Finding some welcome distractions

Hi all,

Hope you’re all ok and finding ways to cope with everything that’s going on. Quite a few people I know aren’t very well now so if you are among the poorly I’m so sorry, and sending you very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

If you are well and trying to find ways to fill your time at home, many of the presenters here at QVC are doing things which may help a little; Miceal has been doing daily home workouts on his Instagram feed, Catherine is learning sign language and sharing lessons on her Facebook page, Debbie has been doing kitchen karaoke on her Facebook page and I have set up a little book club on Instagram (I’m @officialjackiekabler there!). So do follow us all on the social media of your choice and hopefully we can help each other get through this strange, scary time.

If a bit of retail therapy is helping to distract you a little, then on air at QVC we are trying to carry on as normally as possible, albeit with a greatly reduced workforce and fewer live hours as most people are now working from home. A lot of you have been telling us you are still trying to get dressed, put make-up on and generally “maintain standards” as one lady put it, even though we are largely confined to our homes, and if you love make up there’s a Today’s Special Value offer coming up from IT Cosmetics this Thursday 2nd April which may be of interest.

It’s a three piece set; the CC+ Illumination Foundation (or colour correcting, illuminating, full coverage cream to give it its full title!) which also has factor 50+ UVA/UVB protection, the fantastic Bye Bye Under Eye full coverage, waterproof concealer and a gorgeous star shaped brush.

You may also have spotted a new offering from Dyson, in the form of the Pure Cool Me fan and air purifier. This gives you cool, clean air in your personal space, so perfect for your desk, bedside or next to your favourite chair. As you’d expect from Dyson it looks SUPER stylish (there’s a choice of white or fuchsia; I took the fuchsia one home to try and it looked wonderful next to my pelican lamp, see photo!) but it’s really all about the technology.

With everyday items in our homes (cleaning sprays, pet beds, air fresheners, stoves, paint, cooking etc,) releasing microscopic particles, especially for those with asthma or allergies, some air pollutants can be two- to five-fold higher indoors than outdoors, amazingly. This new fan has a sealed filter which captures gases and 99.95% of ultra-fine particles from the air. It’s also extremely effective at cooling, with 10 speed settings, focused air flow and an oscillation setting which will be great in those warmer days to come; it even has a timer so you can drift off to sleep with it on too.

Of course, if you’re not in the mood for shopping at the moment we totally understand that… we hope to be here to entertain you and keep you company too. I’m usually a bit of a news addict but at the moment I’m struggling to watch too much of it as it just makes me anxious, so I’ve started watching old episodes of Friends on the comedy channel before bed, which is a great comfort!

I suppose we all have to find our own way of coping with what’s going on, and I think most of us have shed tears in the past couple of weeks. We at QVC have had so many wonderful messages from you recently though, and we appreciate that so much. We will carry on being silly and having fun on air (at a safe distance from each other!) and we love knowing that you are still out there and enjoying the time you’re spending with us. Thank you.

And that’s it for now. Stay safe and lots of love to you at this time.

Jackie xx


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  1. Thank you for still being there. Hoping your husband is well too in the difficult job that he does. I am a retired nurse, sadly too long to be of much use now but am so proud of everything our NHS is doing. Sorry to hear their are people close to you that are unwell Jackie, wishing they are better very soon. There will be an end to all of this and perhaps we will be more grateful for everything we have.

    1. Hi Jacqueline (excellent name!), yes I too am so proud of and so grateful to our NHS…I have been clapping until my hands are sore at the weekly Thursday night “clap for the NHS”! And yes I think (I hope) that some some good will come out of all of this, and that we may not take quite so much for granted in the future. Stay safe and thanks for getting in touch.

  2. Hi Jackie
    Hope you don’t mind me asking, but what brand was the blue striped blouse you were wearing the other day?

    1. Hi Sue, I think you must mean the Joules shirt…blue and white stripes with little bees all over it? Have a look on the website, I think it was still in stock!

  3. Hi Jackie qvc is keeping me sane atm I know all the news is dreadful but we need some light relief so I am loving all the lovely gardening shows and the fact that every presenter is saying please watch even if you are not buying I feel qvc are giving out the right message you are certainly my favourite channel right now so please stay safe and well and keep up the good work love pam xxxxx

    1. Hi Pam, I’m so pleased you are still with us and I agree, we all need a bit of distraction from what is going on. I’ve been enjoying the gardening shows too (and shopping at the same time as I’m still doing up my garden!!)…I’ll be back with more this Easter Saturday and Sunday. Stay safe and take care.

  4. Hi Jackie, I live on my own and have started my fifth week in isolation only another seven weeks to go. I am very lucky as I have a garden to walk round so I can get fresh air and exercise. Then do some jobs and have a coffee whilst I catch up with QVC. You are so right you dont always have to buy because we have your company. Keep on being silly and smiley I enjoy it all.
    Love and best wishes to you all
    Margaret Taylor

    1. Hi Margaret, I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen this comment, apologies! We don’t get notifications about new blog comments so I have missed some. I hope you’re ok and not finding this strange time too difficult, and I’m so glad QVC is keeping you company. Lots of love to you.

  5. Hi Jackie, Hope you had a fab Easter.
    I saw you recently wearing a strip dress with a tie belt……………can you remember who the brand is so that I can order one please
    Thanks and stay safe
    Julie 🙂

    1. Julie I’m so sorry, I have only just seen this comment! We don’t get comment notifications so I tend to only check my latest blog. Huge apologies. And now as it’s been so long I can’t think what dress that might have been! Oh dear. Really sorry. Hope all is well with you.

    1. Hi Anita, so sorry for the slow reply! I think that must have been a Frank Usher top but it sold out a while ago, apologies!

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