Xmas Decs comp, Potters Wheel – a first! Cat vid, and sneaky peeks!

Hah! Guess what I did this week! A smashing Christmas tree decorating competition with my mate Miceal, which was part of a fun Facebook live, – go here to see it all. So which side is best do you think? I’m a red, gold and green person myself. You? Go here to check out our full range of Christmas decorations, battery operated lights on timers, discount offers, and if you are quick, a super multi-function tree!

Then it was off down to Devon, and as it’s half term, my two nieces and my lovely brother came too, and we had a great time. One night everyone was watching the final of the massive baking show on telly, even a couple of our retreat guests who were supposed to be writing! We had a packed house and the girls impressed me by having very adult conversations at the dinner table. “So what have you all been doing today?” – Izzy aged 10 🙂

On Tuesday we went to the local market, (see below for the vlog of what’s been happening on the market site lately – times, they are a-changing!) and I bought myself a lovely new rocking chair for just £25. The girls were fascinated by the auction, which still happens in Hatherleigh every week. Good job I don’t go there often as I would end up buying loads of stuff every week!

Then we went for a lovely session at Tarka Pottery, where we made pots using a potter’s wheel! Here is my effort in a time-lapse video:

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Can you see at the end of it, how it slightly dips in, in the middle? Well the wet clay pot was really thin at that point, so they kindly let me do another one in case it broke when it was fired! Then we painted them and I can pick them up next week. Lara and Izzy really enjoyed it, and I loved the feeling of the clay slipping underneath my hands and being able to shape it. Could not stop thinking of Ghost the movie however ha ha; shame no Patrick Swayze in sight. 🙂

Hope I get the time to do it again, although the next few months are going to be busy in my little world down in Devon considering what’s happened in politics lately! We had some lovely dinners this week and the girls helped in the tea room. Here’s what I served them 🙂 I even made flapjacks. 🙂

A great week was had by all, I hope it’s not too long before another of my family comes down to see me.

This weekend’s highlights:

Look out for some of the wonderful jewellery we will all be wearing, including more from Lola Rose, such as these new necklaces – I wonder which one I will be given to wear! Go here to see our range for jewellery day. Christmas shopping ahoy!

Friday (1st Nov): go here to see and buy today’s big Xmas Yankee Candle limited deal – with the highest ever quantity of burn time in a Today’s Special Value (TSV), up to 510 hours, in the fragrance of your choice! Perfect for splitting up as presents. Don’t forget to get yours! Then join us for the super Saturday launch of…

Saturday – the Dot! Including a great show at midnight Friday night, in top tech with Amazon. And a super echo generation three deal which includes a smart plug, you will not believe the excellent price! Those with a typical gift budget will love this I’m sure. Don’t miss it.

Sunday – already on sale, Bareminerals are back with the original six-piece Christmas collection, go here to see and buy yours now.


Big deals old and new

This week’s Big Deal’s – ending Sunday

Molton Brown three-piece Luxurious Gift Collection

Australian Bodycare Skinwash Original and Citrus trio

Emu All Weather Kemmie suede knee-high boots

Estleys Shiatsu cordless neck and shoulder massager

Go here to see and shop them all

See below too, for next week’s sneaky peaks of the big deals ahead on your favourite shopping channel.

Modern Soul Oversized Top with a satin trim

Bobbi Brown three-piece Flawless Shimmer collection

BundleBerry by Amanda Holden set of two storage trunks

Moda in Pelle Balmet lace-up heeled hiker boots



Crazy cat video

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

Oreo, the cat at my brother’s, was really funny last week when I brought home some beauty products in a big white paper bag. He loves playing with bags… have a look at him running around and check out the funny bit at the end. 🙂

Ten Years Later

Can you believe this popped up on Facebook this week, yes it was 10 years exactly since I came back on air on QVC after a gap of nine years. In total that’s 25 years ago since I began, how time flies! There will be some great Honora pearl offers I’m sure considering the jewellery bonanza we have planned, see above!


It’s been ages since I’ve seen my lovely friend Patrick from Quacker, and he was in his elf hat. Claire Edmondson, one of our lovely style guests, and I posed for a ‘quicky-quacker-piccy!’ Go here to shop his super range, including some great Christmas tops. One of my favourites is the Christmas Motif Tunic Top with pockets, here. If it’s still in stock!

Watch – Official Secrets, at the cinema.

Nipped along to a later showing of this brilliant expose in Richmond after work last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at what actually went on when a key whistleblower, a spy at Cheltenham HQ, leaked a memo just before the Tony Blair Gulf War. Really good performances including from Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes, and other well-known faces in cameos. A real-life clip at the end brings it home how much of a heroine this woman was. Go if you can, eight out of ten.

Also go here to watch my vlog of the week

Regulars will know changes have been happening at the local market down in Devon where I normally go each Tuesday, and have been going for three years. Look at this update!

Book of the Week – The Guardians, John Grisham.

I am a bit of a glutton for John Grisham I must admit, although I’ve been a bit disappointed by a few of the last ones (Grey Mountain springs to mind). However, the write-up looked good on this latest one, about  a wrongly imprisoned man with a chance for freedom 22 years later, up against dark forces who want him to stay there, even if it means killing the lawyer trying to free him. I’ve downloaded it on audio and if you are a Grisham fan you will probably do the same! When I was 15 I wanted to be a barrister, very briefly, before I decided I wanted to be an accountant (regulars will know there is a geek inside me.) But Reading legal thrillers is the next best thing…


This week on QVC:

Monday – Marla Wynne returns with a stretch velvet tunic from WynneLayers so it’s more affordable!

By the way, don’t miss midday the Laura Geller show, including the return of the long-awaited, award-winning Supersize Balance-n-Brighten. Already going fast!

Tuesday – a three-piece sterling silver jewellery set with a necklace, stud earrings and ring, featuring white diamond and your choice of cushion-cut created gemstones.

Wednesday – Beauty Bioscience are back with their clever Glo Pro micro-needling tool with extras. I’ve been using this as regularly as I can and I definitely think it is making a difference on my skin.

Thursday – Kim & Co bring us a new, jersey jumpsuit in fab colours in different lengths. Kim’s hero design returns – don’t miss it.

Friday – considering how prevalent those big cooking shows have been lately, good timing for KitchenAid to bring us another Artisan mixer; the 125 Stand Mixer with flex edge beater. They often sell out early so don’t miss! Also at 9pm the launch of the new Shark Duo Clean Anti-allergen Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with true pet and flexology. More brilliant demos from Phil Parker if you fancy a different type of vac this winter.

Plus mid-week, you will see the long-awaited Elemis seven-piece Gift of Gorgeous Skin Collection, with a buy-more-save-more offer, going on sale in a choice of fragrances, and I cannot wait to bring you my show with the lovely Keeley, Sunday at 5pm. It definitely will be pride of place on my big shopping list this Christmas!

Next week – bonfire night in Wales with granddaughter Phoebe and My Lollipop. Plus another famous face comes to QVC, and Hotel Chocolat ahoy!


Best wishes


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  1. Thank you for the lovely video of your mad cat! Made me laugh out loud and remind me of my own best furry friend who I lost in January after 19 lovely years together. I remember those mad burst of energy and my own fellow loved a paper bag!!

  2. Superb blog, Debbie. So interesting as always. I do wonder from where you get the energy. Whatever.wherever – I could do with some of it!

  3. Hi Deb. Just a wonderful insight to a busy fun time made me smile. and think I enjoy some of that. xPamela

  4. Can you tell me what brand was the beautiful orange floral tunic with fluted sleeves, you wore on the midnight Amazon Echo presentation with Lee Please? Is it available on QVC?

  5. Hiya Debbie, I love mystery legal thrillers too! You mentioned John Grisham – if you have Netflix ‘the innocent man’ is on there at the moment, there was more than one man jailed wrongly, it’s a good watch – in fact I was watching it all night last night and haven’t slept since Saturday night!!! But Julie is on tonight with Peony and I want to see what goodies she will be bringing… I am one of the biggest cat lovers ever, watching Oreo cracked me up! I have 3 black boy cats but unfortunately, my eldest (only 15) is literally on his last legs 🙁 the other two are box lovers, one (8) tries to dig to Australia lol and the youngest (5) manages to get into the smallest of boxes that he is twice the size of!

    I am in awe of you Debbie as you cram so much into your very busy life, when do you ever get ‘me’ time?

    Much love, Tina xxx

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