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I’m back at work now after my lovely week off in Wales and it’s all change! When I got back the weather had turned so chilly that the central heating went on and I spent an hour putting all of my summer sandals away and getting the winter boots out. At work too things look a little different – the Christmas decorations are up! Seeing baubles and Christmas trees all over the place in October, which is when QVC’s festive shows begin in earnest, seemed like the weirdest thing in the world to me when I started work here nearly eight years ago, but now it seems completely normal – odd how you get used to things, isn’t it? And as lots of you are already shopping ahead of time for the festive season (and who knows what that will be like for us all this year, eh? We shall see!), I thought I’d give you a whistle-stop tour of some of my picks of great offers coming up in the next week or so.

First – fashion! I love Helene Berman so I treated myself to this gorgeous college coat (pictured above) which she designed just for us at QVC. It’s been popular already but I think there are some left in every colour. I love this style and it’s the perfect weight for autumn. By the way, the QVC Style channel is now broadcasting live again between 3pm and 7pm Monday to Friday so do join us over there if you love your fashion.

Next – food! German brand Lambertz, famed for its gingerbread, brings us its biggest ever offer on Friday. Two beautifully designed festive tins, each packed with three layers of gingerbread in six different varieties. There’s gingerbread with honey and roasted nuts, honey and milk chocolate, candied fruits, dark chocolate…the list goes on! My husband is slightly obsessed with it – “addictive” was his verdict!

From our technology department there’s a brilliant little charger coming up as the Today’s Special Value offer on Saturday 10th. The Rush Charge is a power pack that can charge your phone, tablet or other device without a cable, as all the connections are built it. This is perfect for me as a runner who likes to do long distances off-road as I need to make sure I always carry a fully charged mobile for safety, and this is light and small enough to slip into my pocket or running belt and take with me for back up. So handy!

From our beauty department, Monday 12th sees a Today’s Special Value offer from top skincare expert Sarah Chapman, in the form of her Ultrasonic Pro Pore Refiner, a nifty little gadget renowned for its ability to get those pores deep-down clean, banish blackheads and give your skin a real glow. It comes along with her Ultimate Cleanse Cleansing Balm, so if your skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up or you know someone who loves a beauty gadget this is definitely one to have a look at.On Tuesday 13th there’s the latest home/garden decor offer from Home Reflections, this time a set of four strands of indoor/outdoor lights with a remote control. There’s a choice of Silver, Gold, Copper or Multicoloured, and while these will be lovely for Christmas they can be used all year round…draped over trees in the garden, looped around mirrors indoors, so many uses. They have eight different functions (slow fade, twinkle, waves, etc) and take AA batteries. Love them!And finally – the Pill-o-Pad is back in stock! Well, sort of. It’s available to order now and will come out to you early November so in plenty of time for Christmas. Everyone went bonkers for this clever little book/tablet stand when it first aired – such a good gift idea, perfect for those who like to read in bed, watch films on an iPad, prop up a recipe book while cooking and so on. So handy!

And that’s it for now. Stay safe.

Love Jackie xx

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  1. Hello Jackie
    I love QVC and the presenters
    I sometimes really like the clothes the presenters wear while presenting unrelated items
    You wore a beautiful multi coloured shirt yesterday while presenting the gingerbread but I can’t find it anywhere
    You also wore a colbolt blue top about a week that I adored but again I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I looked
    I feel QVC are missing a trick by not providing details
    I have emailed “Contact us “ but received no reply 😔
    Love the shows

    1. Hi Susan
      Yes that can be frustrating! I can’t think what top I was wearing for the gingerbread…the cobalt blue one was I think a shirt from Attitudes by Renee (item number 186265), is that it? If you use Twitter or Instagram all the presenters use those so you can message us directly and we can try to help!

  2. Hi Jackie on QVC Style on this Saturday afternoon you were wearing a lovely black top which had a reindeer/stag on it, would you be kind enough to let me know if it is available at QVC as I liked it very much, I have been trolling the QVC website and cannot find it anywhere.
    Kind regards
    Gloria Perrott

    1. Hi Gloria
      That was one of Ruth Langsford’s new designs but I think it sold out in the original show (the Style show would have been a repeat). I’m hoping she’s going to get more stock in though so keep an eye on her shows!

    2. Hi Jackie

      Yet another enquiry about what you wear on air – I would be grateful to know if the brown top with gold swirls is available to purchase from QVC – you wore it on Cozee home program on Mon 19th Oct at 1pm – 2pm – just love your shows.

      Kind regards
      Margaret Sallie

  3. Hi Jackie, watching you tonight with Ruth, can you tell me what make was your lovely necklace, thanks stay safe x

    1. Hi, I’m sorry for such a late reply, we don’t always see comments on older blogs! I think that must have been my necklace from the Kate Thornton range at QVC…I got it ages ago though so may be out of stock, apologies!

  4. You mentioned you wear headphones while jogging and you would highly recommend them. Which ones are they and do QVC sell them? I love watching you and Ruth. You both seem to enjoy your time together and keep it professional. Thanks!

    1. Hi Elaine, sorry for the delay in replying and thank you for the kind words. I wear Aftershokz headphones which I got at QVC and which are fantastic- bone conducting so they sit on your cheekbones in front of your ears which means you can still hear everything going on around you. I love them!

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