Sunshine and incisions… plus sneaky peeks!

Yes, it’s a bit of a weird title because obviously this week I went in to have two little ops, but had spent some lovely time in the sunshine, including walking around looking at some of the works that need to be done at our flats – have got myself involved as a director and volunteered to help out. We are cleaning down signs and rearranging stuff so that it looks even more beautiful than it normally does.

Such a lovely place to be when the weather is nice! Did quite a lot of tidying on the balcony when I had the chance, but it did involve sitting down and popping my foot up!

Anyway, this week, my little hard lump was removed from the corner of my little finger. It looks like a blister on the screen and meant I needed to keep it out of the shot, which made it awkward holding shoes et cetera in close ups in some shows. Plus, my ganglion on my foot got removed at the same time, which also showed in some shots.

It took a while to come round, and I had a few hours in the hospital room afterwards at Saint Anthony’s in Cheam, and guess what I managed to find on the telly box?! The guys kept me company for a while! Then it was home with strict instructions to sit with my foot up and my finger in the air.

Which meant a bit of enforced rest, kind of hard when you’re me… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you read how I fill my days! The first day was easy because I was very woozy. But Mummy brought me in some lovely dinner and it was just what I wanted, while I sat and watched episode after episode of Upload and listened to my audiobook (see below).

They said there would be lots of pain but to be honest there hasn’t been, not so far. And I’d rather not take constipation-inducing painkillers if I can help it, I’ve spent my life trying to avoid that with my high-variety probiotics! Anyway, if you see me hobbling or with a bandage on when I come back on my shows next Tuesday night, you’ll know what’s underneath it!


Bobbi Brown

Looking slightly more glam, courtesy of lovely June here, when I had a Bobbi Brown make-up hour this week. Lots of it sold out or sold really well. Check out some of the “Recently on Air” items when you search this brand on our website, and you will see Warren the fabulous new guest. Isn’t he great?! And so is the make-up. The set that had this lipstick in sold rather quickly, it was called Pink Passion! (246455) ((add link)) Worth buying some from our website because you get the chance to trial it, even make-up!


In lieu of Mother’s Day, when we’re all doing different things this year, I had a lovely family Zoom meeting, which was also partly to sort out the activities we will book for our Center Parcs holiday for my birthday this May. Lots of them were already quite booked up! Then during the Zoom meeting, little Blake suddenly appeared and threw herself – literally – across her father’s lap, can you see? Lol. And little Jasper was being winded by his mummy, in the other picture. It was lovely to see them all and a super way to catch-up on a regular basis. 🙂

Mother’s Day with Brad

Had an early get together with my son for Mother’s Day, too, at least. Was lovely to have a little tea and get to spend some time with the little ones again. Such special times. My 35th Mother’s Day! Eek!

Watch – ‘Upload’ on Prime.

Loved season one of Upload, then couldn’t wait for season two. It’s a silly futuristic sci-fi series where somebody’s psyche can be uploaded to a commercialised virtual world, and they carry on being able to communicate with their family after they die – as long as their credits last. Some cool special effects and concepts. But of course, it’s more about the relationships than the events. Very well worth watching!

Also going to be watching soon – Don’t Look Up, the big movie on Netflix with some massive star names that got some award nominations. And also possibly at the cinema, Phantom of the Open – based on a true story about a maverick golf Amata who rocks the professional circuit, starring Mark Rylance, top actor!


Did you hear Will’s chat with Sallie Berkerey? Next week he sits down with QVC UK CEO, Koreen Fader. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


Here’s a little unusual one for you, check out the time I was on Stars in their Eyes over on my Facebook page! (Sounded like Sheena Easton, looked like Eartha Kitt, as I always say!) And do follow me on social media to find out more about what goes on in between these weekly blogs.

Book of the Week

Cathy Bramley’s done it again! Her fabulous new book, The Summer That Changed Us, is heading up the charts and doing really well as usual. She’s been one of our fab guests down in my writers’ retreat in Devon. I’ve really enjoyed her previous books and recommend this one too! And so do lots of other people by the look of it, as a huge 90% of the reviews are five stars. Another feel-good tale, focused on sisterhood, and set in the super surroundings of a seaside town. She tells such good tales! It’s my next book on audio, after…

… After the Rain by Lucy Dillon. Currently listening to this one. Lucy is a fab author whose series of books are all set in the town of ‘Longhampton’. In this new one, Tara, a lonely counsellor trying to help people after local floods, has her life thrown into disarray by the arrival of her long-lost father and his offer – that could change everything. And by the new star counsellor, the charming Dr David Dalloway, who has a knack for reading people’s minds – the last thing Tara needs right now. Or is it? I will be finding out soon, also highly reviewed!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Kim & Co faux suede stretch peplum jacket!

Saturday – the much-anticipated Gatineau 90th Birthday Defilift Redefining Skincare Collection. This is exciting, it includes the brand-new Exfoliating PHA+BHA Glow Tonique debuting with us! It’s to help brighten, smooth and tone your skin to reveal a glowing complexion. Great user trials as well! Don’t miss it. 🙂 Plus, the exciting Defilift Firming Facial Oil – just what I’ve been waiting for! Plus two supersizes in the new TSV offer. Top brand for me, this one. Can’t wait to try all this and it’s also on Auto Delivery as well if you’re quick.

Sunday – firstly happy Mother’s Day everybody, I will be seeing my son on a separate night and mum one lunchtime and hopefully a flying visit to Wales to see Lauren at some point too. Hope you have a nice day, however you celebrate it… and if you don’t, Sundays special offer is on a massive gardening day right the way through till 9pm, and it’s from Plants2gardens again, the pack of 10 fuchsita (check spelling!!)) 9cm plants.

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Subject to change!

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And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 27th at midnight:

Kim & Co zip detail 3/4 sleeve tunic
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Northern Nights set of two PUR feather pillows with gusset

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – Reset Your Style day with the Monsoon pure linen pin-tuck top with bottom detail, super affordable and zero postage as always from this brand!

Tuesday – time for Tweak’d with a supersize shampoo and conditioner, 1L of each and my goodness me it’s a good offer! Then join me at 9pm and midnight when I have the…

WednesdayLe Creuset toughened non-stick 24cm frying pan and 26cm saute pan with lid, wow what an amazing deal from this premium kitchen brand!

Thursday – here comes the Sun! The Ultrasun, four-piece Sun Protection Summer Skin collection, good way to stock up for what is hopefully going to be a hot spring and summer.

FridayBundleberry by Amanda Holden is back with the Expandable Living Wall Trellis with fern leaves.

Friday 9pmRichard Jackson one. 5kg Root Booster and 2kg Flower Power, going on sale earlier in the week. I watered all my balcony plants with his amazing Flower Power last week.

And I have got plans to start a comparison with some little wallflowers, some with and some without Root Booster and Flower Power. It works so well and gives the plants just what we need. He is a very clever man, our Richard.

Plus early heads up – there is a new Elemis six-piece Pro-Collagen Anti-Aging collection launching on the Sunday! Going on sale mid-week.

Next week – more recovering from the op and hopefully pictures of being with the kids!

Best wishes,


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  1. Pleased you are recovering without pain!! Thank you for the wonderful insights into how I can spend my money………. I cannot resist Gatineau even when I have enough to compete with their stocks!! Look forward to seeing you back on the box, Kind regards Janxx

  2. I have almost finished reading Cathy Bramley’s book and it is a lovely read. Haven’t read any of hers before but will certainly be looking for more!

  3. Wonder Woman, that’s what you are!!! In hospital and you still find time to give us your usual amazing, informative sneaky peek. Love these and now I have my eye on the monsoon top. Seriously going bankrupt thanks to the “Q”! Get better soon and take some time for you. Tanya x

    1. Hi Debbie
      Hope you are OK now, hope you do not have too much pain, wishing you well.
      Your Bobbi Brown make up looked really nice, so natural the look really suited you.
      Thank you for keeping us aware ahead of time of the tsv’s for the week. Its great to know what’s coming up.
      Please can QVC studios move closer to Hornchurch, as I’d love to come and join the qvc team you all look so much fun to work with.
      It would be my dream job to work behind the scenes or in the offices at qvc.
      You takecare and wish you well
      Toni X

  4. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery however small the o operation recovery is very important I am glad you have had glorious weather to help.Hope you have a lovely weekend with family and mum. Look forward to seeing you back next week Sue xxxxxxxx

  5. Thanks for your blog from your sick bed! Such a commitment to your blog even when hampered by mobility problems. Hope you have a good rest. See you on QVC soon

  6. Our little Wonder Woman, that’s what you are. In hospital and you still find time to give us your usual amazing sneaky peek. I have my eyes on three items. Seriously going bankrupt! Lol. I am in prick my finger in garden it blew up like a baloon. Having nail removed been in 3 days already! Hope and pray we both get better soon. Look after you and have a lovely mother’s day. Mx

  7. I can highly recommend the film Don’t Look Up !! The brilliant Sandra Bulloch at her very best. And snap I’m hoping to go see the Phantom of the Open … enjoy when you get to see both !!

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