A New Year break

I suppose, as this is my first blog of 2022,  I should start by saying Happy New Year! Although we are more than halfway through January now so it feels a little late – I’m never quite sure when to stop saying it!

Anyway, here we go, another year ahead. I started it with a little holiday – I had a week of annual leave to use up so for three days of it hubby and I headed down to Salcombe in Devon. I love it down there at this time of year when it’s nice and quiet and the beaches are empty. I don’t mind the cold weather at all, and it was lovely just to wander around and enjoy the scenery.  This sign made me laugh – I tried very hard not to start cleaning any fish!

I think this is going to be a very busy year – I have lots of plans in my diary already, from long distance running events to family celebrations, although of course as the past couple of years have taught us, plans can be very easily disrupted. Fingers crossed that this year is a little more stable on that front, eh?

I’m back at QVC this week and have a working weekend ahead and some fun shows lined up. Davina McCall will be with us on Saturday 22nd with the latest Today’s Special Value offer from her fantastic range of home fitness equipment.

This time it’s a folding exercise bike, which I can’t wait to try out. (I’m rather too accident-prone to enjoy cycling on roads, but even I can’t come to much harm on a static bicycle!) This one has eight resistance levels, a heart-rate monitor and a console feedback display so you can check things like your time, speed, distance and calories burned. It’s compact and quiet to use and – one of my favourite features – has a much bigger seat than many exercise bikes, so you’re much less likely to end up with a sore bottom! The seat is also height adjustable so should work for most.

It officially launches on air at 9pm on Friday night but you can order yours in advance HERE now if you want to make sure you get your hands on one.

Sunday is all about a brilliant new technology Today’s Special Value offer from Lenovo. It’s a laptop, the IdeaPad Flex 3 Chromebook. I’ve had a Lenovo laptop for the past couple of years (it’s what I write my books on) and I absolutely love it. This one is slim (less than 2cm thick) and stylish looking in Platinum Grey, with an 11.6″ high definition touch display.

It weighs just 1.2kg so it’s very portable if you’re travelling or taking it to and from work, and there’ll be a choice of 32GB or 64GB. It also has a two-in-one feature: use it as a normal laptop, then flip the keyboard over to use it in tablet mode if you want to watch a film or play a game, for example. It also has up to ten hours of battery life when fully charged, which is really good.

I’ll also be back with Ruth Langsford on Thursday night for a new run of our fun fashion hours in their regular 7pm slot – see you then!

Love Jackie x

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  1. Glad you had a good break best part of the country im biased as I live near Salcombe. Hope all plans work out for you and all your events prove to be a success. Glad you are back so miss you big hugs xx

  2. Hi Jackie, I always enjoy your shows as you have such enthusiasm especially when you are with Ruth Langsford. I have heard via Alison Young that you are a fan of M Asam retinol treatments. I have purchased the supesize pack this month and have been using it for the last two weeks. So far so good. My skin feels a lot smoother and brighter. Can I ask how you use it? Do you use it for a certain length of time and have a break or can you use it continuously?
    Keep up the good work. Best Regards Joan

    1. Hi Joan,
      That’s a very nice thing to say, thank you so much. As for the retinol, as long as you have no sensitivity it’s absolutely fine to use constantly. I have used it every single day for the past three years or more now and wouldn’t be without it. I have actually bought two packs of the super size because it is such good value! I hope you continue to get great results with it. Thanks for getting in touch.
      Love J x

      1. Hi Jackie, thank you so much for the information. I have purchased another two packs but thinking of buying more before the offer ends as I didn’t realise you can use it every day. I have not had any sensitivity problems at all so far so fingers crossed using it daily should be fine.
        Thanks again,
        Love Joan x

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