A busy few weeks!


Phew, I’ve had such a busy few weeks since my last blog update! First, it was my birthday at the end of April and because I basically had two full lockdown birthdays in 2020 and 2021, I decided to go for it this year and have a three-day birthday celebration. On my actual birthday, my husband and I went out for an early dinner and then went on to the theatre to see an adaptation of a Peter James crime novel, Looking Good Dead (that might sound a bit morbid, but I am a crime writer after all!). Peter James is one of my favourite authors and the play was fantastic – it starred Adam Woodyatt (Ian from EastEnders) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Then, the following evening, we had some friends round for drinks and a barbecue in the garden. At QVC, we’ve recently started selling a range of premixed cocktails from a company called Tapp’d, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to try some of them out.

There is such a good selection to choose from – Mojitos,  Pina Coladas, even alcohol-free versions – plus they are vegetarian and vegan friendly and gluten-free (so, as one of my friends commented, practically a health drink!). Some are just “pour and drink”, others you pop into a cocktail shaker with some ice and give them a quick shake. I tried several (!) and they were all delicious, and our friends very much enjoyed them too. In fact, one said, and I quote: “this is the best cocktail I’ve had since my holiday in the Maldives years ago – I’m just wearing more clothes now than I was then!” Big tick from all of us – thank you, Tapp’d! If you are thinking of having a celebration for the Jubilee next month or any sort of summer party, I would really recommend these.

Presenter Jackie Kabler tries out Tapp’d cocktails

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I made a little video during the evening so you can see what I’m talking about. The third day of my birthday celebration was a little bit more sedate – we went along to a street market near where I live in Cheltenham, and then listened to some music at the free stage at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. All in all, a fab three days.

Last weekend I ran a marathon – I basically treated it as a training run for the big ultramarathon I’m hoping to be able to run in June. I do have a few little niggles – a dodgy foot which I think may cause me some issues, but nothing too major at the moment thankfully, so fingers crossed I will be able to do it. I’ll give you more details soon!

After all that I felt like I needed a lie down, so I was very happy to take delivery of a sample of the latest Today’s Special Value offer from Cozee Home.  It will be launching on-air at 9 pm on Tuesday 17th and featuring through the day on the 18th, and it’s from the brand’s much loved Supersoft range, perfect for the warmer months of the year.

If you haven’t tried it before, it’s bedding that feels as soft as peach skin, and this will be the first six-piece set to feature as a Today’s Special Value. The set comprises a duvet cover with a neat, buttoned fastening, a fitted sheet, two housewife pillowcases and two Oxford pillow shams. The sheet is plain but there is a very subtle, double-sided, embossed dot detail on all of the other pieces. It’s quite hard to see the dots on the white sample, but I have taken a close-up photo so hopefully you can get an idea of what it looks like.

I’m loving it in our spare bedroom! There is also a great choice of fresh, spring colours – White, Ochre, Mint, Pale Pink and Lavender. I’m such a big fan of Cozee Home in general;  I love the fleece bedding so much in the winter time, so it’s lovely to have such a good set at such a great price for the spring and summer too.

That’s it from me for now – speak soon!

Love, Jackie x

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  1. Glad you had a good 3 day birthday, sounds lovely. I could not run a marathon so I am very impressed you can!

  2. On Jackie where do you get your energy from. You are such fun on screen enjoying it with the presenters. I enjoyed the rapport with Melissa and when you present with Glen. By the way I’ve just seen Glen advertising for Joe Brown gosh he looks dapper …It was nice to see you on Monday looking so good after the marathon. Looking forward to Cozee Home. Glad you had a good Birthday and celebrated so well .Sue xxx

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you so much – we are so lucky to be able to have so much fun at work and with such great colleagues. And yes, I have seen some of Glen‘s modelling pictures to and he looks incredible. So glad you enjoy watching the shows, thank you for getting in touch!

  3. Hi Jackie

    I don’t ever make any comments on line but I recently saw you talking about hostas and the problems caused by slugs.

    I had the same problem for years and I tried all the usual deterrents. last year I was recommended to try Grazers slug and Snail repellent and it worked ! I was truly surprised and its not toxic. My hostas have never looked so good. Just thought I would pass the recommendation on.

    1. Hi Pat
      That’s so helpful, thank you so much! I love hostas and I gave up on them but I have been tempted to try them again with Richard Jackson’s slug pellets. I might get both and give it a go! Very kind of you to get in touch. Have a lovely week.

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