Keeping warm and a new haircare discovery

This week I’ve been feeling particularly domestic and have decided to share with you some of the activities I’ve been enjoying, including cooking, drawing with Beau and discovering a great new shampoo and conditioner.

Perhaps it’s the weather and the darker nights, but I’ve noticed the food we are cooking at home has become more wintery and spicy. I’ve always liked making curries, and the spicier, the better! Mushroom and leek with creamy warm mash is another favourite of mine. But this week, I ventured into the world of chili con carne! Now, I’m not really much of a meat eater to be honest, but the boys (Elliot and Errol) fancied something hearty, so I said “I’ll make a chili!”

I followed a BBC Good Food recipe. I didn’t know that you can add cumin to it and I think it makes a huge difference, plus the hot chilies and sugar to lift the tomatoes. We ate it with guacamole, which Errol made, and rice, coriander and sour cream with tacos. I must admit it tasted pretty good! I felt particularly successful on this day, as I managed to make Beau a mini version at the same time without the chilies. He absolutely loved it! I always feel like I’ve made a big achievement when he gobbles everything up.

You may have tuned into some of our food shows at QVC with Andi Peters. They are always great to watch and very entertaining. I love doing the Festive Food shows, as the quality of the food we work with is superb. If you also love cooking, then you might like our upcoming Today’s Special Value on Thursday 5 November from Le Creuset. It’s a cast iron 26cm casserole dish and 30cm grill pan with cookbook (look out for item number 809765).

You may not associate food and wellbeing with QVC, but we have a huge range of both, as well as fantastic experts to help us understand the products. If wellness and wellbeing is something that interests you, then we also have a new voucher code running until November 8th. Just type in WELL3Z at the checkout and your purchase will be automatically split into three interest-free instalments.

I’d like to share this photo of Beau using crayons for the first time. He wasn’t sure at first what he should do with these coloured sticks, but after a moment or two he started to explore with lines and scribbles. It is so lovely to see him discover all these new things. He found the lid the best bit and the fact that it comes off and goes on was very intriguing.

He is such a little character and has such a fun sense of humour. One of his favourite games is putting on a mask of a wolf we had for Halloween and staring at you through the eye holes. I’m sure most children of his age would be terrified by this, but for some reason he just loves it!

The final new discovery that I’d like to share with you is the new three-piece Caffeine Treatment Hair collection by Ahuhu, which is a new brand to us. You get a supersize Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and Anti-age Elixir. £45 plus P&P for a limited time only.

The Hawaiian plant Ahuhu and caffeine are known to help the hair look and feel thicker, fuller and shinier. The Elixir has had a great success in Germany already and is created to help restore root growth. I’ve been using this set for a few weeks now and I really feel and see the difference in my hair. I love that the colour of my hair looks richer and shinier, and I can see my hair looking thicker. It smell gorgeous too. Its well worth trying, especially as we have the 60-day Money Back guarantee, which is extended until January 31st if it’s a gift.  This is the link to the deal.

Speaking of gifts, check out another Big Deal from Tili, who bring us great beauty storage solutions. This is a set of three compact mirrors, each one has one normal side and one 10x magnification for those trickier little tasks like eyebrow shaping. Each one comes boxed and with a gift tag style cover. You can choose from Floral print, Animal print or Animal motif. Here is the link to them – 402894 – and a link to all our Big Deals.

I hope you all have a good week and stay safe. Sending you all love from the Nairn-Russo house.

Eilidh xx

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