Celebrations and a big reunion!


Since my last blog I’ve been having quite a busy but very enjoyable time! First, a couple of days away with my husband to celebrate his birthday and our 27th wedding anniversary (27 years? How on earth did that happen?). We had a lovely break in the New Forest, and had a wonderful surprise on our first night there because it turned out that Melissa Hardy, one of our lovely fashion guests at QVC, was there in the same restaurant as we were, celebrating HER wedding anniversary with her lovely husband! We ended up having a lovely evening with them and it made a special night even more fun.

And then I had my very long-awaited family reunion in Ireland. I haven’t been able to see my mum or the rest of my family for two whole years due to the pandemic; it’s the longest time in our whole lives that we haven’t seen each other, and it’s been very hard. I actually took the ferry to Dublin rather than flying, and spent the first night of my trip there with my three sisters.

Oh my goodness, what a brilliant night we had! It was so wonderful to see them again and we literally laughed until we cried. As some of you will know, there were once five of us – we lost our sister Deborah 11 years ago when she was 39. By a very happy coincidence, the day of our reunion was actually her birthday, and it was wonderful therefore that Ellen, one of her three beautiful daughters, was able to join us too, although I think she somewhat despairs of her four aunties – we are all so much older than her but so much more childish! (Gosh, there are a lot of wine glasses in all of these photos aren’t there, whoops…).

Then I drove to County Leitrim to spend a couple of days with my mum. It was just so great to see her and to catch up with her lovely neighbours and friends many of whom, like her, live alone but have all looked out for each other so wonderfully over the past 18 months. It was a fabulous few days and over all too soon, but now that travelling restrictions have lifted a little, I’m hoping to be able to go back again in the not too distant future.

Back at work there’s lots going on as always! Huge beauty brand Clinique has just joined QVC – its Dramatically Different moisturising lotion was the first “posh” beauty product I ever bought back in my twenties, so it’s great to see it still in the range and still in the same familiar yellow bottle! The brand will be launching with a bang with a Today’s Special Value offer on-air from 9pm Monday 27th into Tuesday 28th September (but check the website on Friday 24th because it goes on presell then).

And before that on Saturday 25th look out for a great Today’s Special Value offer from Bose. It’s a TV speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, and will transform the sound quality of your television, especially if you have an older model. It’s super easy to set up and will bring incredible crisp, crystal-clear sound (great if you sometimes struggle to hear dialogue properly), and cinema-like bass notes.

I’ve heard these speakers in action and they are amazing, not just for TV watching but also if you want to hook up your phone or other device via the Bluetooth and play some music through it. And of course it will be at a fantastic price for one day only.

That’s it for now,

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    I’m so delighted for you all that you finally got to see each other after 2 years! It’s such a long time isn’t it but everyone in the same situation can at least understand and so good to know that your mum has great neighbours close by. She looks so youthful by the way and so glam! You’re a very good looking bunch all of you! I hope that you can go back again but I’m trying to contain it at least because the pressures are there as I’m sure your hubby knows! So lovely you were all able to raise a glass to your lovely sister during your stay.
    Take care x

    1. Ahh thanks Susan, it was just such a great trip and all too short. But yes I’m hoping to go back again soon – I took the ferry instead of flying which was actually very enjoyable so I’ll probably do that again. Take care.

  2. Jackie you are an absolute professional and I love watching your incredibly entertaining shows. Congratulations to both you and your husband as well as Lisa and her husband on your wedding anniversaries.
    You bring joy to people like me who can’t get out and your foibles and errors are epic and hilarious.
    You are a breathe of fresh air as you bring to QVC true charm. Keep up the good work

    1. Gillian what lovely words, thank you so much. I do love my job and I’m so glad you enjoy watching. Very kind of you to get in touch, it’s great to hear from you.

    1. Thanks Anne! And yes I love working with Ruth. I missed our shows while I was away but we’ll be back on air together soon!

  3. Hi Jackie

    Lovely pictures of you with all your family. You and your sisters are all so good looking and all have wonderful hair! Glad you finally made it after 2 years apart.

    Love watching your shows with Ruth Langsford as you have such a good time together and that helps to brighten my day. Even been known to make a purchase!

    Romola X

    1. Thank you Romola – and yes they do have great hair! And I’m so glad you enjoy the shows with Ruth, we very much enjoy them too!

  4. What a really lovely blog Jackie. You and your sisters look fantastic. How lovely for you to have each other and what a great reunion you had. What a lovely mum you have too. As ever i love watching you and Ruth together xx

  5. Good to see you with your sisters and mum. You and your sisters all look alike. You are very cool Jackie! I also love to watch your shows with Ruth.Very entertaining! X

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! And we all get told how much alike we are quite often although we can’t really see it ourselves which is quite funny. Glad you enjoy the Ruth shows, we do love working together. Take care.

  6. Beautiful photos Jackie and wonderful you have spent time with your family at last, Could you please send my kind regards to Catherine Huntley so miss her on QVC. Lots of good wishes Jean Smith x

  7. So glad you are back have missed you so much. The trip to see sisters looks a lot of fun you are a good looking lot. Mum looks amazing. You are lucky to have sisters I am an only child so since my mum passed away I feel lonely and envious of you all. It was nice to see handsome hubby and yourself celebrating a wonderful event. Am watching you this morning and my day has become a brighter one . Thank you Jackie xx

    1. Ahh Susan thank you so much. I am so sorry about your mum, and yes I very much appreciate having such great sisters. I’m so glad you enjoy watching QVC. Take care of yourself.

  8. Ahh lovely story beautiful countryside bet you love being Irish you make me laugh a lot in a good way carry on oh you and Ruth make a good team xxx

  9. Enjoyed reading your blog Jackie. That was lovely that Melissa could help you both celebrate yr Anniversary 🍾🥂
    Nice to see the photos of your Sisters and your beautiful Niece (who looks like you💗) Aww bless your Mum 💗 I bet that was so nice for her to see you after so long. She must be so proud of you though – you are a lovely Lady, a fantastic Author and a very entertaining Presenter for QVC I enjoy watching your shows xx Rocknan

  10. One of your sisters in the first photo looks like a twin. I envy you your gorgeous family.
    I’m 68!!!
    Don’t drink too much
    Love Sara

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