Why I love the Dyson Corrale


With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to give you a few last minute present ideas and share with you how life in the Nairn Russo house is going since the beginning of all our moves.

It has, without a doubt, been one of the busiest Christmas periods that I’ve ever experienced. We are officially no longer London residents and actually aren’t residents anywhere yet, as the house is still having work done to it. So, we have temporarily been Bournemouth way, which has been lovely. I’ve even had a chance to have a socially-distanced walk along the beach with Katy Pullinger and her lovely family.

I must admit though, my Christmas present list has not been so well-attended to this year, and I, like many of you reading this, keep thinking “oh I’ve still got a bit of time.” In QVC terms, we say until 20th December for getting goods by Christmas, so hopefully that might help you, if you read this in time.

I have a really good suggestion for anyone who loves styling their hair and playing with having straight hair, curly hair, big volume, sleek locks and lots more. The Dyson Corrale is the one to go for. At £399, however, you’re going to want to be sure and I don’t blame you. In all honesty, I was skeptical and thought “how can a pair of straighteners be so expensive?” So, I’ve been trying them out and have found the reasons that make them worth the price, in my opinion.

Number 1:  reduced heat damage.

If you, like me, have used various straighteners, wands and curling tongs, then you’ll know that smell of singeing hair and the burning, steamy vapour that comes off your hair. Surely deep down, we all know that it was never doing a lot of good to our hair, especially if you already dye or bleach it (like I do.) The Corrale has been so well engineered that it regulates it’s own heat up to 100 times a second to make sure it doesn’t exceed your chosen heat setting. You can choose between three temperatures: 210C, 185C and 165C. You can effortlessly style your hair without damaging it and the flexi-plates give your hair a wonderful shine too.

Number 2 : it’s cordless.

Need I say more? You have up to 30 minutes of charge time at full power and with intelligent heat control. It comes with a cord and a charging dock, so that you have the option of having it plugged in too.

Number 3: speed and efficiency.

Wow! This tool allows you to create styles so, so quickly. Normally with my old straighteners, it would take around 45 mins to an hour to curl my hair, but I can do it in 20 minutes with the Corrale. I was amazed at how fast it was and there was no snagging or pulling my hair. The Corrale gathers the hair together between the flexi-plates and holds and heats the hair smoothly as you style.

It is a real game-changer when it comes to styling, plus you can try it out for a while (60 days) and use the five interest-free instalment Easy payments at just £79.99 plus P&P. If it’s a gift, it’s ideal, because whoever you gift it to can really trial it within the Money-Back Guarantee time. I love using it and it’s put the fun back into doing my hair again. You can see in these photos how I used it for straight hair, and then with curls, plus I’ve created a video of me using it, which is on my Instagram and below.

Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page

I mentioned at the beginning of this blog meeting Katy Pullinger, our lovely presenter. We went for a beautiful walk along the beach (socially-distanced, of course) and her two daughters were there too, which was really lovely. It was great to get fresh sea air and such stunning views.

We will be staying down here for a short time until the new house is ready. We are really excited by the work being done and also a little nervous about whether we will be in before Christmas. Luckily Beau still has no real idea what Christmas is, apart from loving seeing shiny baubles and the stories we read to him at bedtime about a man called Santa Claus. His vocabulary now consists of dada, star, air cane (airplane) and sanna, which is of course Santa, but no mama yet. 🙁

With all the moving, I have been doing so much cleaning as you can imagine! Everything gets put all over the place and dirt and dust seem to gather much more that usual, plus throw in half of Bournemouth beach in Beau’s wellies. So I have been trying out the Shark Duo Clean corded vacuum with True Pet and Flexology. This will be our Today’s Special Value this Sunday on December 20th. (look out for item number 809714.)

I think the first thing to say is that if you’ve got longer hair or family members do, or you have pets, then this is for you. I never thought this specific engineering could make such a difference but it does. The carpets I vacuumed looked so much cleaner that I couldn’t quite believe it.

This is a corded vacuum that comes with two extra tools for crevices and a multi-surface tool. It’s cord is 10m and it weighs just 4kg, so it’s really easy to use. Plus it folds away neatly.

I love the anti-hair wrap technology (no more having to cut the hair away from the rollers – yuck! ) It has a carpet setting and a hard floor setting. When using it on carpets you can feel the power as it really cleans.

Now here’s another great feature, it has an anti-allergen complete seal, which is reassuring for allergy sufferers as it captures dust and allergens inside your vacuum, not releasing them back into the air.

It’s definitely worth giving it a go and testing the difference against your existing vacuum with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

We always have great offers at QVC and I’d really recommend downloading the QVC app onto your phone or tablet as it’s so fast, plus, it’s been updated so you can use your voucher on there too now. The Big Deals here are always worth a little look at too.

The next time I write Christmas will have happened! Wherever you are, please take care of yourselves and others. It can be one of the hardest times of the year, and a quick call to say hi can make all the difference to loved ones and friends.

Sending you all love from all of us here at the Nairn Russo house – wherever that might be this year! Xxx

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