Walks in Wales! And sneaky peeks!

A slightly longer than flying visit but still not as much as I would’ve liked, but I did get to see my daughter Lauren, hubby Nick, her lovely baby boy Jasper, and three-year-old Phoebe. We had some lovely walks in the fields around the farmhouse and converted barn where Nick and Lauren now live.

We also had some fun times indoors, not just going for Sunday lunch at one of my favourite places, but showing Phoebe some of the recent things I’ve been trialing like that Nails Inc TSV! Also see below, about that.

Phoebe decided one morning that she would like to wear all grown up Nails Inc nail colours, which she raided my bag for! And she posed so beautifully, bless her little heart. She would need to take it off not long after though, no doubt!

I had tons and tons of baby cuddles, obviously, and he is really filling out now and you can start to see what he’ll look like as a little boy! Absolutely gorgeous!



Before Wales I visited Devon for a committee meeting for my Association – I can’t help it I’m a bit of a geek and I love committee meetings like this! I know a lot of the faces now after five years, and we had a gorgeous lunch again, catered by Jon in the White Hart. Had a bit of a nightmare getting there though, who knew that Holsworthy Memorial Hall came up on Google as being in a place called Bradworthy, so my journey from the hotel in Bideford in the morning, was nearly twice as long as it should’ve been! I wondered why my two satnavs were pointing in different directions! And then one of the hottest, most unpleasant journeys I’ve ever had with the sun beating through the windscreen as I made my way to the west of Wales by Saturday mid evening. But it was worth it to get there and spend time with my girl. I just wish it was all a bit nearer 🙂


Whilst I was away in Wales with Lauren, my son Brad has been on holiday in the Maldives. The honeymoon destination, I think. Blake loves swimming and the sunshine and she is so grown-up now aged 4 1/2, don’t you think! Kaleb, AKA Bam Bam, has also enjoyed himself although Brad took a couple of days to unwind before he started relaxing and enjoying it. Does that happen to you? I do hope that doesn’t happen to me when I’m away this summer for my extended break. I think within half a day I will be fully relaxed when I go to Amchara in Somerset! Fingers crossed anyway 🙂

Jubilee weekend deals

It’s finally here! A four day weekend, and some super offers courtesy of Qvc. Click the link, when you see this picture and hopefully you can see something lovely to treat yourself to! I had a marvelous show featuring Lola rose clearance the other day, again go here to shop this gorgeous jewellery brand. Anna and I had such fun! Watch out for special clearance shows with Anna every month for the next few months and some big news coming in the autumn!


Someone asked me about all of the miniseries I have yet to watch still, and I must admit I’m still catching up and chasing my tail given how busy I’ve been lately. So, in answer to the question, if I sat down in front of the television now I would be watching – Outlander – Gentleman Jack – Pam and Tommy – Ozark – Bridgerton – just to name a few!

And I’m looking forward to Elvis at the cinema. My friend Rachael, who did the make-up at my daughter’s wedding alongside my niece Becky, has said she will treat me to a belated 60th birthday treat at Selfridge’s cinema: I think it’s like an Everyman. Maybe I will see that film! It looks really good don’t you think?


This week, Will spoke to SBC Skincare’s Brand Manager, Nancy Mason, about the family business, her time spent travelling the world and what’s coming from SBC Skincare in the near future. Next week he’ll be chatting to Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards who’s bringing her own Fashion Edit show to QVC in June. You can listen to all the Inside Q podcasts here.


Omg serve me right for staying too… – Debbie Flint QVC Chat| By Debbie Flint QVC Chat

Omg serve me right for staying too Long chatting to my lovely friend after our shifts finished tonight! Got home and remembered I needed to do my blog…

Have a listen to this morning Dawn chorus, which I caught on Monday night, after staying so late after my midnight finish chatting with Miceal! What lovely noises! How many birds do you think there are? There’s got to be hundreds?

Also thank you to my lovely mummy for keeping my balcony plants properly watered. Although I took five big plants down to Lauren for her new garden in Wales so it’s got a bit more room. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook live every Thursday as well, on my Facebook page. Just search #thursdaybantz! Whilst you are there, look out for an earlier vlog called ‘Quick Eye update’ from last week, when I also wore blue Nails Inc nails! What do you think? I also did a Facebook live looking ahead to British brand weekend and Jubilee weekend actually on Qvc‘s Facebook page as well, have a scroll back and you might find it!

Book of the Week

Well of course it has to be Jackie Kabler’s new one doesn’t it! ‘The Murder List’ is out, and I highly recommend it. I will start reading it soon and next week I will have a little chat hopefully with Jackie which might appear on my social media first, so do follow me, links are below.

Meanwhile, I have been really really enjoying and impressed by an author I found recently called Neal Lancaster. His novel ‘Dead Man’s Grave’ will be loved by anyone who adored ‘Line of Duty’ I think. And it is ably narrated too. I whoosh through it on my long journeys, and will definitely look out for more from this author. This one is based on police corruption in Scotland and connections to gangland killings there and in London. A colourful array of characters I wanted to spend more time with. I do love discovering new authors who have already written lots of books, don’t you?!

QVC top deals for the next seven days

Don’t forget that our Jubilee weekend celebration event brings some very special offers as well as promotions!

Friday (today)go here to see and buy what’s left of the fabulous new Innovators folding double cocoon egg chair! Already online, five easy pays and a great one for relaxing in the summer!

Saturday – Ruth Langsford is back with a lovely light summer cotton slub V front jumper, going on sale mid week.

Look at last week’s blog if you haven’t caught a picture of it, or go here as you can already find it online!

Sunday – and join me Saturday night 9pm and midnight to see the Australian Body Care super size summer skin three-piece collection with me! And through the day on Sunday of course, another one that is already online!

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And here are the new Big Deals launching on Sunday 5th at midnight:

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Denim & Co. Tie Dye French Terry Long Sleeve Top

Now back to the Today’s Special Values for the rest of the week:

Monday – Time for Grumpy Gardener’s stretch hose with a thumb control nozzle and hose hanger for a simple and tidy way to keep your garden watered this summer.

Tuesday – The Skinology anti-aging wireless Soundwave beauty device attachments and docking station will be here. Looking forward to seeing this one.

WednesdayMonsoon return with a Today’s Special Value for the first time in ages – the artisan studio circle print Ashoka circle print dress.

ThursdayWhite Stuff bring us the Lottie linen tunic. We don’t do a lot of linen so this should be popular.

Friday – And finally Prai return with the super-size pearl throat and décolletage cream and serum in a duo. Really super affordable!

Friday 9pm – going on sale mid-week, the Laura Geller Beauty Basics face eye and lip three piece collection.

Next week – Hopefully seeing Maverick at the cinema finally!

Best wishes


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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Hope your eye is doing well? You’ve reminded me to ask you. Did you not have to not wear make up for 4 weeks or something?
    Glad you had a nice time away in Wales. I know you say about them being far away but I think you’re so lucky they’re within driving distance!
    How lucky is brad and family to be in the Maldives? That’s amazing and a dream! I don’t know how you can afford it but clearly plenty can what with all the exotic holidays within qvc!
    Hope Ali k is keeping ok and enjoying her sabbatical. Take care Debbie x

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