How to keep food fresh

For this week’s blog I’ve decided to go with a food theme. We have had some success with planting vegetables in the garden – more on the artichokes later – and I’ve been baking again. We also have wonderful gardening shows on offer and if you are a little newer to the world of QVC, we do plants, seeds, fertiliser, bird feed, flowers, garden equipment and decor too and have rather a good reputation for it all too.

Many of you won’t know this, but back in the day (a very long time ago) I studied at Duns Agricultural College in Scotland and specialised in Horse Management. I learnt all about looking after the land, how to build a stone wall, drive tractors, harvest crops and of course, train horses. I went on to work in farms for years afterwards as a groom and farm hand. That will explain my rather weathered hands, if you ever see a close-up of them, but what it does not explain, is why I can’t look after plants?! So, I can not take any credit for this handsome artichoke, as Elliot planted and nurtured it. I love how beautiful the flower is and how perfect the petals are.

We picked it this week and boiled it to eat with a homemade sauce. It was really tasty actually. I always forget though that there is a lot of work in this veg, for not a lot of actual food. I think it’s more of an experience thing. Cooking is something I love to do, and the kitchen is most definitely the heart of the home for us. Everyday, I make Beau’s meals from scratch and love coming up with new recipes. He loves chicken, mango and coconut milk or sweet potato, tomato, courgette and garam masala with yoghurt!

Like many households, we go through a lot of food in the week and unfortunately have to bin and compost some too when it goes mouldy in the heat. I was getting concerned about this so when asked to try the Eccoegg Fresher For Longer discs, I was really interested. Basically, you place the discs near the fruit and veg that you want to keep fresh. There are small pellets inside the discs, which are filled with an active ingredient called potassium permanganate. The pellets trap the ethylene gas (which is naturally emitted by fruit, veg and flowers and causes them to ripen) and in doing so keep food fresher for longer. You can use them in your fruit bowl, fridge, with fresh flowers and in fruit and veg boxes (great if you’re limited on space and need to store fresh food in boxes or shelves.) This where I placed mine. I found that it has made a difference and the fruit has definitely lasted longer. I noticed the bananas haven’t turned brown so quickly too.

Each disc last for approximately three months and you get 16 discs, so that’s about two years’ worth of uses! Simply pop the disc in the provided holders and write the date you started them. It’s so easy. This will be the Today’s Special Value on Wednesday 10th June (Look out for item number 809386)

On the subject of food, I baked a cake again this week. As we are not able to go out for these treats, I though I’d make one instead, and to be honest I don’t need much encouragement as I love something sweet with a cup of tea or coffee during the day. It’s funny, as pre-Beau I neither drank much coffee or ate many sweet things. I can’t think why I need the extra energy now…

Maybe it has something to do with this little dynamo. He has mastered crawling and is now onto one-handed stands. I never knew such tiny people could be so strong! He is an absolute joy and sure does keep me on my feet, especially as tooth number three is appearing on the top.

By the time my next blog comes out, Beau will be nine-months-old, so I’ll be sure to share more pics in that one.

I want to leave you with one more new find for me, and that’s the new launch from Elemis. The Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser. It is so wonderfully lightweight and fresh-smelling, and leaves your skin feeling as clean as can be. For all of June, we have Beauty Month, which means you can enjoy using the Easy Pay option on your favourite brands. Plus, on Elemis you can apply code ELEM3Z and it will split the cost into three interest-free instalments and the same if you apply code ULTRA3 on all Ultrasun items. Happy shopping!

I will be doing gardening shows this Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June at 9am and 10am, so please join me and our fantastic experts.

Take are of yourselves and stay safe,

Love from all of us in the Nairn-Russo house.


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  1. Great blog really useful especially for anyone with little ones.

    I’ll watch out for your QVC slots, keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Adam,

      Thanks for reading my blog 🙂 If this is the Adam I know then I hope we get to see you really soon. Those little discs are really good too. Hope you are doing okay in this heat. We are melting – must get a better fan.
      Speak soon and take care.

  2. Never answered before but I have to say what a smashing blog it feels like hearing from a friend.Loved the pics what a joy he must be.

    1. Penny this is such a lovely message. Thank you it means a lot to receive. I am often a bit slow at replying due to busy Beau life but I get there in the end.
      I hope you’re well and take care.
      All my best.
      Eilidh xx

    1. Honestly Susan, that little fella is swing from the cupboards this week…help! Haha
      Thanks for you message,great to hear from you.
      Eilidh xx

  3. Hi Eilidh

    Beau is so gorgeous I love reading your blogs you are also such a down to earth presenter. I loved the open ring you were wearing on Eat Taste Love can I ask where it is from please?

    1. Hi Alison and thank you for getting in touch. He is a little sweetie and growing by the second! I hope you’re well.
      Eilidh xx

  4. I love your blog, you have a lovely family. Keep up the good work Eilidh on QVC, love watching the program.

    1. Hi Caroline,thanks for kind message. It means a lot to read and I love receiving replies, I’m just sorry it takes me a while to reply.
      Take good care.
      Eilidh xx

  5. A smiley happy little Beau, true to his name,… Beautiful x… Ps. I’m a fellow Scot – I live in Glasgow! x God Bless x

    1. Hello fellow Scott! Great to hear from you. Hope you’re doing okay is this sweltering weather.
      All the best for now.
      Eilidh xx

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