Sunshine, wrinkles and a head-to-head with Dale!


I’m writing this in the departure lounge at Tenerife South airport after a quick four-day sunshine break. We normally have our main holiday of the year in January or February but this year for various reasons we needed to split it so we did three days in the snow in Italy in January and now four days in the sun, which was lovely. We stayed near Playa San Juan and had perfect weather from start to finish. We very sneakily managed to miss Storm Ciara too, although we are heading back just in time to say hello to Storm Dennis… ah well!

Before I left, my presenter colleague Dale and I were set a challenge by our social media team. In a fun game to mark Valentine’s Day, we were asked “how well do you know your co-host?”. Quite well, really, it seems… have a watch!

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And, keeping it short today as I’m about to board a plane, a quick look ahead to the latest Today’s Special Value offer coming our way on Friday 21st from the LAB sisters, the very clever Lauren and Charlotte. Their Lip & Eye Focus Anti-Ageing Wand is back, targeting those pesky lip lines, under-eye lines and puffiness.

This little battery-operated wand enhances the effects of your serums and creams with four technologies in one compact little package. I’ve seen great results on some of our models live on-air when we’ve sold this previously, with noticeable effects particularly around the eyes.

I’ve been given one to try and I’m determined to commit to using it twice a day to see what happens! It can be used on those “elevenses” lines above the nose, naso-labial lines, crow’s feet, vertical lines above the lips and so on. Fans say they look more rested, with their skin fresher and brighter, and the price will be excellent on Friday so maybe worth a try if those areas of your skin bother you.

Right, boarding commences! See you soon.

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Oh how amazing to have missed the storm! Though you did get Dennis as you say. I’m sure you could have stayed longer than 4 days though too!! Lots of you escaping at the minute. We’ve had julia in Mexico, you in Tenerife and waiting for Ali’s Mexican blog too. Look forward to you being back x

    1. Yes Dennis was a bit of a shock after the sunshine of Tenerife! Never mind, spring will be here soon…thanks for getting in touch Susan.

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