Dancing, bluebells and an unusual scarecrow!

Hi all,

How is everyone? I write this on a sunshiny May morning – doesn’t nice weather make everything that’s going on just that bit more bearable? It’s definitely the little things that are making us feel more cheerful at the moment I think… a blue sky, a phone call with a friend, a nice slice of cake. I celebrated a lockdown birthday a couple of weeks ago and some bubbly and pizza at home was enough to make it feel special; I think this strange period has made me realise how little I really need to make me happy.

My garden definitely makes me very happy and I was excited to see the arrival in the post of the big fruit and veg collection which was the recent Today’s Special Value offer from Thompson & Morgan. We built some raised veg beds a while ago, down at the back of the garden in an area we call “The Jungle”, and I’m now attempting to grow gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, leeks, lettuces and garlic. I’ll let you know how I get on!

We have a lot of birds in our garden and although actual fruit won’t appear for a while I suspect the birds might take an interest when it does. So I thought I’d get ahead and get some sort of scarecrow as a deterrent. I’d seen this hanging monkey online and wondered if it might work. He’s now hanging happily in The Jungle and hopefully the birds will stay at the other end of the garden and leave my fruit alone – we shall see!

Staying with nature I came across a lovely sight on one of my runs recently – an area of woodland I often run through is suddenly carpeted with blue (pictured above). How beautiful wild bluebells are!

I also want to say a thank you this week to a little girl called Molly. There’s an Instagram page which features “models of media folk made using stuff from your house”, and this photo has appeared of me, made by “Molly, aged 10”. Molly, if you see this thank you so much, I absolutely love it! I particularly love my hair (it won’t look that good in real life very soon with all the salons still closed, help! Hopefully my naturally dark hair now has enough grey in it to blend in with the blonde or I’ll soon look like a badger. Oh well… we’re all in the same boat).

By the way did you see the little fun video some of us presenters and guests presenters made for International Dance Day? If you’re not on social media like Facebook or Instagram you may have missed it so I thought I’d share it here. Dancing definitely lifts the spirits (even if you’re RUBBISH at it, like me!).

And finally if you fancy treating yourself to some nice foodie goodies this month, don’t forget that QVC is running a FOOD3Z promotion right through May. The code gives you three interest-free instalments on selected food and drink items so do have a browse on the website. I’ve got my eye on Mrs Forman’s Baked Cheesecakes…yum!

Stay safe and keep smiling. We’re getting there.

Love Jackie x


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  1. Hi Jackie, happy belated birthday 🍰 glad you got to enjoy it. Yes gardening is very relaxing and thank goodness for Qvc, I have ordered lots for the garden from them. Most garden centres opened yesterday but the local one I use has decided to stay closed as it’s a small family run one and they would struggle with social distancing and if one of them got ill they would all be at risk. I fully understand this decision health must come first! Thanks for the video of the dancing 💃 very entertaining and I would have missed it as i’m one of those people not on social media. I am getting quite used to the way we are living at the moment,just need the people in charge to find a way for me to cuddle my grandchildren and I will be happy 😃 Take care and I hope the monkey 🐵 works. Love Debbie X

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I’m not sure if my local garden centre is open yet…I think I’ll wait a week or so for the rush to calm down before I check it out! And I miss hugs so much too! I’ll keep you posted about the monkey…

  2. Hi Jackie, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. I am still laughing
    Thank you so so much. In these times that we are having to adjust to. We all could do with a pick me up. Keep them coming. Stay safe. Antoinette x

    1. Well thank you for reading and leaving such a lovely comment Antoinette! Always appreciated. Take care. Jx

    1. Hi Elaine, I found it online from a company called Hicks & Hicks. It’s super cute but I’m not yet convinced it will work as a scarecrow…the birds don’t seem too bothered!

  3. Hi Jackie
    I’m just watching the 2pm show on Sunday 17th May & have just ordered the today’s special value & leg serum by Margaret Dabbs which I am looking to receiving although the TSV is on advanced order. I love watching you present & also love your clothes which is why sending this email to ask if the trousers you are wearing on this show are a QVC item. Look forward to hearing from you & stay safe xx

    1. Hi Jean, I think I was wearing the animal print tuxedo trousers from Ruth Langsford that day…they are on the website in three different lengths. I’m 5ft 10 and size 12 and I have the tall option in size small if that helps! You stay safe too.

  4. I think the monkey “scarecrow” is totally ingenious — everyone knows birds are very scared of monkeys!! Even if it doesn’t work, its a nice addition to your “jungle” I think! Just a little quirky and different which I love.

    1. Well I thought it was a good idea Joan but I’m not sure the wood pigeons in our garden are too scared…they think they own the place! We shall see…!

  5. Hiya Jackie,this isn’t a reply to the above,but you might be interested for a later date,I know you like swings,well there is a wonderful hotel in Shropshire called The Hundred House,and in some of there bedrooms there is a swing,can’t remember which ones as it’s been a while since I have been there, I used to live just down the road from there,hope you find this useful,Best Wishes,and merry Christmas,Corinne.

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