Velvetiser family challenge! And sneaky peeks galore

Last week we had lots of fun testing out new products. I got the Gtech vacuum cleaner, and the Velvetiser from Hotel Chocolat! Plus some super recommendations for your viewing or listening entertainment…

Vlog of the week – Velvetiser challenge! My nieces Izzy and Lara had great fun with me and my brother Glenn last week. They all helped me with the new Velvetiser machine: how easy is it, and how quickly does it dissolve the chocolate and make it into frothy? Is it the perfect temperature, non-boiled over hot chocolate?

Click on this link and go to the comments to see the videos! Includes a time-lapse too, cool! By the way you can buy it here on QVC.

Izzy said that it was the best she had ever tasted, and Laura loved the fact she could do it herself in just a couple of minutes without worrying about the milk boiling over. Some of the Facebook comments we got included people thinking it was perfect to make a latte in as well. I guess that’s part of the fun, experiment away. I did not have too much of it, but I did sip several of the different flavours, and they are utterly delicious.

I’m trying to cut down as I have my annual health check in a few weeks. (It’s actually on a date that we are possibly going to get together with some of the original QVC presenters, including Kara, Suzanne, and Katy if anyone remembers them from pre-2000. I will keep you informed on that one!) It does mean, however, that if we do it on the 22nd then I will need to move my health check appointment… again… Oh well, give me a bit more time to lose some weight. Mind you, all the gorgeous food on QVC does not help!

Go here to see some of the wonderful food offerings including fabulous festive fayre. And all with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee… I know! And see below for my latest culinary creation down at the retreat!

This weekend on QVC – a big Christmas event weekend!

Friday – go here to see and buy today’s Securebrite set of three pop-up lanterns (see last week’s blog for photo, or just click the link!)

Saturday – massive news – James Murden is here with a Samsung Galaxy A80 128GB sim-free smartphone with Caseable voucher. A really, really good price. Here is James to tell you more, and thanks to James for being such a good sport and creating this video for me! I’m looking forward to doing this one. The camera is incredible, watch this video to find out more.


Sunday – on sale already, here is the Gtech vacuum cleaner today special value that comes complete with the handheld device and other accessories like a duster! Brilliant price, watch out for some super demos including from Russell Bristow all day Sunday. It’s really worth getting this. I tell you why. Two of my family have the AirRam upright, and they swear by it, more than all the other vacuums they have tried. I must say it is easy, quick, charges well, and is very easy on the elbow grease – it’s not very heavy to push. Having the hand-held included is another incredible treat. Arrives all in one box. Don’t miss it!

Big deals old and new

This week’s Big Deal’s – ending Sunday

Marc Fisher Client ankle boots

Asam Reservatrol Premium Essence of Youth collection

Vagabond long hot water bottle

Wilf’s Pies 12-piece Welsh Steak and Chicken Pies collections

Go here to see and shop them all

Next week’s Big Deals

Emu All Weather Kemmie knee-high suede zip boots

Molton Brown three-piece Luxurious Gift collection

Cordless neck and shoulder massager

Australian Bodycare Skinwash original and citrus 1L trio

By the way see below for more sneaky peaks over the next week.


Daisy’s new auntie

So dog decided to have some travels this week (well all my friends are away so she didn’t have much choice!) And she ended up staying with my lovely friend Alex while I came back to London. Daisy has become such a beautifully docile, friendly, easy-going dog now she is on her own. We also had a visit from big feisty black retriever, Ajax, at the tea room. They were hilarious, at the back, he just kept licking her ears! She does get up to some antics nowadays 🙂 These are my two writing friends who came to stay last week and we had a great time. The same ones as I mentioned last week, Carolyn & Litty. So nice to spend time with them – and Alix in Belstone – again.

Xmas dinner…?

I excelled myself this week, even if I say so myself. I was the one doing the cooking, as both my ladies were unavailable, and after a busy day in the tea room, (again fending all by myself!) – I cooked a roast chicken dinner including roast potatoes from scratch, lots of steamed vegetables, parsnips, and tender chicken, all on my own, on time, and all hot. Well, I have been doing this three years now 🙂 There was one hitch though – I ended up forgetting about the Yorkshire puddings… Oh well, better late than never 🙂 It’s almost as though I’m getting in practice for Christmas dinner. Maybe this year I will persuade them to let me do something other than ready-made desserts 🙂

Uncle David came to visit

Regulars will know that we have a lot of Davids in our family. I often mention my brother, his son, his son’s son, my sister’s husband, my mum’s partner, and my niece’s cat. The other one is Uncle David, who turned up at my tearoom this week with his lovely wife Kath. I was very proud to show it all off, and David had an extra helping of cake when Kath wasn’t looking ha ha.


Okay, I own up, I binge watched this week’s recommendation – The Capture (as in capture a video) on BBC one. I watched four episodes one after the other as it was gripping. I was gripped more towards the end of the first episode, admittedly, but then could not stop watching. So… remember the sidekick from the Cormorant Strike movie stories? Well, Holliday Grainger returns but this time as the heroine in this police procedural/crime/deep state/secret security series, concerning mysterious CCTV footage. Very very clever. Loved it. Highly recommended. I have a feeling it won’t be long before this is back for a second series.

Listen – latest podcasts are here and see below for the Judith Williams one.

Read – Book of the week

Our very own Julia Roberts’ latest novel is out and it’s a pleasure to be able to add it to my collection. Her second thriller with publisher Bookcouture, What He Did, explores that age old question in a time of crisis, how well do you know your husband? Detective Rachel Heart returns and takes on another chilling case. Well done Julia! I’m very proud of you.

The next week on QVC

Monday – the LAB pro sisters are back with a Microderm-pro device with diamond tip and moisturiser. More up to the minute technology to help improve the look of your skin from these clever scientists.

TuesdayJudith Williams is here with her Face and Body retinol collection. We know her face range with retinol is popular, so it will be good to see the body one.

New podcast – go here to hear all about Judith’s upcoming deals, and more importantly, a real insight into Judith Williams as a person as she tells Will Gowing about her life on our latest podcast. Also our mate, Jackie Kabler, will be featured. Will is really excellent at this and makes it really interesting, so do click the link and have a listen.

Wednesday – Time for some top kitchen brands, as Le Creuset returns with a 26cm 4L casserole with reversible frying pan lid. They have sold out previously so getting early!

Thursday – Dennis is back with his superb hair care range Tweak’d, this time the three-piece Dream Big Volumising collection.

FridayYankee Candle’s Ultimate Wax six-piece collection is here. Super choices and fragrance, brilliant ideas for Christmas, another amazing price, and goes on sale early in the week.

And then join me for the launch of an incredible value Echo from Amazon, it’s the latest one and comes with a smart plug. You won’t believe the price!

Also watch out for the early bird order link for the Bareminerals Today’s Special Value, the six piece holiday collection, from Sunday 3rd, beauty day – going on sale towards the end of this week.

Next week… Brother Glenn and nieces Laura and Izzy come down to Devon – adventures ahoy!

Have a fabulous weekend let me know which original QVC presenters you remember best!!

Best wishes


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  1. Hi Debbie, love your blog especially the sneaky peeks!! I can remember a lot of the old presenters, Paul Lavers & was it Dave Bradford, just to name two.

  2. HI Debbie, I remember all the ladies you have mentioned. I remember John??? who was one of the first presenters with JR. He did look funny in his Beefeater outfit although by the expression on his face he wasn’t too happy.
    Lots of others, too many to mention.
    I really enjoy your blogs so funny with the bloopers.
    Best wishes
    Janet X

  3. Hello Debbie, always look forward to reading your blogs. You keep us well informed. Have a great weekend. Thank you. Antoinette

  4. Re: Health Check-up and your need to lose “weight”. It may not be “weight” but “body fat” in exchange for “muscle” to be honest. Your regular dog-walking is excellent exercise. Power-walking (or even 20-minutes on a x-fit machine (works the legs and tones the arms) is even better than jogging/ running. Making/developing muscle takes more energy/calories than you’d think.

    Also reducing sugar (and alcohol as that’s mainly sugars) is key as this stored in the liver if not ‘used’. Also water retention adds to a ‘weight’ measurement. Good luck with the blood-tests.

    BUT enjoy whatever you do. Keep smiling. But I don’t think you have a problem there…

  5. Debbie could you please update your blog from 1 November on your usual blog page. I see you have written one as it is shown in the right hand column under other social media formats. As I am not on Facebook or twitter I can’t access them to read. I really enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading them. Many thanks.

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