Muddy days and new clothes


Oh, this weather! So much rain. All of my usual off-road running routes are so muddy at the moment they are almost impossible to run on (the mud is so deep and slippery that I’m scared of breaking an ankle!) and as I’m in training for a big race at the end of March I’ve had to resort to running along roads and pavements instead which I really dislike. I did venture along the canal towpath the other day however… still so muddy in parts that it’s almost impassable, but it’s so beautiful along there, and at least I got to see my favourite canal-side tree in all its winter glory. There’s always beauty to be found around us if you really look, eh?

We’ve just had Fashion Week here at QVC and the temptation was too much so I placed a few orders. I wear jeans a LOT off air (actually, quite often on-air too!) and some of mine were getting a little worn out (that’s my excuse anyway) so I’ve ordered a pair of fabulous slim leg jeans in black from Ruth Langsford (I already have and adore the dark indigo).

And, with brighter days in minds, I’ve also ordered these skinny jeans in the mid-wash shade from Diane Gilman – I like to wear a lighter shade of denim in spring/summer and these look perfect.

Of course, new jeans need new shoes (OK, I’ve just made that up…) so I’ve also ordered a pair from one of my favourite QVC brands, Moda in Pelle. I really like Moda’s Fillie lace-ups (I went for the navy suede). Roll on spring!

Actually there’s a Today’s Special Value offer coming from Korres on Wednesday 26th February that will give us a real taste of sunnier days. The brand started back in 1996 and is all about natural and/or organic ingredients and environmentally friendly products with clinically tested efficacy. Their Pure Greek Olive Oil Nourishing & Plumping three-piece Top to Toe System is fantastic – a massive one litre of hydrating shower gel, just for us at QVC (it’s as big as my head, see photo!) and TWO 200ml tubes of body cream. There’s a choice of five fragrances: Olive with Honeysuckle, Sea Salt, Orchid, Blossom or Golden Apple. Summer in a bottle, yum!

That’s it for now. Have a good week!

Love Jackie x

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Please don’t break an ankle! You’ve done enough damage the last few years! How’s the back holding up?
    I love your new shoes but £95. I just wish qvc would stock much cheaper brands. I for one couldn’t afford. Podiatrists also say it’s not necessarily expensive ones that are better! Please have a word!x

  2. Hi Susan, back holding up OK thanks with regular physio and yes trying VERY hard not to break anything! And yes I will have a word, we do have some lower priced brands but it would be good to get some more…there is lots happening in our fashion department this year however so keep watching!
    Love Jx

    1. Thanks so much Jackie. It’s just far too expensive to even consider these days. Yet so many of us have problem feet and aches etc so seems unfair to only stock high priced items. Really appreciate it.
      Glad to hear your back is doing ok. Mind you also so expensive to have physio too! You had a dreadful time with it x

      1. Yes physio isn’t cheap but it keeps me going so I have to think of it as an investment in my health I suppose! I will always have a back problem and it may get worse but hopefully I can keep it at bay for a while longer. Hope you are well in these difficult times x

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