Lighting up March


My mum was sorting out some old photos recently and sent this one on to me. My goodness, it’s been a while since I saw a school photograph of myself! This was a class photo taken when I was about eight years old, so I thought that just for fun I’d share it with you and see if you can spot me. No prizes, but I’ll let you know in the comments below if you get it right (hint – I’m not a natural blonde!!).


Back with the grown-up me and at work we had a great “Inspirational Women Day” at the weekend. I had the pleasure of working with some wonderful, truly inspirational women on the day, including the lovely Kate Thornton (a fellow Gloucestershire lass!). I’m a huge fan of the beautiful new jewellery collection she has designed with Bibi Bijoux, so do have a look at it on the website if you haven’t already.

I feel so fortunate to work with so many kind, supportive, funny, talented women every day at QVC. It sounds cheesy, but we really do feel as if we are part of a family; we have each other’s backs, lift each other up when we are down and cheer each other’s successes long and loud. We are so lucky too to have so many wonderful ladies out there watching us every day (that’s you!), and to be able to connect with you all in so many different ways now, via our blogs and social media. Your support and interest in us all means so much… thank you.

Finally a quick look ahead to this Saturday 14th when I’m looking forward to presenting several gardening shows, and when lighting experts Luxform will be bringing us a fantastic Today’s Special Value offer. It’s a set of ten (TEN!) solar path lights and they are BRIGHT! Each one provides five lumens (which is equivalent to the light from five tea-lights grouped closely together).

Getting ten is amazing – plenty to light up a border or a path, but I decided to put a few in a pot and use them to light up a dark corner at the side of the house where the recycling bins sit, and it has worked brilliantly. Look out for these on Saturday.

That’s it for now.
Lots of love,


Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie
    That has to be you 2nd row down on the far right! Your hair colour may have changed but you still have that smile! You are a brilliant presenter – witty and funny but the ultimate professional – your shows are always worth watching – especially when you’re with Ruth!

  2. Hi Jackie, I think you are in the back row, second from right in the white polo neck jumper? Great picture, bet it brought back lots of memories. Best wishes Karen xx

    1. Karen I’m actually at the end of the second row down on the far right, in the pinafore and the long white socks! Such a long time ago, so nice to have the photo though. Thanks for playing the guessing game!
      Love Jx

  3. Hi Jackie, I think you’re on the far right of the second row, wearing a pinafore dress and polo neck jumper – and a very demure smile! Were there really 38 children in one class? As a teacher, that’s not a good thought today!!!!

    1. Correct Cherry! Yes it does seem a lot in one class now doesn’t it? This was at a big school I went to in Coventry.
      Love Jx

    1. Margaret I’m actually at the end of the second row down on the far right, in the pinafore and the long white socks! Look quite different now with blonde hair! Thanks for playing!
      Love Jx

    1. Hi Jan, no that’s me at the end of the second row down on the far right, in the pinafore and the long white socks! Very long time ago…thanks for joining in!
      Love Jx

  4. Hi Jackie
    I’ll go along with Jan. I think you are second row down, far right. Really enjoy your shows and humour.

  5. Good Morning Jackie
    I agree with Jan, I believe you are the pretty girl in the pinafore dress – 2nd row down on the end of the row. You looked comfortable in front of the camera at that young age!

    1. Correct Carol! That’s nice of you…I was actually so shy back then I would never have believed that I’d be doing the job I do now. Funny how life turns out!
      Love Jx

  6. Good morning Jackie, You are in the second row far right. You still have that beautiful smile. You and Ruth Langford are such a great team. Love seeing you both together. Have a great weekend. And thank you for sharing your lovely blogs. Antoinette x

    1. Hi Cherifa (what a lovely name!) – she does look a bit like me! But I’m actually at the end of the second row down on the far right. Thanks for guessing!

  7. Hi Jackie, thank you for your lovely blog. You are in the second row far right. You still have that lovely smile. The class seems to be a lot larger compared to now. Have a great weekend. Antoinette x

  8. Hi Jackie, enjoyed your show the other night with Kate, Melissa and Nikki, always enjoy the shows you present. You are standing on the right next to the wee boy with stripe polo shirt.

    1. Absolutely right Margaret, I obviously haven’t changed that much as so many people are getting it right! And thank you for the kind words, very sweet of you.

  9. Hi Jackie, I think you are top row, 6th from left side with checky tank top on. I am a year older than you and remember the fashions well, haha! Xx

    1. Hi Sand
      Yes the fashions were “interesting” back then eh? I’m actually on the end of the second row down, far right, in the pinafore! Bring back pinafores I say!

    1. Pauline I’m actually standing on the very end (far right) of the second row down! Thanks for guessing though!

  10. Hi. Jackie.
    I think you are on the end of the second row on the right. I love watching you on qvc as you always cheer me up and make me laugh. Wishing you well and lots of love

    1. Correct Janet, that’s me, well spotted! And thank you so much. I think we all need a bit of cheering up at the moment don’t we? Strange times. Hope you’re ok.

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