The big day! And away with family for my 60th! 

What a lovely week we had down in Longleat Center Parcs to celebrate the week of my actual 60th birthday on the 10th! My two kids, Brad and Lauren, came and brought their little families, including my four grandchildren and we all had great fun. We swam every day in the dome, we walked and cycled. I got one of those little trailers! It was such fun taking the two little four and three-year-olds around! Although I did let someone else have a go up some of the steep hills! Or I got off and walked. Including when we went to see the tallest redwood trees in the UK, in the middle of the Maple area. We had a beautiful day, this is what people love Center Parcs for, isn’t it?!

I also took little Phoebe and Blake to do pottery decorating, and they painted a penguin and a princess and I did a little fairy cake. This was what they looked like pre-firing, but they came out really nicely when we picked them up two days later!

We did bowling one night too. Then, once mum, sister and their partners arrived, we did badminton too, which was great fun – I’m not as unfit as I thought I was, thank goodness, and my 79-year-old mum was also  quite stunning in some of her shots! Go Lesley!

The weather was quite amazing except Wednesday when the heavens opened, but it meant we were able to get some lovely outdoor activities done including on the boating lake.


QVC presenter Debbie Flint enjoys the boating lake

On the final day, Lauren and I took to the high ropes ending in a zip wire! Yes, we both did the adventure trail through the treetops, on wobbly rope ladders and walkways, and several small zip wires … before the final big one! Here’s an example! It was great fun and a bit of a bucket list event, I must say. I was very proud of Lauren because she really didn’t want to do it initially but then decided she should be brave and she was!

A zip wire adventure!

QVC presenter Debbie Flint tries out a zip wire!

The actual birthday was fab: the family inc my clever Daughter in law Kari and son in law Nick Looked after me – they organised some beautiful decorations, some wonderful presents and a fabulous cake. (Plus See below for the coincidence regarding my main present!)

It was everything I hoped it would be and a good time was had by all. I just wish there were more hours in the day, And more days in the week, could have definitely stay there another three days on my own at the end and just relaxed! LOL. But I’m going back to Devon for a few days before I return to QVC in the middle of next week. Lovely to have had a proper long break to celebrate such a big watershed birthday in such a memorable way. And I’m all stocked up on baby cuddles as well because both my little boys were there, nine-month-old Kaleb who is desperate to crawl and wants to walk around everywhere, holding your hands. And adorable little three-month-old Jasper who goggles and goos and smiles at everybody and he’s just the most chilled-out, wonderful baby. Very proud of my children with their brood. Looking forward to a weekend of peace and quiet though Hahaha. Then back on QVC on Wednesday.


Thank You

A massive thank you to everybody who wished me happy birthday on my social media, or sent me a nice card via QVC in Chiswick. I know there are some there, for when I get back, it will be a joy to open them. I even managed to do my #ThursdayBantz, albeit a short one because the signal was rubbish!

Bee necklace

Listen to this for a coincidence. You know, if you are a regular, that I have been writing my book about Marie Stopes and her birth control caravans, fictionalised version called French or Dutch, for about five years! Well, having put the word out amongst my family that I wanted a solid gold bee design necklace if they all clubbed together, I left them to it. It duly arrived and I opened it at a special birthday lunch on the 10th and it was beautiful. Then I noticed the little card inside which said the designer was Lucy Stopes-Roe. Turns out she is quite a renowned designer of creatures in jewellery.

I thought, I know that name! I emailed her to thank her and enquired if what I thought was true… and she said yes, her great grandmother was Marie Stopes! If that’s not a message from the universe that I have to get my book finished and focus on this famous icon (fictionalised version), I don’t know what it is! Looking forward to my big holiday in the summer when I will definitely get it finished!

Lock & Lock offer coming

We were self catering a lot whilst on holiday, and I must say my Lock & Locks came in handy. Just thought I’d mention that there is a brilliant deal coming soon so watch this space (or check out the Big Deals below)…


Do you know I have not watched anything this week, so I thought I would mention that there are a couple of brilliant programs I want to see. One of them is Hope, the one which Jodie Comer won an award for last week.

And another is her play at the theatre, Prima Facie which is being broadcast live to cinemas in July.  I’ve already booked a cinema ticket – although it’s during my month away – in Taunton. At least I’m not far from everything I know in Devon and can take little day trips out when I’m there! Anyway Ali Keenan saw this recently I thought it was amazing. Can’t wait!


Well it’s just a funny, when my fellow presenters Anne Dawson and Dale Franklin were playing silly beggars behind the scenes at work this week! LOL

Does Qvc have a new presenter?!


Last week Will spoke to gardening expert, Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek about sustainability, the latest trends, growing your own food and creative tips for summer garden parties. Next week he’ll be chatting to Craig Rowe about the locations he’s travelled to whilst filming ‘A Place in the Sun’ for Channel 4, his travel essentials, life away from the telly and what he’s looking forward to at QVC this spring/summer. You can listen to all the podcasts here.


I posted several video clips when we were away, whenever I got good signal! Here was one of them!


Jack and the Beanstalk and other stories by BBC audiobooks. Yes you can imagine how I spent my week, half of every day was being with the little ones and they loved listening to some of these audiobooks! I would also recommend ‘One camel called Doug,’ a children’s book which the little girls loved. And I appreciated it as well. Why? Well, consider the week I’ve just had. The theme is one camel who Who wants some company, then meets another one then another one then another one then a whole herd, they have lots of loud camel fun but at the end of the day he appreciates being on his own again. LOL. Looking forward to Joanna cannon’s audiobook next though, on my next long journey to Devon and back! X

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Next week – Will this weekend in Devon be relaxing? Or as hectic as the rest of the month has been, with lots planned but many jobs to do at my place. I’ve had a couple of offers but not ones that continue the writing retreat, so I am going to take the opportunity to do a lot of jobs including, possibly, putty replacement in windows! Let’s see… Tune in next week to find out what happened 🙂

Best wishes


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  1. Doing the putty and helping out my mum when I was a kid was wonderful memories. Loved the smell of putty ever since. Although looking back the house was only about five years old so not great workmanship if she was having to do it all again

  2. Glad you had such a good time You were treated as you should be by your family. Time with special ones is precious and what a wonderful time you had lots of memories for everyone.Hope you don’t work too hard in Devon but as always plenty of jobs for the upkeep of a house. Fingers crossed you get the offer that suits you for Devon. Nice to see you back next week best wishes . Sue xxxx

  3. Hi Debbie happy 60th, you and I share the same birthday but I am now 64. My hubby is 64 on the 14th June and for these five weeks that I am older he never lets me forget it. He says I am now mid sixties but I disagree that joy is for next year. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Glad you had a great birthday. Welcome to the 60s! I was 60 in Oct last year and was glad no lock down so could celebrate with afternoon tea at a posh local hotel with my sister and work colleagues. So not as hectic as your day but lovely nonetheless

  5. Hi
    Pleased you enjoyed your birthday celebrations!
    Thanks a lot for the heads up on the tsv/offers for the week ahead – love knowing where to go when I want to find out what they are.

  6. Hi Debbie,
    Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful celebration. How amazing to have a month off in the summer too! That sounds like a lovely book about the camel. Thank you. Given the loneliness epidemic I think lots of us can understand that. Great children’s book. Enjoy your last days off x

  7. Hi Debbie. Happy Birthday! Mine is exactly the same day and year as you. 10.05.1962. Glad you had a good time. I always love your blogs and appreciate the time it must take to write them. Thank you and many, many happy returns 😊 xx

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