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This week, I’m going to focus on health and home, with a little dash of my favourite jewellery picks for February. I don’t know about you, but I always find February a bit of a long extension of January, which is punctuated by my birthday in the middle.

Lockdown birthdays are a bit odd and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to see any friends or other family, I felt happy with a very quiet celebration. I have to say, it was such a special day with just the three of us. I had a lovely Mummy and Beau morning, as Elliot had to work, and we went for walk in the winter sun, and followed it with a special lunch catered by Elliot and pressies!

One of the most hilarious presents was a set of three microfibre cleaning slippers from Elliot. He said he wanted to find me a joke cleaning present (at least, I think it was a joke…?)  Evidence of this is on my Instagram.

Later in the afternoon, we went to a beautiful wood and wandered through the tall trees and enjoyed the sounds of nature, which Beau is fascinated by – especially the wood pigeons.

So far this year, I have tried to look after my health a bit more, in terms of supplements. In honesty, I’ve never really taken many supplements and therefore found I knew a bit less about that side of maintaining a balanced health regime. I now recognise/admit that as I get older, my joints do feel a bit stiffer and my skin certainly is less supple and much more dehydrated. Partly this is still post-birth of Beau, and partly as I’m now 44! Ooh, how did that happen?

So, I’ve started taking two different supplements that are both available at QVC and both have Today’s Special Values coming up in the next week. These are great opportunities to try and use the 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee to trial them out.

Let’s start with Organic Scottish Seaweed capsules (look out for item number 720939 on 19th February).

These are made by the wonderful company Doctor Seaweed, with marine biologist Dr. Craig Rose at the helm. They make a variety of supplements and these ones in particular focus on Scottish seaweed sourced from the pristine waters of the lochs in the Outer Hebridean Islands. Not a million miles from where I grew up in the Highlands!

These vegan capsules are taken once a day, and are packed full of nutrients, including potassium, calcium, magnesium and iodine. You can take them whole, or add them to a smoothie or food if that’s easier. I had no idea how important our iodine levels are, especially when it comes to helping with our energy-yielding metabolism, cognitive function and maintenance of skin, to mention just a few. Personally, I like knowing that I’m putting good, healthy nutrients into my body and, in my opinion, that can only be a good thing. It really is fascinating learning about how we can help our bodies and health. If you can, tune in to the shows through the day on 19th, you’ll be able to learn more from Dr. Craig Rose himself. I’ll be on the morning and lunchtime shows that day too.

The other supplements I’ve been enjoying taking once a day are the Marine Collagen Beauty and Health supplements from Your Zooki. These are the Today’s Special Value today!

You get a six-week supply and take one citrus-flavoured sachet a day. They can be drunk straight from the sachet, which is how I take them, or you can add them to a smoothie or water if you prefer. Each sachet contains 5000mg of liposomal hydrolysed marine collagen and 30mg of vitamin C. These make a great addition to a healthy balanced diet, especially if you’re interested in muscle maintenance and helping to restore skin, alongside more additional benefits that we’ll learn more about from the experts on Freeview 16 throughout the day. I can, of course, only speak from my own experience when talking about anything in my blogs, and I’d say that I do notice my skin looking more radiant and feeling more supple. This is in combination with my own healthy-ish diet and skincare regime.

Alongside learning about how to improve my health, I love discovering new fashion and jewellery. I think QVC is like a treasure trove of goodies and the more you look and delve into it, the more you find. For example, I’ve discovered the Diamonique range by Tova is just wonderful and oozes 1950’s Hollywood glamour.

I am also really enjoying these designs by our own range Diamonique. The earrings, bracelet and watch all go so well together and are really stylish. I love chain-detailed jewellery, so these are very me! I think they work across a range of styles too, from the more formal with a crisp white shirt and jumper or blazer, to a cool WULI:LUU T-shirt and joggers.

Earrings: 345955

Bracelet: 345953

Watch: 346010 in Gold-tone

I’m aiming to share my picks both here and on my Instagram throughout each month. I love creating new looks and playing with styles. At home, we turned one of the bedrooms into a dressing room and as Elliot would say I’ve “set up shop”.  I’ve even got a mannequin! 

Here is a little snap shot of the Erica Davies foot stool and Bundleberry by Amanda Holden boxes, all from QVC, that I’ve got in the room. The kimono hanging on the rather manly-shaped mannequin I got a vintage shop some years ago.

Speaking of boxes, here is a little snap shot of Beau enjoying using his Periea storage box. They are so handy and sturdy too. I find them really useful for tidying toys up and keeping them neatly stored.

Right, it’s now time to go hang the washing out and clear up after lunch. Take care of yourselves and thank you for all your lovely messages. I will reply to each, it just takes a little longer these days, I’m afraid.

Sending my love to you all,


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  1. Could you tell me where you bought your cardigan you are wearing on qvc Saturday morning with Michael and Richard. Thank you. Linda

  2. Hi Eilidh
    How quick has your little one grown. He looks just like your partner.
    A customer since the beginning so always nice to have an insight into the presenter blogs.

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