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Hello, and thank you for stopping to look at my blog.

I am going to start this blog of with the biggest news, we have a son! I can’t wait to share some of the last 8 weeks with you all.  So, where to start?

His name is Beau Fox Nairn-Russo (Russo is Elliot’s surname) and he was born at 17:44 on September 19th 2019. He was actually due on September 9th, so he took his sweet time to arrive, and even then the labour was over forty hours long!

We saw four midwife shifts, Elliot even slept on the floor beside my bed (that’s dedication) and finally on that sunny early evening, with Classic FM playing in the background, little Beau was born. He immediately sought cuddles and has remained doing so, which is utterly adorable.

As you can imagine my world has completely changed in ways that neither books nor advice can prepare you for, and these are indeed wonderful times. I cannot quite get my head around how this tiny little person gobbles up all of the hours in the day…  and night! I will be very honest with you all, I did become unwell in the weeks after he was born. This was really unfortunate, especially as it was not really because of the birth, but due to having picked up some sort of flu-like virus shortly after leaving the hospital. But after a few weeks and treatment, I have now returned to health. Beau’s sweet nature certainly put a smile on my face every day and luckily he wasn’t at all affected.

As many of the mums reading this will understand, with so little time on a new mum’s hands, simple things like skincare routine can go out the window pretty fast! From having had a great skincare routine in pregnancy, I now find that mine has become very basic and fast, and sometimes not at all when it’s late at night. Plus, with sleep being on the minimal side, my eyes do look more tired. I have been trying the Gatineau set which will be the Today’s Special Value on November 24th. It includes Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Eye Contour, Perfection Ultime Retexturizing Beauty Cream, Thérapie Corps Énergisante Shower Gelée. Plus, I’ve been enjoying Melatogenine Serum and the one I really wish I’d had in hospital is the soothing Alkaline Mist.

Using skincare that actually works saves so much time. My eyes love the cream and I see the texture of my skin becoming more supple and glowy. I really do believe that if a company has been around for the 90 odd years like Gatineau has, then they are doing something right. I continue to say that QVC Beauty has some of the top experts in their field to hand to advise us all. I do tune in to the shows now with Beau and love watching the demos and learning from our experts.

On that note, I am going to make myself a cuppa. I can honestly say that this been a joint effort, as Beau has been snuggled up in his sling as I type. I’ll keep posting bits and pieces on my Instagram of the family, some more beauty discoveries and of course fashion – Beau has some fantastic outfits.

Until then, take care and looking forward to hearing from you.


Eilidh, and of course Beau!

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  1. Hello Eilidth first of all thank you for your lovely blog. And congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy. Welcome to baby Beau. Every time you look at him it’s all worth it. Enjoy every minute. You are an amazing lady. God bless you and your lovely family. All my love
    Antoinette x

  2. Awwwwww what a gorgeous little boy Beau is. So cute and adorable. Congratulations to you both. So sorry to hear you were unwell after but glad you are on the mend now. Sending you lots of love xx

  3. Darling Eilidh,
    You all look amazing …it’s a complete game changer isn’t it my love, what did we do with our time before they came along!
    I hope you’re getting help and rest and loving this new chapter …miss seeing you lots , sending love and a cuddle to Beau xxx

  4. Aww Beau is a wee
    cutie pie💞 I think he looks very like you Eilidh. A busy time for you and such a big change but a joyous time. A lovely wee family with lots of happy memories to make. Make the most of it!! Take care. Xx

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful little boy.
    Being a new mum Ellison is wonderful and scary but an amazing journey…..enjoy!

  6. Beau is just gorgeous! Congratulations to you all – what a lovely little family. So glad you are well again now and can look forward to your first Christmas with your lovely little bundle of joy! x

  7. Congrats, Eilidh, on your beautiful baby boy and what a lovelyname you both have given him. Enjoy your time of

  8. Oh what a cutie! Congratulations. Now make the most of him as a wee thing as he’ll grow so quickly! Hope you’re feeling better xx

  9. you both look beautfull . he took his time in coming into the world poor you . but he is worth it. love to you all from val

  10. What wonderful happy photographs! It is great to see Beau and he is looking very pleased with life and especially his parents.
    Glad you are back to full fitness as you need every bit of strength to cope with a new baby.
    Enjoy little Beau and have a wonderful festive time with him.

  11. Hi Eilidh!!!
    Just enjoyed reading your blog, ThankYou, you’re looking fantastic and being a new mum suits you so much. Baby Beau is adoooorable – well done to you all. Can’t believe what happened to you ‘re the virus it’s quite hard not to go off on one about hospital cutbacks ect so I will stay with the positives that you’re all better now which is the main thing!!!! Gorgeous family and so pleased for you all, enjoy your maternity leave cos it flies by!!!! But hopefully see you back on air next year, very best wishes Nairns – stay cosy and happy. Love Christina C xxxx

  12. What a beautiful son you have and how Beau will change yours and Elliots life with all kinds of wonderful things as you watch him grow. Sorry to hear you did not feel well after having him and hope all is well, thank you for letting us be a small part of your new family life via your blogs etc, you take care x

    On your baby boy, glad you both are safe an sound. I love watching Q.V.C. 21years a member. Its lovely to hear your story too. Hope you and your new family have great Christmas.

  14. Congratulations to you both, Beau looks so beautiful as do you Eilidh. You look amazing for a new mum. All the best to you all for the future, gorgeous little man, love babies.

  15. So lovely to see your news. Huge congratulations on your beautiful boy 💙 I have to say, I think you’re looking amazing. Great advert for the Gatineau, better Order 1/2 a dozen!
    Enjoy every second xxx

  16. God Bless you sweetie 💗 know you are loved and hoping you are well and feeling better 💗… Don’t put yourself under too much pressure, ok!?!? 😉😘💗🙏. This is the single biggest change and experience we can go through… Baby #1!! How can our greatest joy bring so much sudden upheaval… 😉😘 its beautiful upheaval… When we let go and enjoy and relax 💗… Trusting order will return soon 😘💗🙏 enjoy your time together… Holistic self care.💗 Must admit, Ive been thinking of you since you went on leave. 💗 Beau is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful family… All of you…💗 . God bless sweetie. Lots of hugs to you all xoxox

  17. Oh Bless.
    So pleased you are feeling better, couldn’t have been easy for you.
    Hopefully the new skin care routine will work it’s magic for you. Helps to feel better when the image in the mirror smiles back at you.
    Beau is absolutely adorable.❤️

    Sending love and best wishes to you, Beau and Elliot.

  18. Many congratulations Eilidh, Such a special times in many ways but also emotional and terrifying. The tiny baby is so dependent on you both. Enjoy every moment.x

  19. Dear Eilidh, your little boy Beau is just the most beautiful looking little thing… his features are so delicate and he definitely has your eyes. I adore the photo of him with you wearing his little yellow puffer. Trend setting already!! You will think now, what did I do with all my time before Beau arrived? It is exhausting being a new parent but oh so worth it. Sending hugs to you from one mother to another (he’s now 22 years old). Enjoy every precious moment together as a new family, xxx

  20. Congratulations to all the family what a beautiful little boy you have .lovely photo’s of you all , enjoyed reading your blog x

  21. Congratulations on your cute & precious Beau ….
    Wishing you all the best of health and have a wonderfully happy Christmas & New Year.
    Debbie ^-^ xxxx

  22. big congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous son !! Have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year to you all…

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