Boys in hats and food feasts!


I have been thinking long and hard about how I wanted to start this blog, especially given our current situation. This time has brought so many different demands and emotional strains on us all. Some days, it feels like time has stood still, and other times, I feel like 9am was only minutes ago and I am putting Beau to bed again. So, I’ve decided to go with telling you about some new and exciting finds that I’ve made recently, and of course a healthy dose of Beau pics.

This week, I really wanted to feel like I’d done something for myself. As I’m sure many of you can empathise, that time for yourself is in short supply with a wee bairn in the hoose. I used to do a lot of sport and have done so all my life, so I do miss it a little bit. It’s so good for the mind, and of course, keeps the old body toned too. These days, I do a lot of weight training all day, in the form of picking up and carrying around a certain, rather large, Beau Fox. This morning, I decided to make a change and do some yoga. Beau woke at his usual 6am and I thought “right, let’s have a cuppa and put an online yoga video on.” To my surprise, it was very doable with Beau crawling between my arms, and at one point while doing the “cobra” pose, he tried clambering onto my back! I felt really good and the stretches alone were perfect for my rather stiff back. I shall definitely give it another go.

In this week’s blog, I’ve headed the different topics.

A Today’s Special Value hair must-have from Tweak’d, 24th May

I have also been trying the new three-piece Supersize collection from Tweak’d. Featuring the Rise & Shine Cleansing Volumizing Scrub, Rhassoul Rise & Shine Shampoo and Pre-Cleanse Conditioner. Look for item number 241523.

The first thing I noticed is the wonderful natural and clean smell from all the products. I first tried the scrub, which was a great experience. You only need a teaspoon full and then work it into the hair. At first I didn’t think it would be enough, but once adding water its starts to lather. I left it on for around 10 mins and then washed out and used the shampoo and conditioner to follow.

The scrub actually acts a shampoo so there is no need to shampoo again. I only did as I’d just dyed my roots. Wow! What a shine and bounce my hair had once dry. I also notice my hair colour appears richer and has a fantastic gloss again. It felt light weight and wonderfully clean and refreshed.

I love trying new hair styles and new hair products, and as many of you will have seen I changed my colour in the last while too. The thing with going back to being dark brunette is that the old grey roots comes through thick and fast! I used to get my roots done approximately every five weeks, now I’m doing my roots every three! I actually quite like dying my roots and find it very satisfying. The one thing I notice, however, is that my hair is so much drier than before, so I have been on look out for a good mask and shampoo that will put shine and bounce back. I am thrilled to have found this set from Tweak’d. It’s the Today’s Special Value this Sunday, so get yours while you can.


In our house we have a LOT of films and books relating to film and theatre and Elliot is a real film buff. Me not so much. In fact, I’m doing well if I can get past the first seven minutes without falling asleep! Last weekend, a new event happened. We all sat on the couch and watched a nature program, but look who’s awake this week.

It was really lovely as we’d put out snacks for me and Elliot, and Beau had milk.

We had a proper treat with Joe & Seph’s popcorn. There are so many flavours and they are all sooo good. Have you ever tried Salted Caramel Cheesecake? Or Peanut butter popcorn? or how about Three Cheese pop corn? An Andi Peters favourite. The 12-piece Gourmet Popcorn variety sharing bags are the ones to go for as there is a bit of everything. They are not only bursting in flavour, but they are air popped versus being done in oil, so no greasy hands.

Fresh food

I need to tell you about Summer BBQ British meat selection from Althams Butchers. It’s the TSV on 28th May. Look for item number 809870.

This is what you get:

4 x 150g British grass-fed sirloin steak

2 x 340g butchers pork sausages

6 x 85g fresh Beef burgers

4 x 100g BBQ-glazed pork loin streaks

4 x 100g Piri Piri chicken escalopes

All for a fantastically low price.

Here is a dish I made with the chicken, which tasted incredible, it had just the right amount of spice, was bursting with flavours and was so succulent.

I made it with couscous, feta, peppers, onions, mint, chilli and a lemon dressing. We ate listening to 1930s Gatsby music and the boys wore their fedoras.

I’m going to sign off now, but before I go, I must let you know about the great Shop3Z voucher that we are running over this Bank Holiday. Simply put SHOP3Z as the promo code and split the cost on almost everything into three interest-free instalments. Check out the T&Cs on for all the details.

Wishing you all a lovely Bank Holiday and I’ll be doing shows on Sunday 24th and Thursday June 4th so feel free to drop me a line during my shows at 3pm & 4pm, @eilidhnairntv on Twitter and Instagram.

Take care for now.


Eilidh xx

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  1. Always lovely to hear about you and the family. Beau is becoming such a big “Wee” lad (oxymoron I know)
    You do cheer us up at this challenging time. Thank you xx

    1. Hello Kathryn, lovely to hear from you and thank you getting in touch. Beau is getting so strong and yes he’s a Big wee lad haha.
      Hope you’re keeping well.Take care.

    1. Hello Pamela,

      I hoPe you’re keeping well. Thank you for your Message, it’s so lovely to receive.
      Take care and stay cool this week in this heat.

  2. Hi Eilidh
    Did you get your beautiful dress from QVC ?
    You are wearing it today, Sunday 24 May at 3-5pm.
    Much obliged!!
    Patricia M

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Lovely to hear from you and I’m sorry for this late reply.Im trying to remember the dress.can you describe it to me and I’ll try get you the details.
      Hope you’re keeping well.Eilidhxx

  3. Hi, your hair looks gorgeous, never would have thought you had any greys. Keep up the yoga, you deserve time for yourself, even with baby joining

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Great to hear from you! Thanks for your lovely message, I do indeed have the grey hair and regular re growth issue! I’ve become quite the DIY expert as often as I do it now haha.
      Take care.

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