Bring on the sunshine!


Isn’t British weather funny? Over the Easter weekend hubby and I had drinks in the garden in glorious sunshine after I got back from work on Sunday afternoon, and then I shivered as I tried to do some weeding in a hailstorm on Monday morning! (And how very British to start by talking about the weather too…let me change the subject.)

I hope some of you managed to be reunited with loved ones over Easter, now that lockdown rules are easing. It will still be a while until I can see my family, who all live in Ireland, but I’m hopeful that might happen before the end of the year if travel rules are relaxed, fingers crossed! In the meantime, it’s the little things that continue to make me happy. The garden is starting to explode with colour, which is wonderful – my pansies and daffodils make me smile every day.

I’m also looking forward to getting back to proper running races in early May – I did a virtual half marathon a couple of weeks ago (you run the race alone, send the organisers the evidence and they send the medal in the post) which was nice but not as much fun as running with others.

In my last blog I mentioned the two-day fashion event coming up at QVC this Friday/Saturday 9th/10th April. Well – I have more details for you now about the Today’s Special Value offers for the event. I’m actually launching both of them, so I nabbed some samples and took some photos for you at the weekend. On Friday, it’s the Go Walk Arch Fit Sandals from Skechers. Oh my goodness – SO light, and SO comfortable! I’m wearing the Champagne option here, and it also comes in Black, Grey, Navy and Rose. The brand new arch support technology is wonderful; it has taken many years to develop, and we will be seeing a lot more of it from Skechers in 2021. Plus – these sandals are machine washable! We can get as mucky as we like!

Then on Saturday it’s Ruth Langsford with her Ruched Detail Midi Dress. Lovely detail at the neck and waist, a pretty floaty sleeve and the usual three lengths – petite, regular and tall – will make this very popular, I predict. And the colours are fabulous – I’m in the Blue Print here (I’m so predictable, but I do love blue!) and there’s also a Pink Print and Grey Print, plus Black and Navy. The perfect summer dress!

Also a quick mention for Elemis, who bring us another amazing offer on Sunday 11th, but you can order it HERE now if you want to get ahead. It’s a five-piece Pro-Collagen Energise & Renew Collection in a choice of Sea Lavender & Samphire or British Botanical; both contain the new Renewal Serum which is the brand’s alternative to retinol. I’m a huge retinol fan so I’m excited to try this!

Enjoy your week and see you soon.

Love Jackie xx


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  1. Hi Jackie,

    I enjoy your presentations because you focus on the product being sold which is what the customer expects. Your blogs are interesting and do not have a me, me, me boastful quality about them. People are going through difficult times and you show a respect and understanding of that. It’s great that you are still running and I hope you will soon be able to run with others! I do have a question for you. A lot of presenters frequently tell us that they have been lucky enough to try out samples of QVC products at home. What happens to those samples? Do they go to charities, the outlet store? Must be hard with Covid19 but surely they can’t be kept?

    Keep safe and keep running!

    1. Hi Helen, thanks for the kind words. And that’s such a good question about the samples! OK – so, If we’re asked to try consumable items like beauty/food, obviously they can’t be passed on to anyone else afterwards so we are allowed to use them up or dispose of them. In fashion, if we get samples of TSV clothes and shoes (the show samples usually only come in a couple of sizes so we need samples that fit all the various shapes and sizes of us presenters!), we can keep them in our on-air wardrobes if we want to, but when they sell out and are not coming back into stock they are cleaned and given to charity. We do big charity clear outs several times a year. Handbags are buyers’ samples that are lent to us and are them cleaned and go back to the buyers (also used for taking photos for the website and promo videos and so on). The buyers also give us new jewellery samples every month to wear on air and then at the end of the month these are cleaned and returned to the buyers and often back to the brands. Things like electrical items and technology are cleaned and returned to the brands or sometimes stay on site to be used for shows. I think that covers most of it! Thanks for getting in touch.

  2. Hi Jackie, Love the look of those Skecher sandals. What are they like on size? Do they come up big or are you in your normal size?

    1. Hi, I’m in my usual size six – these are true to size. They are SO comfortable! Really light and bouncy and supportive too. Great for my wonky runner’s feet!

  3. Hi Jackie

    Always good to read your blog. You’re ace!

    Here’s a hint for you, seeing as you love your garden, me too. Have you tried plantng Nemesia, They’re great little do-ers, and flower from May to November, smell gorgeous and the bees love them. We buy a few every year, and treat them like annuals, even though they’re perennials, as they’re cheap enough to treat like that. They are one of those plants that just make me smile, as they’re so cheerful.

    Anyway, that’s enough waffle from me, for now.

    Take care, and stay safe

    1. Hi Nikki, I have grown nemesia before but not for years, I’d sort of forgotten about them so thanks for the reminder, I must add them to my list for this year! I have some gaps so they would be perfect. Thank you! Happy gardening.

  4. Is that a self-portrait behind your right shoulder in the Ruth Langsford dress picture? I think we should be told…..? 😉🤣

  5. Hi Jackie hope you are keeping well …. Please could you tell me and many others where Jill Frank’s as gone???? We get used to seeing all you lovely people but just haven’t seen Jill…… Xx take care

    1. Hi Jane, I’m very well, thank you, hope you are too. Re Jill, she’s currently out of the business but will be returning to our screens soon, you’ll be glad to hear!
      Take care.

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