Two 50th’s, theatre, high boots and babies

To say I have just had a busy week would be an understatement! I returned back from Devon last Thursday and babysat Blake, my lovely eldest granddaughter, and spent some time with my son. Then on Friday after work, it was time to go to my brother Derek’s 50th birthday weekend at a beautiful, and huge, place down in Kent that he had hired. Work on Monday was followed by a theatre trip, and I remained in London to attend the Butler & Wilson 50th anniversary bash at a glitzy hotel on Tuesday night with some of my lovely QVC colleagues. What a week!

But first can I talk about the boots! Oh the boots. The Marc Fisher incredibly comfortable, wide fit, knee-high boots… They are Today’s Special Value today, Friday 13th. If they are still available please go here and get yours while you can if you have broad feet and bigger calves, great price considering they are Marc Fisher. Plus, take a look at my Twitter account to see what I had to say about them, and while you are at it follow me if you like 🙂

Family Flint take over Kent

But first, what a lovely weekend it was when I went to see my family at the weekend, celebrating brother Derek’s 50th birthday. He had hired this huge conversion of an old oast house, which is now a deluxe venue including a heated pool and tennis court, plus the best kitchen I’ve ever seen. Knowing what it is like to cater for big numbers now, as we do down in Devon, I was very impressed with their facilities, including the biggest teapots ever!

Brother Glenn did a roast dinner for over 20 people on the Sunday, plus we played lawn games, swam in the pool, and had lots of baby time. Two of the great nephews were there – Theo, who they nickname Phil Mitchell, at five-months-old, bless him, an adorable happy little baby. And Wilf, who I saw a couple of weekends ago on the boat. They are cousins and spent time googling and smiling at each other, which was nice! Plus I had already had a night looking after Blake, who is 20-months-old, who now says lots more words, she even said lolly, well kind of, when we did a FaceTime for Lauren’s birthday last week 🙂 I love babies and what a lovely family I have.

Butler & Wilson Bash

Stayed down in London on Tuesday so I could go across to the wonderful sea container venue for this iconic fashion jewellery brand’s 50th anniversary. Had a really good catch up with some of the guys beforehand, including two of our fab producers, who I have known for years. Then we all arrived together. The balcony had amazing views, there were giant shoes and lizards, crystal Christmas trees, and tons of sequins and bling – all very appropriate. It was a nice bash and it’s unusual for me to do anything like this, considering how often I really go out out! Congratulations to Simon, go here to see his range on QVC and maybe you will find the top with a peacock on, covered in sequins that I bought for the occasion – if it is back in stock!

This weekend

Apart from the boots, as above, Saturday sees the return of the Lakeland Airer, the three tier solution for indoor drying that I think is amazing. And on Sunday, Elemis is back with the four-piece Skincare Secrets collection! Go here to see and buy it early on the early bird order link – four hero products included, like my faves, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, great way to stock up. I’m looking forward to doing two of the airings on Sunday assuming there is time there is stock left!

Big Deals old and new

This week’s Big Deals – ending Sunday

Kim & Co lux sweater knit V-neckline Dolan tunic

Margaret Dabbs Ultimate Hand collection

Halo Bolt Compact

Hayo’u gift boxed Beauty Restorer and Face Oil

Go here to see and shop them all

Joules Beth 3/4 length sleeve jersey dress

GX Bedding set of two 2nd Generation Suspension pillows

It Works Spray and Clean Flip to Dry multi-surface mop with four attachments

Prai Ageless Throat and Decolletage serum

Plus see below for a sneaky peak of next week’s deals.


Garden haul

The runner beans overfloweth! Shame I don’t have any retreats on until the 23rd, there is a plethora of runner beans at the moment in my garden, along with strawberries, raspberries, potatoes and tomatoes. Not tons of the other crops, but quite a diverse haul. Next year, I hope the raspberries will be much more productive and I will have a better go at courgettes and broccoli! Mind you though, the blackberries have been fabulous as well in the hedgerows! Daisy appreciated a few too!

Vlog of the week

In fact, here is a little look around the Devon countryside in my vlog over on my Facebook page, where I put all these up regularly, follow me to watch the updates first! This one lists my antics and asks a very important question about films…

Theatre trip and Clive Owen let down

It wasn’t a film I went to this week, although I’m looking forward to Downton at the weekend. Instead, I went to the theatre and saw The Night of the Iguana in the West End on Monday night. I enjoyed it, it was good and I would recommend it, based on the Tennessee Williams classic. Staging was excellent, performances strong, but there was just one problem. Clive Owen destroyed my illusions of him as a sex god by playing this has-been tour guide with a midlife crisis, and it reminded me that he must be about 60 now, and sadly has definitely not been to the gym lately! Having adored him since Chancer in the early 90s, or late 80s, I feel he lost his shine a bit for me. Maybe he is trying to cut himself a niche playing this type of character rather than the heroes he has played in the past. But a good show, 8 out of 10, a mark that was sealed by the amazing staging including rain at the end of the first half! I went with my pal Sara and Selin Taylor, who is one of our QVC guests and a good friend.

Dynamic duo

Join us on Saturday night when Italian jewellery is at the fore, presented by Letizia who you will know from Bronzo. She brings us a range called Duo, including a super hinged bangle with detachable end decorations – the charms can be twisted on and off and there are many choices including initials and gemstone crystals. Very innovative! Looking forward to doing this show.

Book of the week

Serena by Claire Firth

You know my joke, where I say I used to write steamy novels but now I just read books about people killing each other, because of my time of life ha ha. Well if you are not at that stage yet, you may enjoy this one! The new one from a very good writer and friend Claire Firth, it’s a steamy Regency period novel! I have liked her other ones and this one does not let you down. I think it’s on a special offer but I’m not sure how long it lasts. Serena has to go on the run and encounters a dastardly character in the process, and they hook up together to evade pursuit. What fun! Worth a read.
This week on QVC

Monday – our faux suede biker jackets have been very popular of late and Centigrade bring us theirs.

TuesdayPrai return with the long-awaited Scent of a Woman TSV, in a two-piece gift collection! Superb skincare range with some brilliant fragrances too.
WednesdayCozee Home are back with a faux-mink tufted spot four-piece duvet set, just right for the cooler weather!

Thursday – time to sort out your teeth, with the Soniclean Pro 4800 Ultra Sonic toothbrush with eight brush heads, yes eight, and an incredible price to.
Friday – food fest ahoy! With The Real Pie Company is 12-piece assorted meat or vegetarian pie collection at one of the best prices you will see them for.

Also at 9pm on Friday its time to bring you the Ruth Langsford animal print knitted tunic with zip back detail, it will go on sale mid-week, as will the Bareminerals Barepro Performance Wear six-piece collection, including lots of choices of foundation shades.  Ahead of Beauty Day weekend.
Next week – more baby time as I do my first morning shift for ages on Monday so I can start looking after Blake my granddaughter on a Monday late afternoon – well that is the plan :-). Plus Downton Abbey at the cinema! Yay.

Best wishes


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  1. Debbie, in his defence as I am a fan, Clive Owen is only 54!!!!
    Must have been good make up to age him for the character
    he is playing! Ruthx

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