Celebrations and scary faces


Just a quick one today – just popping in to say hello and that I hope you’re OK. As I write this we’re about to head into national lockdown mark two – difficult times for so many people. We will still be here for you at QVC, whether you’re shopping or just joining us for some company and light relief, and we are always so grateful to hear from you on our social media platforms.

I’ve had some lovely messages in the past week as we’ve been celebrating Ruth Langsford’s third anniversary at QVC. Oh my goodness, the fun we’ve had in our shows together! We had a little celebration the other day in the form of a virtual press event with me and Ruth in the studio and lots of fashion editors, stylists and influencers joining us online by the magic of Zoom. We were even allowed to have a glass of bubbly, yay! (And if you love Ruth’s fashion you may be interested to know that you can buy it in three interest-free instalments during November with the code RUTH3Z, which is nice!)

We had more fun at work at Hallowe’en, when our lovely backstage team got into the creepy spirit and dressed up. It was such a shame you couldn’t see them on air! I got quite a fright when I went backstage to prepare for one of my shows –  imagine being faced with this creature sorting through the rail for your fashion hour (see above)! This is actually Myles, one of our fabulous floor managers – I love how he was wearing his visor over his alien mask!

It’s the little things that keep you going, isn’t it? Trying to find small joys in every day, no matter how bleak things may seem. I hope we can carry on entertaining you over the next few weeks – do keep in touch! You can leave a comment here or follow me and chat to me on Twitter (@jackiekabler) or Instagram (@officialjackiekabler).

Love Jackie x


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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Lovely photo of you and ruth. I actually can’t imagine what it must be like to go into work and have fun and smile and laugh so much! It must be a real boost. How is your husband? Is he still working in surgeries? It’s really worrying how exhausted so many friends and colleagues are and even more frustrating when you get so many people saying where’s the evidence etc etc. It feels like there’s no respect now for professionals which is really sad.
    I hear big congratulations on your book on a bright note!
    Hope you have a nice weekend x

    1. Hi Susan, yes we’re very lucky to have such a fun workplace. My husband is well, thank you for asking, and yes still working in surgery as well as on the phone and video calls. Very busy, as you can imagine. Re my book…thank you!
      Stay safe.

    1. Hi Pamela, that will have been a long cardigan I think from Mr Max…I have a feeling it may have sold out that day but worth a look on the website!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Would you please ask Ruth to do more petite ranges. I just love her fashion range but at 5ft 2ins they are far too long for me.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Jackie love your show with Ruth, would you ask Ruth if she has thought of doing a houndstooth jacket. Thank you Ann xx

  4. Hi Jackie. Just wanted to tell you and Ruth how much I enjoy Thursdays when you and Ruth are presenting Ruth’s clothes. I live alone and Thursday nights are like getting together with two great friends! Keep up the good work and hope that both of you keep well.

    1. Ahh Rosemary that’s lovely to hear and I’m so glad we can keep you company and that you enjoy the shows. I hope you keep well too, and thanks so much for getting in touch.

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