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Eilidh Nairn

Hello, and thanks again for taking the time to click on my blog and even more thanks if you carry on reading! 🙂

This blog comes with some new fashion finds, what I am doing about skin care, a healthy amount of baby Beau photos, including his afternoon at QVC to meet the team and do his first interview to say hello to you all that you can watch on Facebook on Sunday 9th February and the details of my first day back at QVC!

Let’s start with that one. I am delighted to announce that my first shows back will be on Friday 7th February on QVC Style at 3pm and 5pm. I am really looking forward to seeing all my old friends again, working with our wonderful team and being back in regular contact with all of you! I’ll take my iPad on air, so please message me @eilidhnairntv on Twitter or Instagram, and I’ll be able to say hi.

Many people have asked me how I feel about returning to work and I can genuinely say that I am really looking forward to re-engaging with that part of my life again. I will also miss Beau tremendously on the days that I am away from him. There maybe a few tears at the beginning, that’s me, not Beau, but I know he will be fine. In fact, he’ll be having a whale of a time with either his dad or his grandma!

On the note of returning to work, I also wanted to start some new skincare and January goals. Since having Beau in September, my skin has not only gone through huge hormonal changes, but three seasons as well. Add in a whole lot of no sleep and little time, I have found that my once relatively good regime has not only gone out the window, but it’s vanished completely. Oh dear! So when I was sent the Instant Brightening Eye Cream by Liz Earle, I knew help was at hand and things were about to look up!

I love an eye cream and have used many over the years, some of which have worked for me and others less so. What I love about the Instant Brightening cream is that my eyes looked and felt instantly brighter thanks to the light reflecting pigment (which has a light tint that melts into the skin). It works wonders for my dark shadows and uneven skin tone under my tired eyes. That alone would be enough for me, but there’s more. It also has a soothing effect and it can be applied to the eyelids as a primer. It’s one of those ones where you think “how did I live without this?” You can easily pop this in your make-up bag at 15ml and have it with you throughout the day when you want to freshen up.

The next one I tried was a real necessity for my dehydrated skin. I am still breast feeding, so a lot of my own hydration goes regularly and I have really noticed my skin looking in need of a good drink and boost, so this duo from Elemis was a welcome find. It comes with the Cica Calm Hydration Juice and a choice of either the Cica Calm Booster, which is ideal for those of us who tend to have redness in the skin – me, or the AHA Glow Booster that is great for bringing back that radiance and glowing complexion. The Hydration Juice is a really exciting new addition to the Elemis family. It performs as a moisturiser and if your skin needs a boost, then you can put it on over or under your regular moisturisers for that extra locked-in hydration. Its silky gel-like consistency also makes it a wonderful primer. Apply to cleansed skin and enjoy the coolness of the aloe vera and cucumber juice to calm your face.

So, with my skin feeling rejuvenated that just leaves my body haha! I feel like I’m almost back to me now and have started gently exercising again. I love long walks with Beau and Elliot, we do this nearly every day. I have even started little jogs here and there. Actually, if you like to go for walks or jogs and want to listen to music or podcasts through your phone you should try these very sleek and cool earphones from Skullcandy, one of this week’s Big Deals! They are wireless, so no more annoying cables getting caught in your jacket!

Moving onto a completely different subject now, I’ve always had a keen interest in interiors and love putting colour and textile themes together, making a room feel relaxing and interesting to be in. There are lots of great and easy ways to do this that needn’t be expensive. I think candles can add a real atmosphere and fill the room with a soft fragrance. There are so many designer styles and sizes now, that having a few candles in the house can add a great touch of style to a room. We have been burning the 2020 scent of the year, Awaken from Yankee Candle. It’s really, really lovely. If you like soft, crisp clean fragrances, then you’ll love this. It comes in a large clear candle jar (623g). Think peony and crystal fresia, sage and driftwood to mention a few of the wonderful exhilarating notes. We have it in our living room and the room feels cleaner and brighter. It’s at a great price too for such a big candle at £21.48.

On that note, I am going to take Beau out for a lovely long walk in our local park and treat myself to a cuppa and a cupcake, as they make really yummy ones in the local cafe. I am really looking forward to re-connecting with you all, so please do keep your messages coming. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Beau’s first interview with me and Will Gowing on February 9th.



P.S. I will try my hardest to reply to you and I am sorry if it takes me a while xx

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    1. Morning Carol and thank you. Im feeling quite excited now. Ill be on Style at 3pm today if you’re free to tune in xx

  1. It’s so huge going back to work after having little ones. Hugely exciting and overwhelming working out how to portion up the guilt from leaving and the joy of being ‘you’ for some of your time again. Enjoy it and remember we all feel it and it’s all good (for both of you) xx love Liz Earle going to put the brightening cream on my wish list!

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