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Another quick blog from me, which I’m writing as I head into my weekend off – and it’s raining! So annoying but hey, it will be good for the garden, won’t it? As I’ve mentioned more than once I’ve been working on the garden since we moved house more than two years ago and it’s really taking shape now. We’ve had some great days in it with friends over the past little while, including a lovely celebration when my new book The Happy Family was released two weeks ago. (Spoiler – it’s another psychological thriller and they are actually NOT very happy for long…!)

The garden was a big square of nothing when we moved in – just a mass of overgrown shrubs and not a single flower or border. We now have a lovely curved border along one side so I thought I’d share a little “before and after” video. There’s more work still to do, but at least we have plenty of colour now!

QVC presenter Jackie Kabler shares her garden before and after

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The sun seems to have vanished temporarily, but it will be back, and while it was still shining I took this photo for the Kipling fans out there. The brand has a Today’s Special Value offer coming up on Thursday 24th; it’s the cute little Trista crossbody bag and, staying with the garden theme, I couldn’t decide if I preferred the Flower Art or Bright Palm print so I wore both! There are three other colour choices too, and this one has the Kipling furry monkey keyring which is now only available at QVC. The bag is a neat little size but with lots of compartments as you’d expect from the brand, so perfect for summer days out. And of course it will be at a great price for one day only.

That’s it for now – see you soon!

Love Jackie x

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  1. Jackie, how is your lawn looking so wonderful?!? Ours is a muddy mess after all the rain recently!! 😳🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Hi Eileen – we had to returf it earlier this year after all the work on the garden and the new grass seems to be pretty tough – I think it came from Yorkshire! Trying to keep it perfect now…we will see!

  2. Garden is looking lovely Jackie, I to like to spend time weeding and keeping ours in order, but must say I was glad of the rain, Take care looking forward to you and Ruth together on Thursday evening, the Dynamic Duo love you both working together makes for a lovely Thursday evening Kind Regards Jean Smith xx

    1. Thanks Jean! I really enjoy it too and yes the rain is always welcome for gardeners! Glad you enjoy the Ruth shows too – so do we!

  3. Hi Jackie,
    Looking fresh as always! Your grass is so green as someone said! You’ve done a beautiful job. I’m sure you’re loving it if only you had days off in the sun to enjoy! Typical isn’t it! Enjoy your leave x

    1. Thanks Susan! We actually had to returf the garden earlier this year so it’s a relatively new lawn and it’s holding up well so far – trying to keep it perfect! And yes – come back sunshine!

  4. Hi Jackie,loving the garden pics!Can I ask what colour you’ve used on your fence panels?It looks great.

    1. Hi Rachel – it’s a Cuprinol paint from their Garden Shades range – the colour is Urban Slate. I love it as it really contrasts with the colours of the flowers and plants so they stand out even more!

  5. Beautiful garden Jackie, well worth all the hard work. The weather is so unpredictable but just enjoy being out and about. We in Scotland are well used to changeable weather! Loved your new book, couldn’t put it down. What a talent you are Jackie.

  6. Hi Liz,
    Thanks so much for the kind words, much appreciated. And I grew up in Ireland so yes, I too am used to unpredictable weather! I quite like the rain, especially when I go running in it. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Wow Jackie the garden looks fab! Are you sure you didn’t sneak Richard Jackson in to do all the hard work lol.

    I always enjoy watching you & Ruth but I must say the Nina Leonard show with Jackie Joseph last night was truly special! Maybe you should become a poet lol.

    Enjoy the sun. Big hugs Joanna xxx : )

    1. Haha thanks Joanna! No, definitely no visits from Mr Jackson! And glad you enjoyed the “poetry”. We do get a little bit random sometimes…Have a good week!

  8. Hi can you please find out where the original Kipling Creativity xbody bag has gone? The new version is tiny.

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