launch this at 9pm Friday, the new Tweak’d three-piece Dhatelo Restore Coconutty Head to Toe collection. Not only shampoo and conditioner, but this brand new cream that is incredible. So super hydrating and not just for the body, for the face as well! Looking forward to hearing Dennis talk about it live from his deluxe garage studio in Canada!

Sunday – available now to buy online here, Sunday’s skincare kit is four of the favourites from Decleor. The whole set costs not much more than the price of just one of the pieces, as it includes the Neroli Bigarade Aromessence Hydrating Serum, along with what used to be called Hyderfloral Face Cream, a massive supersize of multi-purpose problem solver Prolagene gel plus thick Neroli shower gel. An amazing offer, hope some is left for my Sunday 7 pm show!

Also the Big Deals end every Sunday night, here are the current ones…

VibroSlim Radial Plus 3D firness vibration plate
Liz Earle British Beauty Icons collection
Elemis three-piece Dynamic Resurfacing Essentials collection
Michele Hope swing hem shirt
Hardwall Takker 59-piece multi-purpose hanging kit
Protect A Bed cooling cotton mattress and pillow protector
8 Greens Dietry Supplement 30 day supply

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new big deals launching on Sunday 23rd at midnight and lasting only one week:

Perricone Perfect Skin collection
Cozee Home set of two memory foam fluffy seat cushions
World’s Greatest Pot 25cm saucepan with in-built colander

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – it’s a Cozee Home day, featuring plain, printed and textured pack of three throws in the Velvetsoft fabric at an incredible price.

Tuesday – also available now online is the Nails Inc new chocolates, taupes, and golds, in a set of nail varnish called Sweet as Chocolate in a pretty little box. And once again, we’ve nailed it with the price. See what I did there? Ha ha.

Wednesday – some of my favourite trousers are from Mr Max, because their Modern Stretch fabric is really flattering. The brand is back on Wednesday with a straight-leg trouser in different length, stock up now. 🙂

Thursday – going on sale earlier in the week, the Laura Geller six-piece collection, always fabulous cosmetics and it’s a shame it’s a Thursday, as I would love to have been on, but I’m off every Thursday! Just love Laura Geller make-up. Look out for the full hours including at 7pm with Eilidh and hopefully a call in from the lovely Laura herself.

Friday Kipling’s TSV, this time a medium double flap cross-body bag for the price of a small! The Kipling Nilsor Premium TSV is here.

Friday 9pm – time to get cool in the summer and hot in the winter with the AM09 fan with timer, the bestseller and one we all love from Dyson. I think I feel a purchase coming on, as I will need new ones for my new flat, which hopefully I will have completed on the week after!

Next week – a trip back to Devon? To work out what I’m going to bring back and what I’m going to leave once I get my new flat. The latest is that all the documents are in, and at time of writing we are just waiting for the completion date to be set! Watch this space… (P.S. I’m not selling Devon, I’m continuing with that as it’s now a holiday let and I’ll be doing retreats once a month, so a trip back monthly will be a bit easier for me, I think. Would not have changed everything without lockdown though, #SilverLinings.)

Best wishes,


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