Newness abounds!


A new month and so much seems to be happening all of a sudden! At work, the sad news (for those of us who will miss her!) that Kathy Tayler has decided to retire, and the wonderful news that Chloe Everton has got married (you can read more on Kathy and Chloe’s own blogs and social media)! I’ve also had my birthday since my last blog and, unlike last year when we were still in lockdown, I was able to go out for drinks and lunch with a few friends. We kept staring around us and saying: “We’re out! We’re OUT!”. AND I’ve finally had my hair done – hurray! Five months without a cut or a colour – what a joy it was to sit in the salon again.

I’ve also treated us to a new mattress (OK, not so exciting but I do suffer from a long-term back condition and have woken up in pain so often recently that I thought it was time to replace the old one). Experts say we should be replacing our mattresses every ten years and ours was definitely quite a bit older than ten. I did my research and also asked around among the presenters at QVC and several people had the same response: Sealy! So I plumped for the ActivSleep Comfort Memory 1800 Pocket Mattress, which has fantastic reviews on the website, particularly from people who suffer aches and pains at night. I thought I might as well try a new pillow too, so chose one from Tempur, the wonderfully named Comfort Cloud. As a a bit of a space nerd, I’ve always liked the thought that the material used by Tempur was developed by NASA in the 1970s to help cushion astronauts from the pressure they experience during liftoff and landing, and I have to say that although it feels really unusual at first, it’s so clever because the pillow really moulds to the shape of your head and neck and feels incredibly supportive. I’m already feeling the difference in bed (and yes, that is still Cozee Home fleece bedding we’re sleeping in – not quite warm enough to part with it just yet!).

I also quickly want to mention the upcoming Today’s Special Value offer from Ecoegg, a brand I’m a big fan of. Their Instant Stain Remover is the best I’ve ever used! This time however their big offer (on air on Wednesday 12th May) is a set of sixteen Fresher for Longer discs with two holders. These clever little discs help your fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer by absorbing the ethylene gas they release as they ripen and age, which causes produce to go off. I keep one disc in the fruit bowl (my fabulous Culinary Concepts octopus bowl I bought when we moved house two years ago!) and one in the fridge. Each disc lasts up to three months so this is a four-year supply which is amazing!

That’s it for now. I hope you’re all well and maybe getting out and about a little bit more now and finding some sense of normality returning. Speak soon!

Love Jackie x

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