A hint of autumn…


Is it me or is there suddenly a hint of autumn about? A subtle crispness to the early morning air, and a little flurry of leaves gently floating from the trees? I’m hoping we can hold onto summer for a bit longer, as I have some long-awaited time off coming up in September. My last week off work was back in May at the height of lockdown so it was spent at home, and we were supposed to be going to Spain next month but have now abandoned all thoughts of foreign travel for this year so we’ll be staying in the UK.

I’m very much looking forward to the break though, although I’ll have to spend some of it writing as the deadline for my next book is the first of December (it’s coming out sometime in Spring 2021). Talking of books, I’m still running my regular book club over on my Instagram account (@officialjackiekabler) so if you like reading do join me over there. It began as a weekly book club at the beginning of lockdown but as everyone is a bit busier now it’s gone monthly – the next video will be up on 4th September.

Having said I want to hold onto summer for a while longer, I actually do prefer autumn/winter fashion and I’ve started ordering a few bits ahead of the new season. I absolutely fell in love with the new navy version of Ruth Langsford’s faux suede biker jacket when we had it in our show together recently. It’s fabulous (pictured above)!

Now – lillies! Did any of you buy Richard Jackson’s fabulous lily collection from our gardening shows earlier this year? I’ve had a gorgeous display, as have some of the other presenters. It was going to be a lily growing competition but that was cancelled due to everything that’s been going on… however we are such a competitive lot that we’ve sort of carried on unofficially, and have been comparing our photographs! I think we all did pretty well though.Actually, let me return to travel for a moment, because although we’re staying in the UK I know lots of people are now taking the opportunity to travel abroad before the winter kicks in and this travel kit from Mophie caught my eye. It’s a phone charging kit that comes in a neat little case and works with most big brand smartphones. It has plug adaptors for Europe, North America, Australia and China as well as the UK, plus a wall charger and a car charger, but my favourite bit is the little charge stream pad that you just lay your phone on to charge it up (it even works through the case!), and of course you can use this here in the UK too – it’s so handy!

And just one more thing to draw your attention to this week… one for the Kipling fans! There’s a Today’s Special Value offer on Friday 28th, and it’s a cutie. The Nilsor Premium cross-body bag has a lovely satin finish, comes in a choice of five colours (Black, Navy, Berry, Blush and Dark Grey) and features the new “robot monkey” charm which was launched this year. As you’d expect the bag has lots of compartments so you can get nice and organised (which makes me happy!).


And that’s it for now. See you soon!

Love Jackie x

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