1,000 mile challenge completed!


Since my last blog I’ve finally done it – made it to 1,000 miles! I ran one final half marathon on Armistice Day, which actually took me to 1,001 miles, and what a wonderful morning it was – I loved that the organisers halted the race at 11am so we could all observe the two-minute silence and then run on again. And at the end I even got a “1,000 miles run in a year” T-shirt!

So – phew! It’s been so much harder than I thought it would be to fit all that running in around everything else (1,000 miles is equivalent to 38 marathons, 76 half marathons or 322 5km races, and I did a big mix of distances) but it’s been wonderful in so many ways. I’ve run across fields and up hills and through woods and, very occasionally, on roads. I’ve run on my own, with friends and with strangers, and with strangers who’ve become friends. I’ve lost toenails (yuk!) and found a fitness level I never thought was possible in my fifties. Will I carry on running next year? YES!  But maybe not quite as much, and I’ll certainly try to bore you less about it, although I’m making no promises…!

I had hoped to raise £1 a mile for Headway UK, the brain injury charity, with all this scampering around, and I smashed that target and am so very, very grateful. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me, sponsored me, and generally cheered me on for the past ten months. You’ve been amazing.

Right, on to other news! I’ve now seen the cover of my next book, another psychological thriller called The Perfect Couple, which will be released in April. Authors tend not to get much say on cover design so it’s always exciting to see what the clever designers at your publisher come up with, and I’m delighted with this one!

Meanwhile at QVC we have some of the biggest offers of the year as we creep ever closer to Christmas, which is rather exciting. One of the biggest and best this week is an incredible offer on the amazing Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. I still remember being flabbergasted by the price when this first came out (£300, for a hairdryer!), then using it once and thinking “Oh. NOW I get it…”. I bought one and can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought from QVC. The reduction in heat damage to my hair has been amazing, and the time it saves too – quick, powerful and no extreme heat, it’s the best hairdryer I’ve ever used and I wouldn’t be without it. It’s a Today’s Special Value offer for the very first time on Saturday 23rd but you can get ahead and order it HERE now, with a fantastic saving, no P&P and six interest-free payments (SIX!). It’s a lovely red one with a limited edition red box – gorgeous!


Also – if you buy it (or any Dyson product from QVC ) between Monday and Saturday this week, you’ll automatically be entered into a fantastic prize draw with the chance to win £2,000 of Dyson products. You can see all the terms and conditions on the website. GO GO GO!

And finally, Black Friday deals have also launched on the website. There are some amazing offers with up to 50 per cent off on everything from winter boots (these Rieker ones caught my eye) to diamond earrings so definitely worth a look.

That’s it for now, see you soon!

Love Jackie x

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  1. Congratulations Jackie! You are so amazing for doing such a special and mammoth task for your sister. Your family must all be so proud of you and so touched. How is your back now? Is your niece coming home for Christmas or spending with in-laws in America?
    I can’t believe you’ve written another book in this year too. Love the cover. Hope you never leave qvc though! Congrats again x

    1. Hi Susan, thanks so much! My back seems worse since I’ve slowed down on the running over the past couple of weeks so I might need to keep it up! My niece will be staying in America this year but we have other family joining us so it will be fun. And glad you like the book cover. No plans to leave QVC, I love it far too much!

  2. Well Missus, you did it, and very well done to you too. This must feel incredible. I bet your Sister is smiling at your efforts. 🙂
    Oh, and completed another book. Gosh, what’s your secret to all your energy!

    1. Thanks Nikki, very kind of you, much appreciated. As for energy, I just never stop…it’s when I sit down and do nothing that I get tired!

    1. Thanks so much Angela! Toes are fine, I’ve lost so many toenails through running now that it doesn’t bother me anymore…you can get very good fake ones these days!

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