Tina Turner trip and hot new Elizabeth Arden launch! 

Went to see Tina Turner at the theatre, our postponed trip from last year, with Mum, sister Linda and sis-in-law-ish Alison. My goodness, it was fabulous. I have to say it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and the woman playing Tina Turner was utterly stupendous. What a life that lady led. So well staged, excellent acting from everybody concerned, and look out for the little girl playing a young Anna Mae Bullock (Tina Turner‘s original name) a star for the future for sure. It was nice to have a proper day out with the gang.

I’m determined to go and see lots more at the theatre over the next year or so, considering Covid has made us really appreciate what we had before, now more than ever. Next stop, The Mouse Trap, which, believe it or not, I’ve never seen!

Elizabeth Arden comes to QVC

Now if you have been watching closely recently, you will know that some of our big Today’s Special Value deals have been hugely popular. None more so than the recent Estee Lauder skincare launch, which sold out really early. Our audience are loving big brands!

Well, standby for… Elizabeth Arden. Yes, this famous New York brand and their iconic Eight Hour Cream come to us in a new show with Julia at 6pm Thursday 2nd. Featuring some of the best sellers from their collection, you will see not only the original Skin Protectant Balm, the famous Eight Hour Cream itself, but the hand treatment version, and famous capsules like the Line Erasing Night Serum with retinol and the Daily Youth Restoring Serum, all in pots of ceramide capsules. This extraordinary opportunity should be snapped up and if you watch out for my social media, I will be posting as soon as it becomes available on our website. Elizabeth Arden were amongst the first to bring skin-identical ceramide technology over 25 years ago. Ceramides are the bricks holding the skins cells together, and as we age, we no longer produce enough ceramide to keep our skin moisturised, resulting in wrinkles, dryness, unevenness and loss of firmness. Their products offer powerful help with that. I really noticed on my hands for instance, after just one application. Very, very rich and nourishing. Don’t miss their debut, due to be on QVC on Thursday eve!

Beauty winners

Must just quickly mention that of course we had our awards announced last week, go here to see all of the winners. The usual top-rated contenders won the main awards, but there were some surprises with some of the latest brands like Estee Lauder swooping in and taking some of the key titles! It’s lovely to see all of the guess getting “totes emosh!” Did you see Keeley from Elemis, which won in FOUR categories! Reduced to tears when Ali Young was being nice to her… bless!! Well done everybody!


Family wedding

Yes, it was another big family wedding last weekend and for the first time in ages I went to an (outside marquee venue) party and even had a dance! My Lauren came down with her hubby, but left Phoebe at home to have a little mini break. Lolly’s bump is growing a little, but she’s still so willowy and slim. Bootiful! It was lovely to see so many family members all in one place as well. Congratulations to nephew Dean and wife Chloe, the bride and groom!

And of course, my lovely sister was there, proud mother of the groom, looking absolutely amazing. She is my inspiration. Do you remember her from Red Carpet Manicure a few years ago? Doesn’t she look fab?

Evie, Daisy, Beau ‘n’ me

My lovely little six-year-old niece came to stay this week to play with Blake who was with me for three nights while her little brother was being born – more news about that next week hopefully, 🙂 no update at time of writing. Anyway, the weekend before I had taken Evie to the family wedding and when I dropped her off I had a little cuddle with Daisy dog (who lives with them nowadays) who was feeling a little poorly as she had fallen off a step and twisted her leg. She’s getting old now bless her. Fortunately, she’s a bit better now and does love a cuddle with her little friend Beau. Looking forward to taking Evie and Blake to the cinema at some point this weekend.


Well, I finished watching The Kaminski Method, and loved season three best of all, I think. Great ending. Kathleen Turner is a revelation, (although, almost unrecognisable compared to her time with Michael Douglas on Romancing the Stone). And he is just outstanding. Loved it so much and I’m already missing the characters. Anyway, I’m now looking for a new series to watch and there are several contenders. Nine Perfect Strangers is by Liane Moriarty, who wrote the smash hit Big Little Lies, is in pole position. This new one has also been produced by, and stars, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans and more, and promises to be brilliant once again. A group of city dwellers arrive at a luxury retreat with a promise that this 10 days will change their lives. Marsha is the retreat manager who is determined to heal them whatever the cost… But what will the cost be… another one I can’t wait to watch!


Don’t miss the current one, episode 101, featuring former it girl and model from the 60s, the wonderful June Poster from Frank Usher. And on Monday, Will is previewing the launch of Elizabeth Arden with brand ambassador Anja Skytte Mosbaek.

Vlog – Patrick Boomerang!

A big fashion weekend was followed up with a fab two-hour review show, which I got to do with my wonderful old friend Patrick Hoy. We always have such fun! He looked so dapper in his suit, and we had lots of sellouts, but there are some offers still left. If you’d like to catch up on the latest fashion deals, search our range online, start here.

Go here to my Facebook page to see the tiny short video on Boomerang, which we had fun making behind-the-scenes at QVC whilst preparing for the show. And don’t forget to follow my social media for updates, backstage fun, and vlogs!

Book of the week

Finished The Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead – loved it. Really long, so very good value audiobook for your money. One of the narrators let it down slightly with an awful English accent, but it was an enchanting tale and highly recommended. I also whizzed through Am I Guilty? by Jackie Kabler this week, also highly recommended. Plus, I have started Julia’s novel, The Woman on the Beach. Definitely intrigued so far!

But one that I have just downloaded – which is another recommendation because you just know it’s going to be brilliant – is Billy Summers. It’s Stephen King’s new compelling novel about a contract killer, an ex-marine, with one last payday to earn before he retires. He only accepts contracts on really bad guys. But what can go wrong with his final job… How about, everything! Looking forward to this one. 🙂

QVC top deals for the next seven days

A big bank holiday weekend ahead of us!

Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Le Creuset set of toughened non-stick cookware with pan protectors. Amazing value. And also look out for the Molton Brown show at 11pm, probably featuring one of the award winners!

SaturdayShark return with another offer on one of their cordless upright vacuums, this one has Trupet and Duoclean Engage together with five Easy Pay payments!

Sunday – already online here and featuring a huge value for money pack worth £119 and featuring Bourbon & Vanilla in the bodycare, the six-piece captivating fine Fragrance, Face and Body collection from Liz Earle, features a 10ml sample size of No. 15 fragrance, the one which won the best perfume again in the awards this year! That’s what I smell of! My favourite fragrance ever. Plus, the ever popular, unbeaten Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is in it as well. Don’t miss it, stock up, sort Christmas, buy early!

Big Deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

TP Link set of three M4 Deco AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System with two gigabit ports
Magic Bullet Kitchen Express Blender and Food Processor
Your Zooki Turmeric four-week supply
Helene Berman edge to edge coat with slim collar
Mr Max rib knit long line cardigan
Bell & Howell set of two Tac Pens with tool keys in gift boxes
M. Asam four-piece Body Buttermilk Orange collection

Go here to see and shop them all

And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 29th at midnight:

Frank Usher embellished star pull-on jersey legging
Tweak’d Rise and Shine three-piece collection
FITT Curve multi-purpose fitness chair
Denim & Co. Cosy knit cowl neck tunic with drawstrings

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – on Sunday night I will have launched the Auraglow set of two four-in-one desk lights in gift boxes – great Christmas shopping ideas. Also, look out for the Easilocks hairpieces and wigs show with me at 10pm.

Tuesday – it’s all about Australian Bodycare with the Skinwash Heroes collection, another chance to stock up with this wonderful antimicrobial tea tree collection.

Wednesday – time for a Cozee Home fluffy poncho with pom pom trim at a great price with our mini Christmas event celebrating the 1st September! Well, we are QVC and that’s how we roll…!

Thursday – it’s Attitudes by Renee with a long sleeve, textured, button front, maxi dress ‘set’ in different lengths!

FridayDiamonique Day returns and we feature 3.6 carat simulated gemstone hoop earrings in sterling silver.

Friday 9pm – Miceal will be launching another Dyson TSV featuring the V11, which is my best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned (so far!). And it’s the Animal cordless as well, at a really, really, really good price!

In addition, look out for the early bird link for the Philip Kingsley supersize Coconut Breeze shampoo and conditioner set, which also has a split ends remedy included – Sunday’s TSV, going on sale around mid-week.

Next week – hopefully big news about the new grandson who should be arriving in the world by the weekend! Don’t miss it!

Best wishes,


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  1. Just saved, whilst reading this, Mine Perfect Strangers to watch later. Feels like it is based on an Agatha Christie.

    Tried The Chair this week, but half way through second episode decided it wasn’t for me. Something was missing.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    The wedding looked lovely so glad it was successful. I’d still be concerned going to one I must admit though. Hope the baby arrived safely and mum is ok. Also hope daisy gets better and not in pain. Horrible seeing them suffer especially at that age. Take care for now x

  3. Had to giggle at your 1st photo at the family wedding you posted. ( and my failing eyesight) as initially I couldn’t work out why you were wearing Minnie mouse ears! Or such a strange hat!! Then I looked closer and realised that the chap behind had a balloon in his hand . It was the balloon that was giving the Minnie mouse look

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