A Kipling bag must-have and some new fashion faves!

A very good day to you all and a big thank you to everyone who welcomed me back to their screens and living rooms. It’s very nice to be back there!

I’ve really enjoyed the return and it feels great to be back doing something I love too. I won’t deny that on leaving home on Friday morning, I cried three times before composing myself and entering the studios. Beau, on the other hand, didn’t shed a tear and had a great day out with Daddy and his big brother Joel.

I don’t know how many of you saw my actual entrance? It was a very glamorous way to make an entrance… armed with the Dyson vacuum cleaner, cleaning the Cozee Home rugs! Haha. I was on with Dale and Craig, which guarantees having a giggle. They are both so lovely and funny to be around.

I wanted to share with you a few fashiony related items that have really caught my eye. Firstly, it’s the new Adila Premium triple compartment bag with coin purse by Kipling Today’s Special Value, on February 13th, which is this Thursday! It’s item number 182801. This bag is everything it looks, bar one point.

It looks smart and classy – it is!

It looks like it will keep its contents organised – it does!

It looks stylish so you can use at the weekend and smart enough for work – it so is!

It looks strong – it is!

It looks very expensive – it is not! This very generous bag is under £70 (exclusive of P&P) and is available in Beige, Coral, Metallic Glow, Metallic Rust and Black.

Need I say more? I love it and would definitely suggest adding it to your collection.

I’ve put it together with two different looks to show its versatility. All items with item numbers are below for you to click on. The look below could be an afternoon or evening out somewhere nice, like a theatre trip or restaurant, but equally, elements of the outfit lend themselves to the work place. The jumper and blouse can also work with neutral-coloured trousers or a pencil skirt, or a plain pleated skirt. The skirt could also work with a black blazer and cream blouse, or be daring and go for a blue or mustard blouse.

The second look is very easy to imagine. I’m wearing my new favourite coat from Centigrade in Forest Green. I have on the jeans that I’m wearing in the pic with the Dyson and trainers from Moda in Pelle on too.

Top pic:

Jumper: Little Mistress 182762

Blouse: Ghost

Skirt: Helene Berman 181770

Boots: Marc Fisher 174635

Bottom photo:

Coat: Centigrade 179468

Jeans: Nouveax 169435

Whatever choice you make the Kipling bag will work and fit. You can make it work as an everyday smart bag, a night away bag, or an office to the restaurant bag.

So have fun this week and if you haven’t had a chance to look at Beau’s visit to QVC then please take a look on the QVC Facebook page and scroll down the video section to find it. He was an absolute angel.

Love to you all and see you next on Monday 17th at 3pm on Freeview 16, then 5pm and 6pm on QVC Style, Freeview 36.

Eilidh xx

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  1. Glad to see you are back and your baby is lovely.
    Can I just tell you that the item number for the kipling bag is not right. 182890 does not bring up the TSV

    1. Hi Pamela, thank you for your lovely msgs and thank you very much for spotting my error. Its all updated and corrected by our super speedy team. Sorry about that. I really appreciate you getting in touch. All the best to you.Eilidhxx

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