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Tuesday this week was International Women’s Day, and the whole of March is Inspirational Women’s Month here at QVC – you can find out more on our website. Unfortunately, I had to take one of my days off on Tuesday this week, so I missed the day itself at QVC, because I had to go to the dentist to have an old root canal replaced! Not the most fun way to celebrate the day, sigh. It was absolutely fine though, and while I sat in the dentist’s chair I did think about how many incredible, inspirational women I know, and how many I am so lucky to work with on a daily basis.

From our talented, hard-working backstage teams to producers and directors, models, guest presenters and the women behind some of our biggest brands; so many extraordinary women, many of whom have battled great hardship or illness and yet have achieved so much and are such positive role models. What I particularly love about working here, as a woman in her 50s, is that we have so many older women who are still doing their thing in such a brilliant way: I’m thinking about people like Ruth Langsford who has launched a whole new career as a fashion designer as she heads into her 60s, and Helene Berman who is in her 70s and still working so hard and creating beautiful pieces.

There are so many women who also do wonderful things outside their QVC work too, from those who are talented musicians and artists to those who do fantastic and much-needed work with charities. There are far too many achievements and far too many remarkable women to list here, but here’s to all of them – long may they continue to inspire us. (Of course, we have some exceptional men working here too; in case you weren’t aware, International Men’s Day is later this year, on the 19th of November!) All genders admired and appreciated.

As I write this we are having a final little bit of work done on our garden at home – the patio has had to be repointed – and as soon as that’s done I’m very much looking forward to getting out there and getting everything shipshape for the warmer weather (we are definitely going to have some nice warm weather this spring and summer – I’m saying it repeatedly now, in the hope that if we all say it often enough it will actually happen!). There’s a big garden event coming up at QVC this Sunday the 13th, which I’m excited to be working on (and, no doubt, shopping at as well – I can’t help myself!).

I think the Today’s Special Value offer will be very popular – it’s an expandable trellis from Garden Reflections, which will be available in green but also in a wonderful selection of colours, with a choice of violet, pink, ivory or plum flowers. The trellis measures 2m x 1.8m so is bigger than the brand’s  previous trellises and is now made from bamboo instead of willow which makes it really strong.

The materials are all UV resistant and the trellis can be used outdoors all year round regardless of the weather. There are so many uses for it, from hiding unsightly areas like bin stores to giving privacy on a patio or balcony or just brightening up a dull fence or the side of the shed.

I hope you can join us on Sunday – there will be lots going on and I think it will be very good fun!

Love, Jackie x

For Inspirational Women’s Month we welcome you to take a look at the many fantastic, female-founded and led fashion brands we are proud to partner with here.

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