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Things have been getting very busy here at the Nairn Russo household as we prepare to move! After a combined 46 years of living in London, we feel now is the time to move to a place where we can bring Beau up in a more rural surrounding and take the pace down a gear or two.

During the move I’ve been cooking with the Gotham Steel pans (more about those later in the blog) and I’ve been trying out a super-duper blending brush from Tili. I’ve also mentioned some really great upcoming Today’s Special Values for you to keep an eye out for too.

So, as you can imagine, there are boxes being packed and lists being drawn up every five minutes, plus there’s that air of excitement and anticipation as we get ourselves mentally and physically prepared to leave. Beau has been a little perplexed by the shelves that are getting emptier and the increasing amount of boxes that appear. But in true Beau spirit, he has taken this all in his stride and decided to get involved by sweeping away everything in sight and as he has just learnt the art of putting items from one place to another, we now find tea towels in the recycling, shoes in the bin and even socks in the bath!

Top household tip :

Thursday 26th November TSV Gotham Steel three-piece Hammered Cookware set with Copper non-stick (item number 809993)

On some days, I cook three fresh meals for Beau and then dinner for us, which means I am in the kitchen a lot!

The big difference in making cooking both efficient and enjoyable is using great pans – cue the three-piece set!  You get a deep 10″ frying pan, a deep 12″ frying pan with a glass lid and an 8″ saucepan with a glass lid. They are ceramic, copper-coloured and with a non-stick coating, so there’s no need for using extra oil or butter. They’re scratch-resistant, lightweight, oven-safe, induction-safe, dishwater-safe plus easy to clean and hold due to the hollow handle design that helps to keep them cool.

In my last blog, I mentioned doing more cooking. I’ve continued doing so and now have my own little sous chef. May I introduce to you sous chef Nairn Russo?

Honestly, I can’t stop laughing when he totters around the kitchen in his pinny and hat. He takes his role very seriously and enjoys helping me stir the big pan, and loves nothing more than being allowed to taste something from a big spoon!

We got him his own little set of toy vegetables, pots and pans, and I’ve never seen him so happy.

This week, we followed some recipes by Joe Wicks, who creates fantastic recipes that are suitable for both adults and toddlers. In the new pans, we made a stir fry, chicken legs with rice and being a Scot – porridge.

I love that they are so light and heat up quickly without burning. The other mega plus point is they are very quick to clean. For a busy house like ours they are essential!

Here are our spinach, banana and paneer muffins with beetroot, mint and yoghurt dip and a side of sweet potato, kale and cumin vegetables.  I loved it all and Beau liked the muffins.

I mentioned trying the blending brush from Tili, which stands for Try It Love It. This brush will be the new TSV on December 1st (item number 402917.)

The brush has been designed to give your make-up a flawless finish, whether you wear liquid foundation or powder. You get both a foundation and powder head, and it comes in six fabulous colours for you to choose from: Silver, Light Pink, Purple, Fuchsia, Sand Gold and Black.

It’s lightweight and has a great non-slip handle to make it even easier and smoother to hold and use. It comes with a battery and of course, the two heads. If you’ve never tried a brush like this, then you’ll love how evenly your foundation goes on and so much more smoothly than it would if you normally use your fingers. I love how quickly you can achieve that flawless look and it makes me feel a lot more confident that I’m getting an even coverage. Changing the head is easy and with one twist, you’re done. The powder brush can help you create that healthy glow or fresh blush look and of course, it’s great for those who like to do a little contouring too.

I’d like to round up with some exciting fashion news. Centigrade, which is QVC’s own brand, have brought you this incredible faux-down coat (item number: 187298) as Saturday 28th November’s Today’s Special Value. This is one of the best winter jackets I’ve had in a long time. I love the quilted style with the faux fur trim around the hood. Its lightweight and very well cut, which is perfect for me as I do a lot of running around after Beau, so any jacket I wear has to be pretty robust!

Its comes in Loden Green (mine), Dusty Pink, Black, Navy and Bone, in sizes XS – 3XL.

With everything at QVC, you will always get a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee, which has been extended until January 31st if it’s a gift (which may be for yourself!) I think this really helps, especially when present giving. This is also a great time to invite a friend to join the QVC shopping experience too, plus you both get a little something when you do. Take a look here to find out more about this voucher and the code for Ruth Langsford’s range that will split all of her items into three interest-free Easy Payments until November 30th. This link is handy to have, as its where you’ll find out latest vouchers and codes.

I’m going to sign off now and return to the mountain of boxes to pack. Wish me luck and I’ll see you all next week.

Take care of yourselves and those around you.

Much love to you,

Eilidh xx

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  1. Watch out Masterchief and Great British Bake Off – i can see Beau on there one day. Bless his heart – such a cutie and he looks so happy and contented. Cant wait for the Centigrade TSV. Take care xx

  2. I heard you mention that your hair had changed since your baby, try eating Almonds either ground on your cereals or just to nibble at. I had a lot of trouble with my nails after having ripped acrylic ones off, not a good idea but I was advised to eat Almonds, not only did it make my nails grow and they are now back to normal but my hair became strong and thicker. It’s worth a try.
    Best of luck

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