VIPs, two-year-olds and Dermaflash your face!

So how’s your New Year been so far? Further to the episode of overdoing it before Christmas, I’m proud to confirm that I’ve booked a writing holiday at the end of April, where I hope to get some sunshine. It’s so dull and dreary isn’t it, January? I don’t blame the people who decide to vacate the country when it’s such dismal weather. In fact, one of the topics on this week’s vlogs was just that – and most people said their worst month is January!

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My pal Linda has dealt with the January and ‘blue Monday’ blues by going away for four months to Portugal – well jel! So many people do it – do you? Also, I suppose it happens a lot the other way round too. My pal Denise, a professional house-sitter, mentioned about getting me some help down in Devon this summer with an intern, house-sitter or some such, by using a site for people down under who want to escape their winter. I guess spending a few months here during our summer (albeit not always hot) might be better than having another winter in Australia, although any rain would be welcome I’m sure. In fact, my pal Alix did just that for years – never had a winter because she went to visit her daughter in Oz every November to February. Lucky ladies. One day I’d like to winter abroad, wouldn’t you? All food for thought, right? Anyway thank goodness for those highlights that brighten up the month like… birthday parties!

Oldest granddaughter is two!

OMG where has that time gone? Spent a wonderful weekend celebrating with beautiful GD1, Blake, for her second birthday with my son Brad and daughter-in-law Kari. My lovely Lollipop and her hubby came with GD2, 16-month-old, gorgeous Phoebe. I don’t see them often enough, that’s for sure (and if there’s one thing I’d like to change, it’s to see at least one of them every week instead of every two weeks. I’m going to see what I can do.) So as regulars know, my kids don’t want their children to be social media babies, like so many nowadays. But I can paint you a picture with words. Little Blake, thrilled with her Elsa from Frozen dressing up costume, kicking her long skirts up round the lounge while Phoebe, five inches shorter still, followed her around stopping every so often to pick things up from the floor and give them to her mum, or open lids on things – she loves that! Kari made the biggest ever birthday cake, and some of the team here at QVC enjoyed it afterwards! Then off for a pub lunch once most of Blake’s tiny friends had left, for a very civilized Sunday dinner in Fulham. Nice way to spend the day! Can’t believe she’s two already… (Stand by for years of me annually saying exactly the same about every single age milestone!!) I bought her a scooter and she loved it and almost scooted by herself straight away. Lovely precious times, right?


Going bananas and bloopers

You know when you put so much in your pockets that it completely weighs down your top? It was for Glenn Campbell’s show coming up next. He was with me for both Isaac Mizrahi Live and Denim & Co. specials this week, and a lot of fun it was too. He always says don’t put too much in your pockets, and I inevitably do! So I thought this would make him laugh! “Is that a banana in your pocket, or…!”

Also look at this little blooper video where Glenn lost it at one point – such fun! Always good to be on with him. If you get to read this early enough, join us for Friday evening Fashion. I’m on ’til 7pm, including 6pm on Style and 5pm on main channel while Julia is on her hols!

When Lorna and I met VIPs

Our lovely Lorna Ko tweeted last week from a meeting I went to – where she and her mum took some fab pics with VIPs! It was all about women in business, and I’m helping out by spreading the word to show that there’s a lot of support out there regarding setting up your own business and making it a success. There were some super stories from female entrepreneurs who have managed to do impressive things, from therapists, to London’s only woman MD of a massive waste disposal company, to an ex-nurse who has invented a clever over-sock in a slippy fabric to help the elderly put on their compression socks. All very inspiring and I love how the women in these spheres all support each other and are really generous with their time, too. Heart-warming!

Well done Lorna for your fab interview with Sir David Attenborough on the super Chiswick Buzz net channel this week – super work! It’s nice to meet the celeb’s and it makes me laugh when I’m introduced as one by others (rare!) I always say “Z list, darling, Z list!” Lol. I actually like my life in Devon where I’m relatively unknown for my London job, especially in the association where I’m helping with fundraising. Most have never heard of QVC – difficult to believe for some, I know! I’m aiming to set up a Devon branch of MIYB at some stage in the future. Looking forward to the dinner on 1st Feb too, with local dignitaries and local MPs, our very own VIPs! Times they are a changing, aren’t they?

Will’s winning words

Plus lots more VIPs on our very own Inside QVC series online: Will Gowing’s latest podcasts are out, and there are so many good ones I thought I’d give it a special plug. As you may know, I love listening to things like audiobooks and podcasts, since I’m out and about travelling so much and I love these. Will has a wonderful line up for us including Laurie Wickwire, Jack Morrison, Rae Carpenter and Dr. Max to name a few! And don’t miss the next one due soon, Lee Hohbein our excellent IT expert and my ‘telly hubby’. Go to the main podcast page to click on it once it’s ready! The things you learn about people you’ve known for years, fellow QVC faces, it’s amazing. Find out which pop star Lee was once the looky-likey for, all about his big band background, and what his main job outside of QVC is! Fascinating.

Did you guess all the QVC guest presenters in last week’s blog pics? Most are obvious but a few I got asked about include Beverly Cressman, Clare Edmonson, and the guest from Thompson and Morgan. The most unknown face in the pic with Lee Hohbein was his partner the lovely George! Well done if you got most!


Have been loving the Christine Keeler series on TV. It’s just so atmospheric. Please don’t miss it on catch-up, the last episode is this week I think. But if I wanted to go to the cinema this week, it would be to see the Personal History of David Copperfield. I can’t wait to see this film. It’s a reworking of the real life of the great author, his hardships and twists and turns of the journey that produced such literary classics as Oliver Twist. What I love most is that there are so many British stars featuring. Look out for some great cameos plus key roles from people like Hugh Laurie, Tilda Swinton, Peter Capaldi (ex-Dr Who) as Mr Micawber, Ben Whishaw (Q in Bond films) , with of course Dev Patel as Copperfield. “The true story of the life’s journey” of Copperfield is quirky and fun, well what you would expect from the man behind The Thick of It and the Life of Stalin. Can’t wait.

Book of the week

Just started reading Unexpected Lessons in Love by one of my fave authors, Lucy Dillon. I romped through her novels when I first learned about her work, and loved them. This is her first for a while, so it’s long awaited. She doesn’t let you down, hooking you into the storyline within a page or so. Jeannie’s wedding day is beset by a tragic accident that changes her plans for life, and reveals a lot about her loved ones… Highly recommended and while the narration is B class not A class in my opinion, it’s still good on audiobook. I really like how Longhampton, the usual setting, features characters who crop up in other books. It’s like you already know them – very clever. Do get into Lucy’s novels – if you like what I like, you’re sure to love them! She watches QVC too, I‘m told!

Upcoming highlight on QVC

Today (Friday 24th) – go here to see and watch the above mentioned Today’s Special Value from Nina Leonard, the lovely trapeze shaped colour-block dress. It means lots of swing and breathability! I was thrilled to present it last night. And for more of the same, go here to see the range of other Nina Leonard trapeze dresses in stock!

Saturday – Denis is back with Tweak’d haircare inspired by indigenous tribes and a super-sized version of his well-loved Restore and Replenish treatment range. Launches 9pm Friday night (tonight, 24th).

Sunday – A new concept in smoother skin that helps give that airbrushed look, with an innovative exfoliation technique – Dermaflash is here! It’s an electronic version of the Lilibeth, but it works to remove not just hair but exfoliates gently as well, helping to remove all that dead skin that stops your premium skincare products working as well as they should. After one treatment, makeup goes on more easily as well. Why not give it a go? I have it on Sunday morning at 11am…

Big Deals old and new

Kim & Co Brazil jersey comfort narrow-leg trousers with pockets

Elemis four-piece Superfood collection

Edensoles Dynamic customisable insoles

Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser

Go here to see and shop them all

Mr Max printed hacci swing tunic

Skechers Mens Dyna-Air Blyce mesh lace up jogger trainer

Kipling Shayna premium small flap-over cross-body multi-way bag

Simple Human Sensor Pro five times and ten times magnifying vanity mirror with Tru Lux technology

Monday – it’s the return of Gill Gauntlett’s Periea storage boxes in a set of two of the large size – very popular so I’m glad they’re back!

TuesdayWomen with Control return with Renee’s Reversibles – intrigued? You’ll have to tune in to find out more!

WednesdayNokia are back on the scene with a new smartphone – the Nokia 7.2 Android 9 with 64gb of in built storage – well priced too!

ThursdayPerfect Formula bring us their first big TSV of the year, the seven-piece Complete Manicure set – a great way to stock up too, if you love this nail strengthening brand.

FridayEmu arrive with their All Weather boots – just what we need at this time of year!!

And at 9pm Friday (31st) we bring you the launch of the Saturday TSV – and a lovely look at the new Begonia offering from our mate Richard Jackson – here’s one of his tweets this week too, since his bird food is our gardening Product of the Month, but the month is almost over!

Next week – I’m away for another lovely week at my home in Devon. It’s the first day of the new tea room season on Wednesday in Sheepwash and it’s going to be hectic. I’m determined this year to get better at baking myself. (Not ‘baking myself’ but ‘baking, myself’… : -) ) Plus, the new puppy bed is in at my brother Glenn’s, where I live when I’m in London. Can’t wait to get to know the little fella! But I’m going to follow the rules of the Dog Listener (listener, not whisperer) Jan Fennel’s famous method of teaching yourself “dog”, rather than trying to teach a dog “human”. It means ignoring him when I first walk in! I’ll keep you informed how it goes. In the meantime, here’s a silly video from daft Oreo the cat, who so far has had a couple of swipes to put Ziggy the puppy in his place, apparently! Have a lovely week. Best wishes.




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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Glad you all had a lovely birthday party. Lovely cake by the looks of it! I’m sure it was delicious! All I can say is think yourself lucky you are actually able to see your kids and grandkids every 2 weeks. It’s a lot.
    I hope you are able to finish your book this year so the holiday will help I’m sure. Take care for now x

  2. Hello Debbie, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. The photo of you looking absolutely lovely. I always enjoy reading your blogs. So very well informed. Have a great weekend. God bless you. Antoinette x

  3. Hi Lovely Debbie, just read your blog. Thoroughly enjoyed it too. Wow Blake’s birthday has come around quickly. Still remember you saying you had received wonderful news but hadn’t told anyone at that point so it was hush hush! I felt really chuffed & so happy for you. & chuffed you knew I’d not be mentioning it! Her cake looks ooooh dilish! Glad it all went well. They grow up fast. I’m
    cross I meant to watch you & Glen Friday!!! I missed it! You looked gorgeous in that tsv Nina Lenard dress! I was tempted to get the navy Olive one but as always talk myself out of a treat! I might just get the book you talk about I’ve never read any of her books! Well lovely lady enjoy Devon! How I’d love a visit to those tea rooms!! Have you ever had Lavender cake? I had it when in Norfolk oooh Debs it’s so yummy! Thank you for such a good read. Always puts a smile on my face as you do! xx😘 Rita

  4. oh you are just a joy to watch and you look wonderful such a busy lady with all that you do when I go to devon where is the tea room old age has made my head go blank / also my qwerty board has decided to jam on small casing and if I try to correct it all that has been typed goes to a cloud ha ha keep doing all the good times with the grandkids they are a joy I have 2 age 4 and 8 Nyla and sophie they make all the time we all spend together special. love to see you and glenn working together you bring out his fun side keep smiling.xxpamela

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