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Hello and as always thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I feel like there is lots to share this week, both personally and at QVC. I’ve got two really super and very different Today’s Special Value launches, this Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th August. Keep reading to find out how we conquered Beau’s fear of both fans and heaters! There’s a bit about fashion in my blog and official family news from the Nairn Russo household.

Let’s start with that one. For those who may not have tuned in or seen any of my shows over the last few weeks, I have made a big announcement, we are expecting another baby! I am already 5 months pregnant and the bump is very much out there. The due date is December 6th, which is so very exciting. I really can’t wait. To think my little baby Beau (who is nearly two years old) will be a big brother! I remember so clearly how wonderful it was to share the pregnancy updates with you all and I feel very much like you have been part of my journey as a new parent, so I look forward to sharing this new journey with you too. I frequently put up photos of myself and Beau and now bump on @eilidhnairnTV if you fancy having a look there. Beau is so taken by the bump and loves to say “good morning” to it everyday, give it a kiss and often wants to lay his head on the bump as he’s drifting off to sleep and at bedtime. He is such a loving little sweetheart.

Here are some recent photos which show the bump looking very comfortable and trendy in the new TSV I mentioned at the top. I will launch this fabulous hooded cardigan from Denim & Co. at 9pm on 4th August (look out for item number 189640).

Here are all the details about it. This cardigan comes in a choice of five colours (Ecru White, Soft Blue, Soft Blush, Pale Khaki, Charcoal Grey), in a full size range from XS up to 3XL. The cardigan is a cotton mix (60% cotton, 40% acrylic) for optimum comfort and has a mid-weight fabric that makes it very breathable during the warmer season. It’s easy care and easy to wash.

I love it for many reasons, its got great structure and therefore hangs well and keeps its shape. The hood actually fits over your head – too often hoods are decorative and not practical. The colours are so easy to blend into pieces that you’ll already own such as jeans, leggings, casual vests and T-shirts and I’d even wear it over a maxi dress or long skirt.

In my pics, that were taken by Jourdan, one of out brilliant make-up artists from Makeup Junkies International, I have styled it with leggings (maternity) and a WULI:LUU by Gok Wan top. I am also wearing these incredible Clarks sandals sandals, I just adore this 70’s inspired design. They have a wonderful cushioned sole and are very lightweight.

It’s an exciting week for me, as on Thursday 5th August, I’ll be launching the Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Quiet bladeless tower fan with timer (look out for item number 804130). The timing of this TSV couldn’t be better. I don’t know about you, but our house has rooms that feel chilly in the evening and are boiling hot in the daytime, and our upstairs can get really stuffy in this hot weather.

If you’ve never tried this style of fan, then I’d highly recommend giving it a go. It is light in weight, so easy to move from room to room and its sleek design means that you hardly notice it and its actually a rather beautiful piece of  technology.

Unlike the old traditional tall standing fans that have blades, this is bladeless and is engineered to be 75% quieter than previous models (which is great if you’ve got kids, more on that in a bit!) It has a precise control function so that you can choose between the Jet Focus control having cool or warm air, which is great if you only want it to go on one person, or you can choose the Diffused mode for when you’d like a more all-round air flow. It has 10 speed options and moves quickly between them by the touch of a button on your remote control. The touch tilt function also allows you to adjust the air flow by 10 degrees either way from upright. It has a built-in Sleep timer, which means you can set the fan to turn off after you’ve fallen asleep, both saving energy and giving you peace of mind. It’s in a cool white/grey design, with an intelligent thermostat, two year Guarantee from Dyson and your usual QVC 60 day Money-Back Guarantee. Plus, it comes with a HUGE saving!

Why was the Dyson AM09 so welcomed in our house? Well, a little while ago when we were experiencing that really hot weather, we bought one of those stand up fans and put it upstairs to cool Beau’s bedroom down before his nap time. Where is the problem, you may ask. As we walked upstairs to his room, he heard that whirring noise of the fan as the blades whizzed round and the motor powered and he absolutely hated it and was really quite scared. The poor little soul did not want the fan anywhere near the room, him or indeed the house! Naturally, we took the fan away and hid it, but the issue still remained that the house was a bit on the warm side. We worked for weeks to try gain his confidence back but the fan still remains firmly OFF!

This is when we cue the Dyson. We got him to help us unbox it and when we brought it out he just looked at it and because it looked nothing like the other fan, there was no threat. I sat with him on my knee and we turned it on and watched the digital numbers light up, but the fan barely made any noise! This was brilliant and he did not mind it at all. Success, hurray! So much so, that the next morning Beau came downstairs and said “good morning heater fan”. Have a little look on my Instagram to see that clip. He really is such a darling heart and we can now enjoy being cooled down or warmed up depending on the time of day.

I’ve added a few pics of where I’ve been using the Dyson at home. If you are free on Wednesday or Thursday at 9pm and can tune in for the launch that would be great, and please do drop me a line on Twitter @eilidhnairnTV or through the QVC Whatsapp QR code (on screen throughout the shows). You can click on this link where it says QR code and it’ll take you to the page. I love hearing from you all.

Until then take the very best of care of each other and yourselves.

Love Eilidh and the bump!


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  1. Congratulations Eilidh! I cannot believe your news! It’s so lovely for you and I really hope it all goes well and baby is healthy x

  2. Many congratulations Eilidh! Beau will make a beautiful big brother, what a gentle soul he is! Just like his mom! Stay safe and healthy and well Eilidh x

  3. Fantastic news Eilidh, congratulations! Pregnancy really suits you – you look amazing. As for Beau what a little cutie he is. How adorable that he lays his head on your bump. He will make a fab big brother. Well done on solving the fan problem! Take care of yourself and bump xx

    1. Aah thanks Karen. Beau is a real sweetheart and I can’t believe how the time is flying. Thanks for reading my blog and getting in touch xx

  4. Congratulations Eilidh Beau is going to be a big brother. I hope the you get to read this message. We have just great grandparents. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

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