New tools and a holiday at home

How is everyone? I was on annual leave last week; we were supposed to be going away to Wales for the week but of course that wasn’t possible so instead we had a holiday at home. We tried to do a little special something each day, and fortunately the weather was mostly glorious which helped!

We had a lovely “hotel style” afternoon tea in the garden on one of the days; neat little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and hubby made a cheesecake and scones. There may have been some bubbly too (well, there was!) in quiet celebration of the fact that my new book has somehow managed to stay at the top of the Amazon charts for a whole month, which has taken me somewhat by surprise and is a dream come true. Thank you so much to everyone who’s messaged me about it and said you’ve enjoyed reading it… you’re so kind.

I also treated myself to some new garden tools (I’m so rock and roll!). During a gardening show at work a couple of weeks back we featured some lovely shiny tools and I suddenly realised that all of mine at home were probably at least twenty years old. My spade was so blunt and rusty it could barely cut through paper! So I splashed out on the Radius Ergonomic Hand Tool Set, the weed burner (so much fun to use, although it’s currently on waitlist), and the Root Slayer (see photo – this is currently sold out but I think it’s coming back soon) which is the most AMAZING spade. We’re still slowly doing up our garden and went to the garden centre last week for the first time in two months to stock up on a few more plants, and the new tools made it a joy to put them in place.

If you’ve been spending some of this lockdown period getting your home more organised (SO many people seem to be sorting out cupboards and wardrobes!) then the upcoming Today’s Special Value offer from Lock & Lock might be of interest. It’ll be on air on Wednesday 3rd June and is a fifteen-piece assorted food storage container collection. I think these containers are brilliant: completely airtight, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe and BPA free. This time there’ll be a choice of five colours (Clear, Blue, Berry, Lime and Turquoise) and they really do last for a really long time – fun fact, the hinges on them are tested three million times!

At work we’re still seeing most of our guests broadcasting from home and not in the studio with us but it was lovely to be reunited with my buddy Ruth Langsford recently, even if it was from a two metre distance! Does anyone else miss hugs like crazy? I can’t wait to be able to hug my friends again and see my family, but as long as everyone stays healthy that’s the most important thing. There are still so many tragic stories of lost loved ones… much love to you if you’re grieving right now, my heart goes out to you.

Take care and stay safe.

Love Jackie x

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    1. Hi Linda, we were going to travel around a bit going to various places including St Brides Bay and Cardiff. Was really looking forward to it! Ah well, maybe next year!

  1. Hi Jackie terrific blog btw! Never left a message before, but just had to say l started your book this afternoon & couldn’t put it down!! Brilliantly written – what a tallent…..can’t wait for your next one! 🥰

  2. Hi Jackie, great blog (as always). I have never left a message before but just thought I would say that I have read all your books and cannot wait for the next one! Stay safe xx 😊😊

  3. im Sue from South Wales not to far from Cardiff and the beautiful Gower Coast

    but due to Lock down not able to visit never mind lovely weather at least love your blogs and enjoy you as a presenter

    1. Hi Sue, how lucky you are to live in such a wonderful place, and I hope you can get out to enjoy it again soon. I definitely hope to get there for a holiday at some point. Stay safe.

  4. Hi Jackie, I too am writing to congratulate you on your books, I am currently reading ‘Am I Guilty’, it is just great, sad a sad topic but hearing the stories from the main characters is fabulous, I find it hard to put down. I have your new one waiting in the wings…….thank you xx

    1. Hi Jane, that’s so kind of you, thank you. So glad you’re enjoying the read. Take care and thanks for getting in touch!

  5. Hi Jackie, I have just started reading your new book – I am really enjoying it. I live in Clifton so it is interesting seeing that location on the page. I am recovering from a cardiac arrest and being in a coma. I did read quite a lot before being unwell, however it has taken time to read again – so decided to start with your book. Really looking forward to reading more books from you.
    Take care and best wishes
    Kate x

    1. Hi Kate, oh my goodness so sorry to hear about your cardiac arrest but so good to hear you’re on the mend! I love Clifton, lucky you to live there. And so glad you’re enjoying the book. I hope you continue to recover well. Look after yourself.

  6. Hi Jackie, just read Development and Am i Guilty? Really enjoyed them and now im hooked. Starting the DeadDog Day next. X

  7. Hi Jackie
    I hope you are keeping safe I was wondering if you and Ruth on your show on a Thursday evening could you ask Ruth if she could help the 5ft 3in people I love her fashion and the ones she picks out for us but they are to long for me to wear lots of hugs and kisses to a wonderful show.

    1. Hi, it’s a Luisa Conti one we had on QVC last year. Think it’s sold out now unfortunately though!

  8. Hi Jackie
    Such a fab-just love you and Ruth together and then discovered your writing !!
    Had so many hours to fill and you hit the mark
    Thanks so much for great stories -love Cora x

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