May your days be merry and bright…


Just popping onto the blogs for the final time this year, to send you my very best wishes for the coming festive season. It’s been another strange year, hasn’t it? I’m rather glad it’s over in some ways, although of course there have been some lovely times along with the trickier days. My husband and I are hoping to go away for a short break over Christmas, to spend a quiet few days in the countryside where I’m planning to do a little bit of festive running as well as lots of relaxing and eating (yes, I can run again! My Achilles injury seems to be settling down now, so I’m taking it easy but delighted to be back out there!).

But I’ll be back at work again on the 29th and I’ll be working right through New Year. I’ll be coming back to some nice shows – on the 29th I have an hour with home fragrance expert Harry Slatkin, who will be bringing us a fantastic Today’s Special Value offer from his Homeworx range. It’s a set of three 3-wick candles, in fragrances which will take us beautifully into spring: Blue Highlands, Pink Country Garden and Peach Basiltini.

And on 1st January I’ll be kicking off the New Year with one of my very favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning – a three-hour gardening show with our expert Michael Perry. This will feature a very special Today’s Special Value offer from gardening guru Richard Jackson.

His bird food is legendary, and he’s celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new, even better recipe. The bird food now has a vitality booster supplement, plus extra vitamins and antioxidants to make it even more nutritious for our feathered friends.  I am such a big fan of this food, as are the birds in my garden. A few of us have recorded messages to congratulate Richard on this 10th anniversary – here’s mine!

Presenter Jackie’s birds love Richard Jackson’s bird food

It’s the 10th anniversary of Richard Jackson’s bird food and presenter Jackie Kabler shares just how much her garden birds love it!

And so to Christmas. I think all any of us can do right now is to hope that 2022 brings brighter days for everyone, and to stay as positive as we can. On a personal level, I want to thank you all for watching, and for all your lovely messages here on the blogs and on social media during the past 12 months. Your support and your virtual friendship means more to me and to all of us at QVC than you could possibly know; you are appreciated so very much. I hope you have as wonderful a Christmas as possible, and if you don’t celebrate it I hope you have a very pleasant end to 2021. I’ll see you next year!

Lots of love,

Jackie x





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  1. Hi Jackie i love your jumper. Really suits you. Have a lovely Christmas and a happy 2022. Lets hope its a good one and looking forward to more of your shows with Ruth – you two are so entertaining together xx

  2. Hi Jackie Wishing you and your family a very happy christmas and good luck health and happiness in 2022 love your shows on QVC take care Always xx

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your other half have you done anything to your hair well I saw you last week and you were wearing I think a black and white jumpsuit and your hair looked different

    1. Hi Linda, I can’t remember exactly how my hair was that day but I’ve started wearing it straight more often instead of waving or curling it so maybe it was that! Happy new year.

  4. Hi Jackie
    Hope you have a very happy 2022!
    You presented Phillip Kingsley products recently. You were wearing a cerise pink sweater. I was wondering if you could tell me the make. I loved it!
    Thank you
    Take care
    Janice xx

    1. Hi – thank you! I think that was a White Stuff jumper – if you have a look on the website for the Hepworth jumper that should be it!

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