Baby, it’s cold outside!!


Well, winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance! I don’t remember the last time we had snow in November but last weekend we had quite a bit in Gloucestershire where I live. It looked very pretty, but unfortunately I had to drive to work in London, and while the journey there wasn’t too bad the drive home in the evening was a little bit hairy in places, with the snow coming down quite heavily! Fortunately it didn’t last too long. I do like snow, and how it makes everything look so fresh and clean and beautiful, but it’s not ideal when you have to do a long drive in it.

I’m still struggling with my Achilles tendon injury, so I still can’t go out running, which I’m not happy about. I managed ten pain-free minutes on the treadmill today, though, which is progress, so hopefully in another couple of weeks I’ll be able to try a short run outside. I’ve been trying to focus on happier things, and my book The Perfect Couple helped by very unexpectedly climbing to number one on the book charts in Canada this week, which astounded and delighted me.

Other than that, it’s full steam ahead to Christmas now. So again this week I’ve picked out a few things which have caught my eye here at QVC, which might make good presents. I know it’s very much a considered purchase, but the Dyson Corrale hair straightener is absolutely one of my favourite things that I’ve bought in my nine years at QVC. They’ve now brought out a limited edition version in a stunning Prussian blue and rich copper colour way, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The Corrale does so much more than just straighten; you can wave and curl and add volume as well, and it’s cordless so it’s so easy to use.

We took these photos in the make-up room at work – I’m not sure why my hair looks a little bit pink here! I had used a purple shampoo that day, to neutralise brassiness, and I think that combined with the lights in there made my hair look a bit of a strange colour, but you can still see the great results you can get in just a few minutes with this brilliant hair tool. If you have someone in your life who deserves a really great treat, then I don’t think they’ll be disappointed with this for Christmas.

For another great gift idea, look out for the Today’s Special Value offer from JM by Julien Macdonald  on Tuesday the 7th. It’s a reversible faux-fur throw, the first he’s done in his range, and has a super-soft ridged design on one side and a metallic foil design on the other.

There will be a choice of five colours – Black, Burgundy, Dusky Pink, Grey and White. I’ve given throws as Christmas gifts before – I think they make a great gift if you just want to give one thing to a family to share, for example.

And if you like the idea of a faux-fur gift, there is also something coming as a Today’s Special Value offer from Frank Usher on Thursday 9th. It’s a faux fur gilet, which looks so cosy and so glamorous!

That’s it from me for now – stay warm!


Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie,

    The other day you were on with Ruth Langsford who gave advice on how to protect
    your back. Please can you let me know what it is as I missed it.
    I love your catch ups each week.
    Have a great Christmas and New year.

    Helen X

    1. Hi Helen
      She was talking about wrapping Christmas presents- she does it on her ironing board so she can adjust it to the perfect height and not hurt her back by bending over! Great idea! I’m glad you enjoy the shows, and happy Christmas to you too.

  2. Merry Christmas Jackie!
    Thanks for the great programmes you have done over the past year, especially with Ruth. You have really turned the channel around .
    Take care and have a great Christmas …even if you are working !!!
    Erica 🌼🌸🌺

    1. Ahh thanks so much Erica and so glad you enjoy watching! Have a lovely Christmas. I have a few days off but I’ll be working through New Year so see you then!

  3. Hi Jackie
    Thank you so much for keeping us entertained this year, with all your hilarious stories whilst promoting the various products on QVC. You are such a tonic during these very difficult times. Keep up the good work! Have a great Christmas. By the way, was the white, short sleeved shirt that you wore the other day with black trousers, from QVC?
    Love Sue x

    1. Hi Susan,
      Ahhh thanks so much, glad you enjoy watching! That white shirt and trousers was actually a jumpsuit! It’s by Finery, item number 192029. Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  4. Hi Jackie
    Thank you for all the entertainment, I love watching you on QVC with Ruth and generally it’s a great channel, wishing you and your husband a very Happy Christmas and New Year, can’t wait for your next book.

  5. Hi Jackie. I hope you both had a lovely Christmas & New Year. Did you do much?
    I’ve had a really bad couple of months. I had to go to A&E, with my gallbladder which was inflamed & infected. I put the pain on par with really strong labour pain. It’s awfhhul. I was admitted & put on IV drips. I also had to fast for the first day & then it was on & off fasting. It’s a horrendously painful condition. Waiting now, for my gallbladder to be removed.
    I hope it’s a fantastic 2022, for you both. xxxx

  6. Hi Katrina, lovely thank you! I’m so very sorry to hear you are poorly though – I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts and I really hope you get it sorted out soon. Take care!
    Love Jackie x

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