Wear a face mask, they said…

Although, I don’t think this is quite what they meant… Seriously though, every beauty expert will tell you that regular exfoliation makes a massive difference to your skin, and I was delighted to do it on my own face this week. The Gatineau Gommage – the anti-ageing formula (not the radiance one) – is my absolute favourite mask of all time. Partly because you put it on thick like a face mask, leave it for half an hour or so until it dries, then peel it off with the ultimate satisfaction. Listen to the sound on this removal video… and you have been warned 🙂 Left my skin so moisturised afterwards as well, ready for a proper face mask! There are plenty to choose from on QVC. All with a 60-day trial period. That’s a lot of applications!

The head Geller gal is back

Then when your face is fresh and ready for make-up, maybe you would like the Laura Geller Today’s Special Value, launching this week on Wednesday 27th, superhero products, a great price and Laura herself on Skype call – yay! Details below.

And to celebrate Bank Holiday weekend, we have a special SHOP3Z voucher code running from 9pm on Friday ’til midnight on Monday. Anything online or on the telly, you can add your voucher at checkout and pay in three interest-free instalments, making everything more affordable for now.


Facebook funny, guess what I did…

Apart from murdering a few dozen songs again on my nightly live Facebook sing-song, this week I did a vlog where I’d just made a an embarrassing discovery… I’d gone out with my indoor ‘slippers’ on! They were the old Vionic pair that we first did on QVC over eight years ago and they are so battered I only use them indoors. Whoops! Oh well, at least I had the option to put on a hat for a disguise. Check out this other vlog. Eek! Lol. Other vlogs are always available on my Facebook page, as are the nightly sing-a-longs. We are coasting towards the 500th song! We will have to make it a special one. Do join me including every Thursday at 7.30pm here on my Facebook page. Look out for the other things fellow presenters are doing – our Julia Roberts has just joined the gang with a Monday night weekly quiz, too! All to keep you guys amused.

Top dish

Oh my goodness, my recipe box gave me a brilliant one this week, albeit slightly altered to suit my non-spicy pallet. I did a meal called spicy barbecue beef bibimbap with spinach and egg. Although there was more beef and less spice, which I guess meant the bibimbap was more bap and less ‘bibim’, whatever that is! I guess the ‘shichimi tagarashi’ ingredient was to blame, it nearly blew my head off, so I put the sprinkle rather than the full half a teaspoon. Absolutely loved it. I’m really enjoying cooking for myself every day. Usually I would opt for the easier meals, but this is really inspiring me. It helps getting little measured out ingredients for each recipe, however. But the biggest difference is being prompted to experiment with new accompaniments, combinations, sauces, et cetera. As and when my retreat gets up and running again down in Devon and I am cooking for guests once more, I think this will really help my confidence in trying new dishes. Who knew I would finally turn into a grown-up at the age of 58! Lol.

World Bee Day

No, not “bidet”… 🙂 Being a big lover of bees as many of you will know, I shared lots of posts about the importance of bees and apparently, they have been having somewhat of a revival in our country, during the peace and quiet of lockdown. That’s good news at least. For those waiting for my bee jewellery, it has been delayed from April, due to deliveries being postponed during these weird times, but I will keep you informed as soon as I find out more news.  Meanwhile, here are the other bee options currently in our jewellery range.

Daisy and Beau

Just like Rosie and Jim, these two are becoming inseparable. (Okay I’m showing my age, but my kids will remember that children’s tv show!) Daisy is so kind and generous that when new little puppy came and started elbowing in, eating Daisy’s dinner, Daisy just stepped back and let her. My sister-in-law Amanda said it’s because Daisy is so kind. But we really know the truth don’t we – it’s because little Beau thinks she is an alpha dog! She will be one to watch, that’s for sure. I get to meet her this weekend on a distanced outdoor walk, and I’m very excited! More news next week.


Apart from Life on Mars, which I am utterly devoted to and obsessed by (so much so, that I did a whole sing-a-long based on glam rock, check it out on my Facebook page from Wednesday last week!) I have been enjoying Dead to Me, which since last week, I have binge-watched. It’s on Netflix and is really compulsive and watchable with some amazing performances, including from an almost unrecognisable Christina Applegate. I love her so much, she is amazing. I had a little hiccup because the Netflix account I was watching it on led me to accidentally start late into the first series and I missed lots of the early ones! But I still binge-watched the rest and finished it all! Highly recommended. I’ve just started watching Hollywood as well… Will keep you informed.

Book of the week

Grown-Ups by Marian Keyes. She spins some cracking yarns does Marian, and her Ireland-based tales always feature larger-than-life, down-to-earth characters. This story follows an extended family and their fortunes, including one lady who has real bad problems with food. It took me back to when I was very similar at the end of the 90s, before I discovered freedom eating and wrote Till the Fat Lady Slims. Even though menopause has caused me a few problems in the last three years (so has the cake in my Devon tearoom!)  It reminded me how much freedom I have now around food, compared to what are used to be like. This is book will hit home for many – an eye-opener. What’s more, if you get the audiobook like I do, it is read by Marian Keyes herself! Enjoy.


Andi making us laugh!


Check out the latest ones from Will Gowing and you will hear the story of not only Richard Jackson but also Laura Geller herself! They are all on Will’s pages on our website and so worth listening to. There’s always something new to learn about people.

The next week on QVC

Friday (22nd) – be quick and you will be able to see today’s Shark vacuum offer – go here to see and buy it at a cracking price! Take the challenge, get it home and clean where you have used your previous vacuum cleaner to see what comes out into the canister. I bet you will be bowled over. That’s a lot of vacuuming potential in 60 days during the Money Back Guarantee!

Saturday – the Nokia 7.2 Android 64GB smart phone is here, so if you need to Zoom or Microsoft Teams someone on an app instead of your laptop, maybe try this!

SundayTweak’d bring us the three-piece supersize Rhassoul Rise and Shine Hair Volumising collection. I’ve got this on Saturday night at midnight and I am really impressed with the Hair Cleansing pot. If you have build-up, it’s definitely worth a go. And considering you have your 60-day Money Back Guarantee – did I mention that already so far? Ha ha. Worth a try.

Big Deals old and new

This week, ending Sunday at midnight
L’Occitane Liquid Soap duo with matching Eco Refill

Prices Candles 54-piece Odour Eliminating set
Lulu Guinness Fiona holdall with shoulder and grab handles

Go here to see and shop them all
And from Sunday at midnight…

This Works AM and PM two-piece Skin Boosting collection

Polaroid Pop Instant Print digital camera with extra 20-piece pack of prints

Sensica Sensilight Mini RPL 50k Pulses hair removal system

MondaySkechers return with a really affordable slider sandal ready for summer, at a super low price.

TuesdayAttitudes by Renee fashion returns with the Women with Control tummy control stretch denim cropped trouser with pockets – looks good. Here’s lovely guest Donna Coulling looking fab in the yellow version.

Wednesday – it’s here! Laura Geller’s top cosmetics range returns again with Laura herself in the hot seat live from New York. It’s a four-piece Favourites collection and goes on sale early, you can get it here. A wonderful new Spackle primer, plus the amazing Balance-n-Brighten foundation, which has been out of stock in many colours for a long time, and more. Stock up while you can! Join me at 9pm and midnight Tuesday night.

Thursday – another brilliant deal from Babyliss, with the Sheer Volume Ionic rotating heated brush, back at an exceptional price.

Friday – barbecue meat TSV time! Althams Butchers bring us a 2.6kg premium 30-piece British meat collection. All delivered direct to your door. With a fabulous 60-day…  Well you know the rest 🙂

Friday 9pm – the Korres olive oil-based beauty range from Greece is here, with three of their top anti-ageing products in a series of options. Join me Friday at midnight for the launch.

And around mid-week look out for the early bird link for the new Liz Earle Brighten and Boost four-piece collection if you love this, one of our original skincare brands, this is the way to get it!

Next Week – meeting Beau the cavapoochon puppy for the first time and catching up with my Daisy dog while she staycations in Kent! Enjoy the bank holiday on Monday 25th!

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Have a lovely time seeing your family! It will be amazing to see them even if we can hug. It’s just being in the same area that can be the lift we all need, especially when you’re on your own. I was thinking about ali’s son on his own and many more like Miceal. I wondered how Lauren was as wales are different. I’m not sure if you read these now but just to say hope they’re all ok. Have a lovely meet with the puppy too! Good job they got her before lockdown!
    How are your dry eyes by the way? Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Hi Debbie, can’t find your singalong from 21 May on your Facebook page. I usually watch you every night but missed this one. Really good of you to devote your time to cheering us all up with your lovely voice. Ruthx

  3. Hi Debbie, Rosie and Jim!!! I remember Muffin the Mule, The Woodentops, Bill and Ben and Rag, Tag and Bobtail !!! That’s how old I am, love your energy Debbs, keep it up, stay safe xxx

  4. Loving your blog as usual Debbie. Looking forward to Liz Earle TSV will keep a look out for the early bird link.

  5. At last someone with the same somewhat odd sense of humour!!!!!!! I too am wearing the beauty guru’s face mask at least three days a week. Love reading your ‘this is whats happening next week’, a bit like a weekly Christmas as I cant wait to see what I might be wanting. Keep smiling and masking!!

  6. Hi

    After watching you doing a presentation of body blade with Bruce I bought one about 5 years ago. I don’t used is all the time just when I feel I need to. As I am a nurse I have continued working and have been going to work showing off my toned arms. In the last 2 days I have convinced 3 other nurses to buy one from QVC a few more an will will be holding our own group !!
    Best wishes

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