Summer bears fruit! And upcoming deals!

How happy I was this week to be able to pick a few of my lovely strawberries from the planters I bought from QVC. The ones on the balcony are doing well, especially when I feed them with Richard Jackson’s plant food. I can almost tell they have a growth spurt immediately afterwards! The only problem is there are two large magpies who think it’s their buffet table! I just hope there are a couple available when Blake comes to stay at the end of August. The raspberries are just flowering again too, and really taking off in all the sunshine. It was 36° on the balcony on Wednesday.

Ladies of Posara writer’s lunch!

Also last week, I was delighted to be joining my author friends, Merryn Allingham and Carolyn Mahony  for our annual get-together. Litty Williams couldn’t come because she was poorly, but usually would be there. It’s our chance to take stock of what we’ve all achieved. Merryn has been particularly prolific, so has Carolyn. Her Inspector Grace series is doing really well. We went to a place near Saint Pancaras station, where we find somewhere central to all of us, and put the world to rights as usual. I promptly went off and got both of their new books. Came home inspired, as usual. I’m getting there with mine. 🙂

First weekend I did not have my babies to stay but was brother-sitting as he was feeling poorly, so had lots of company on my three days off. Made myself a nice lunch and posted about it online (go and see the post on Facebook.) Plus did lots of gardening. Can’t wait for my Yard Force cultivating tool to arrive as the flower beds are getting overgrown with weeds. 🙂


Jewellery reveal

Yes, all will be revealed, quite literally, when we bring you some more beautiful gems and an announcement next month. Until then, check out some of these. The new Diamonique watch with baguettes, it’s gorgeous! I’ve been given a white one I think and this is the one I will be wearing on air if you see it. 🙂 Simulated diamonds have never looked as good. 🙂

Dave the cat gets a haircut

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How funny is this, he looks so smart but so much like a cartoon, I couldn’t take him seriously and couldn’t stop smiling. 🙂 Do you take your cat to the groomers?

Ziggy rain

One of the last days that Mum had my brother’s dog Ziggy, it absolutely poured down, check out the video on my social media to hear the actual rain, which was so loud! This is a picture from our walk. We missed him when she gave him back afterwards, and I find myself thinking “I must walk the dog later”, but not enough to have one here all the time! 🙂


Highly recommended if you like a cheesy sci-fi romp – The Tomorrow War. Chris Pratt in full time travel/ aliens and humour mode. Really enjoyed it. Watched it with my brother as I was watching over him while he felt poorly and he enjoyed it too. A good enough premise and plot to keep me interested, which is saying something! On Amazon Prime.

Also online – Nomadland. This Oscar winning movie has a gentle pace and follows, literally, a group of people who do not have houses but live in their trucks or RVs as they traverse a path, job to job, across the USA. Francis McDormand is a genius, it has to be said! Really thought-provoking and while there is not anywhere near as much action, it stayed with me for a while afterwards. Lovely film.




Did you catch Will talking to our new presenters, Ophelia Dennis and Annaliese Dayes? Next week, he sits down with Alison Young for a Beauty Excellence Award special. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Did a shoot in our garden set with stylist Stine here! Look out for more news next week. And do follow her @stinestylistqvc.

Book of the week – Serena, a Regency Romp by Claire Firth

Another well written novel set around 200 years ago, by Claire, with just enough steaminess to stay on the right side of the line. Really enjoyed it, I think it is one of her best. Recommended if you want a shorter read and has a great plot. 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the super Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool fan, back on Today’s Special Value, snap it up when you can. And a Friday night beauty show at 11pm with me, after my Dyson hour. John is with me from Gale Hayman so look out for some brilliant Lip Lift offers! Plus at midnight I have the…

Saturday – …the latest Ninja Health Grill & Air Fryer that I had the chance to play with last week! Do go here to see and buy it now! All the basics that you need for a slightly larger dish compared to my one, and really fast cooking power!

SundayKorres return with the three-piece Hydrate, Plump and Replenish bodycare collection, in many amazing fragrances. Rich, hydrating ingredients and another great price for so much product! Also look out at 8pm for an hour of Fire Light diamonds with me and Hannah!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Le Creuset cast iron 26cm round Grillit with accessories
Kipling Jenn Premium medium shoulder bag
WynneLayers jersey overlay top
Elemis three-piece Dynamic Resurfacing collection
Heys Ecotex set of five Packing & Organisation cubes

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 8th at midnight:

Skechers Flex Renew Shimmer Show slip on shoes
Nails Inc six-piece In the Tropics collection and bag
JM by Julien Macdonald large Square Crystal Wall Mirror
Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Body Trio with drawstring bag

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – a massive pack from Ecoegg, will wash your clothes over 1100 times and then wash the washing machine as well 🙂 really affordable too.

Tuesday – already online, go here to see the Doll 10 five-piece Doll Skin collection, featuring lovely lips, blush, and foundation as well as brush!

Wednesday – my lovely mate, tech expert Lee Hohbein, returns with the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet with extras! So affordable!

ThursdayJudith Williams brings back the Royal Collagen four-piece Essential collection, really affordable skincare.

FridayWynneLayers return with the viscose butterfly shirt with chiffon hem, so affordable and one of the key silhouettes.

Friday 9pm – Vax are here with a carpet washer! For the first time in ages. Going on sale earlier in the week. How much could you do during your 60 day Money Back Guarantee? 🙂

Next week – my three days off including time with family, what are you up to? Any good films to recommend on any platforms?

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie, love hearing your news and you’re so good giving us advance news for what is coming down the line. BUT I’M wondering is there’s anyone else like me 🤔. I’m from the ROI and once again, can’t purchase the Nails Inc Big Deal. Nor can I purchase OPI nor Liz Earle perfume deals. Has anyone else remarked on this? Personally, I’m heartbroken as Opi and Nails Inc are the only lacquers I buy and you can’t beat QVC for offers.

    1. Wonder if that’s due to Brexit? I wonder if you could get ship it to a friend who could somehow get it to you? Just a thought

    2. I think it is due to Brexit. I have the same problem living in France. It is such a shame because I wanted some Nails inc but couldn’t get it sent to me. Customs paperwork is another problem when returning items to QVC, as I have found out as well as the expense. I hope this has answered your query.

  2. The pink jacket you had on the other nite, is it a denim & co jacket ? If so, I cant see it on the site now.

  3. Hi Debs
    You are one of my favourite presenters love reading your blogs, they are always great and interesting and you are very honest and truthful about products sold on QVC, which is fantastic, it helps us with buying items, in fact a brilliant sales person.
    All the best take care awaiting your next blog.
    Carole Warwick x

  4. Cecilia
    I hear you, honest I do. Have you tried writing direct to the brands? I don’t actually know why, it might be a distribution thing to do with their contracts or it might be a transport thing. I’m so sorry you can’t join in but I’m really glad you love the blogs. Thank you ever so much for being there every week 🙂 X

  5. Hi Debbie,
    You are my favourite presenter on QVC UK. Its always a pleasure to watch you. Wish I could say the same of most of the others !

    There is a very sad piece of news which you might have heard. The death of Flora Mare founder, Axel Ruth. I was shocked and upset about it. It was on the German website. He was one of the best guests in qvc and good looking too !!!
    I ll never forget the show with both of you. It was brilliant. 😍
    I am a massive fan of FM & Axel. I ll miss him dreadfully. I purchase my FM from Germany.
    No mention was made in qvc uk. Why ???

    This is my 1st email, ever to you. Apologies for the above news.

    Take care, keep safe.
    Margaret Joseph

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