Vroom vroom with the Dyson V11

Hello to you all,

This week’s blog is dedicated to one of my favourite activities at home – cleaning! I know the words in that last sentence don’t always go together, but it’s true in my case. This blog will cover Saturday 1st August Today’s Special Value, the Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, baking and some funny pics of Beau helping me clean… sort of.

In our home, Elliot and I divvy up and share the chores. We both do the vacuuming and actually enjoy it (I understand this might sound odd) but there is something very satisfying about seeing the carpets and floors well-vacuumed, but only if you have a good vacuum cleaner, otherwise this job is a miserable chore. We have all been there when the vacuum barely lifts fluff off the carpet and worse when all the dirt falls back out the bottom!!

So, I was delighted to be asked to trial the Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum cleaner (look out for item number 809154.)

If you click this link, you will find a short clip of me sharing my experience of using the V11.

First impressions are that it is super powerful, yet easy to handle. It’s also cordless, which I love, no more annoying cables trailing around table legs and dragging chairs in my wake. It is lightweight enough that carrying upstairs was easy. In our home, we have several different types of floor from wood and tiles, to carpet and cork, and the V11 accommodated them all with ease.  Elliot said he liked how it handled and that he could feel the power really grip the carpet and suck up the dirt. That’ll be the Dyson engineering that’s designed to suck up microscopic particles like pollen and bacteria straight into the bin. The fact that the bin and cyclone are perfectly aligned means that the suction power is even greater than previous models. The other big tick for me is how quiet it is and the fact the battery life is 60 minutes! Meaning I can nip about vacuuming while Beau is asleep without waking him.

Here’s what it comes with: the Cyclone V11 Animal, a direct drive cleaner head, a quick-release mini soft dusting brush for vacuum-assisted dusting on screens and surfaces, a quick-release mini motor head tool that tackles hair and ground-in dirt in tight spaces, a crevice tool designed for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps, a combination tool – two tools in one, for simple switching between surfaces plus the docking station and charger.

I used the attachments to clean our car as you can see in this photo. Unlike the house, which I must admit I am a bit of a cleaning fanatic about, the car had somehow become quite dirty from leaves and dust and now mini puff crisps from a certain Mr. Beau Fox. After I got to work with the V11, it never looked so clean. I used the soft brush for the seats and the crevice tool to get down the side of the seats and seatbelts. I was utterly in my element (maybe I need a new hobby ha ha) as it made the job not only quick, but very effective.

Look out for the TSV offer this Saturday. It’s definitely worth giving a try, especially with 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. I will have a whole hour of Dyson at 6pm that day too.

It funny how our quirks, habits and mannerisms pass on to children. Its clear how much I cleaning I do, by the fact Beau has started copying me with his own little yellow duster. He also loves helping me close the dish washer door and sorting the washing out. In the washing picture, I found him doing this all on his own accord!

On another note, for those fellow glasses wearers, we have another TSV coming up on 7th August for a four-piece Anti-Blue Light reading glasses (look out for item number 187543).

These are great for offering blue light protection, which helps to block harmful electronic rays that may occur from looking at a screen. The new anti-blue technology work to eliminate 26% of blue light. They come in four stylish designs, including Torte Multi and Print Multi, and the prescriptions strengths are 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5. They are unisex, and also come with co-ordinated soft cases. I think its so handy to have a spare pair of glasses in different places. One in the car, beside your bed, next to the sofa and one on your head! Look out for great value on these too.

I’m going to round up this week’s blog now and leave you with a final picture of the baking Beau and I have been doing today.

We have made prune and chocolate muffins, which should be done in about 30 mins. Perfect timing to sit down and put my feet up with a cuppa! Looks like all that cleaning and baking has sent this little lad to sleep!

Until my next blog, take good care of yourselves and please keep your messages coming as I love to hear from you.



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  1. Hi Eilidh – i get it, having a Dyson does mean you actually enjoy vacuuming as weird as it sounds! A Dyson really does make it so much easier, especially on the stairs. As for adorable Beau – how cute he is and how quick he is growing up, bless him. And oh so helpful around the house! Love the pic where he is flaked out after all his hard work! He really is a darling xx

  2. Beau looks like a great wee helper around the house. I love the look on his face while your stirring the muffin mix ” I wonder if mummy will notice this little finger having a dip into the bowl”. The recipe sounds delicious I’ll try it this weekend. Looking forward to the Dyson TSV, just have to persuade my hubby we need a new one, I’ll show him the car cleaning attachment, that should do the trick, his favourite pastime is cleaning the car, escape I would call it!!

  3. Hi Eilidh,

    I like you enjoy cleaning and have had a Dyson for more years than I care to remember. I honestly wouldn’t use anything else.

    What a cutie little Beau is and a household helper? what a bonus!

    Best wishes
    Janet X

  4. Not replied to a blog before must say I have enjoyed it all but sorry to say I am not a fan of house work.Loved the pics of your wee boy

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